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  1. Always wear blue boxers on match days
  2. Incredible! Can we now do another one to fund a striker? C
  3. And I think even he was signed in December....January has been a non-event in transfer terms
  4. We are the easiest team to play against. There is no tempo to our play. There is no leadership at the club on or off the pitch. Anyone who thinks we're not in a relegation fight is deluded!
  5. I didn't realise we had called Cameron back. I take it McKenzie and Broadfoot are injured?
  6. Hope it's Stenny. Peterhead give me the fear...don't know why!
  7. The market shrinks if you're in the league below
  8. And I've made my point and I stick by it.
  9. It's irrelevant because the poster has used this terrible and extremely sensitive issue to peddle his own agenda and make himself the centre of attention. Something I find abhorrent given the severity of the REAL issue! In case you haven't realised it, there are no supporters at games!
  10. Precisely my point...because, sadly, we have certain people on here who look for any opportunity to take centre stage and make the topic about them. Disgraceful!
  11. I find your opportunism distasteful and deflecting from the real issue here is a disgrace! I hope you will reconsider and choose to delete your irrelevant post!
  12. Over the calendar year, I would guess we have one of the worst records in the whole country!