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  1. Mister Y


    I'd much rather buy from a down to earth, modest guy than a brash, over-confident charlatan like Lee Clarke or Jimmy Calderwood!
  2. Love Tynecastle, Hate Hearts!
  3. Mister Y


    No disrespect to you or your daughter Stefanus but, just because your daughter was told it, doesn't make it FACT. Although I do believe you when you say it's a FACT that she was told it.
  4. The lack of competition for his place in the team and disappointing team management leaving him exposed far too often, have contributed.
  5. If they're not allowed to head balls in training, how do they learn how to head the ball properly for competitive matches?
  6. Robert Eggers's second offering, after his brilliant debut The Witch, is as close to a masterpiece as anything I can ever remember seeing. Filmed in 35mm Black & White and backed by a perfect score and direction, it also features powerhouse performances from its two main actors Willem Defoe and Robert Pattinson. I seriously doubt either will ever top these dynamite performances. For fans of the late great Ingmar Bergman, I feel Eggers demonstrates in this movie just how much he has been influenced. I don't feel the need to detail a synopsis of the story. If you are genuinely interested in seeing a masterclass in film-making, don't miss it! This is a film-maker at the top of his art and I cannot wait for his next one! 10/10
  7. I think that was Kabamba's best all round performance since joining us! He was a constant menace to their defence, hence why they perisistently fouled him (with impunity!!!)
  8. I've been singing 'manky' for years

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