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  1. Mister Y

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    It wont happen, Kenny's on a shoogly peg!
  2. Mister Y

    Standing Section

    A standing section should be marketed towards young people, say 16-25 year olds. Let them go mental for 90 minutes creating an atmosphere and keeping them away from the oldies at the same time.
  3. Mister Y


    Straight after the referendum result I posted in the old forums that "It'll never happen. You heard it here first" Nothing since has convinced me that I was wrong.
  4. Mister Y

    2018 World Cup

    The difference being that Kenny would've brought on two attackers in the last 10 minutes!
  5. Mister Y

    Fan's questions for Cathy J

    What happened to the plan to get rid of the seagulls from the town?
  6. Mister Y

    Jackson Irvine

    Fuxake, the guy's suddenly a star because he gets a game with Australia. Get a grip!
  7. Mister Y


    Picture it...200 weans belting it out for 90 minutes, arms outstretched. Killie are the new Iceland!
  8. Mister Y


    Yesssss! #momentum
  9. Mister Y


    Brilliant! The kids in the Moffat Stand would sing it non-stop for 90 minutes! And it would annoy the hell out of the opposition fans!!
  10. Mister Y

    2018 World Cup

    Considering I don't have a team to support this year, I have to say that,surprisingly, I'm loving it so far...maybe that's why!
  11. Drogba was embarrassing...even Phil the nugget Neville was jumping in to rescue him. And the token girl pundit is pathetic, but typical BBC!
  12. Mister Y

    Standing Section

    I seriously mean no offence to the member, but I wondered if it was some kind of rentboy joke..
  13. Mister Y

    Standing Section

    What's an Arshire Blue?
  14. Mister Y

    Allan Russell

  15. Mister Y

    2018 World Cup

    France or Germany

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