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  1. Alan56


    Hearts and St Mirren at least bring in income. As for Hamilton !!
  2. Agree but the first person that mentions priority for “bus supporters” it’s a square go
  3. Where is that salary coming from given their crowds?
  4. What’s all this stuff got to do with Rasic! Keep thinking we are progressing it .
  5. Alan56

    Dave Provan

    He is an objectionable wee man away from football as well.
  6. Is he still on trial?
  7. What was all that s**t frenzy about yesterday
  8. Agree. We don’t have a leader at the back.
  9. Is this from the same source as that failed medical last night
  10. Can TIK maybe have a meeting with our board representative and gain some insight, albeit within the terms of board confidentiality, as to what has happened and what the plans are. Or do the board simply announce an AGM with appropriate notice on Monday .

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