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  1. Alan56

    Eintracht Frankfurt

    Just beaten Bayern Munich 3 - 1 in the German Cup final. First time in 30 years they have won it. A possible headline match for our 150th anniversary year?
  2. Alan56

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    First season ticket in 5 years - purchased today.
  3. Alan56

    Parking Tomorrow

    Beckford street / Caird Street large car park (free) is ideal and the buses park there. 5 minutes to the ground and good for a quick getaway.
  4. Alan56

    Thistle Away 7th April

    Definitely a cash gate.
  5. Alan56

    Today's Attendance

    Suppose your opinion is based on where you sit in FB. Low seat number end defo busier yesterday.
  6. Alan56

    Tickets for Tuesday

  7. Alan56

    Tickets for Tuesday

    It will be if we encourage a sell out of pre purchased tickets
  8. Alan56

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Suspect East grey still have to be released for sale. Also bottom left grey is now a "Bowie" banner
  9. Alan56

    Tickets for Tuesday

    There will be a limited number of cash gates so plan is to get as many folk with tickets as they can. Its easier and quicker to scan a ticket at the gate.
  10. Alan56

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    I am sure it will all be made clear before Tuesday after they assess weekend sales.
  11. Alan56

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    We moan about lack of crowds and now we moan about potential chaos as there will be too many there. WE have 18000 seats so calm the F down
  12. Alan56

    Sheep away

    Cash turnstile confirmed for away fans on official Killie twitter. 100%
  13. Alan56

    Sheep away

    If there are no trains from Glasgow to Aberdeen tomorrow (there may be) I did notice that there was an hourly service today from Edinburgh to Aberdeen
  14. Alan56

    Sheep away

    While I have my ticket I assume a number of folk have been hanging off waiting on a decision. Will the club make all efforts to accommodate last minute sales ie late today / tomorrow morning if the game is on.
  15. Alan56

    Sheep away

    He will be back to star in the televised replay

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