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  1. That's treatable with antibiotics as long as you get it early enough
  2. Something doesn’t add up there. It smells of ?
  3. Too busy asking him about other teams players and their breach of rules!
  4. Heard he went to Seville but was hidden among 300000 celic fans
  5. Alan56


    We should make another approach for Bachman now that Watford have had time to assess the relegation effect.
  6. Have we written Bachman off? I hate to be positive on here but Watford don’t know if Foster, Gomez etc are staying. If and when that becomes clear and whether it needs a new manager to decide, his name may be back in the frame. Window has a long time to run.
  7. They are called interns.
  8. We are well off topic. What has JJ Hooper got to do with Cameron's toilet habits. Please!!
  9. If we all switch on to watch will the floodlights fail?
  10. Hearts and St Mirren at least bring in income. As for Hamilton !!
  11. Agree but the first person that mentions priority for “bus supporters” it’s a square go
  12. Where is that salary coming from given their crowds?

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