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Dundee Match Fred

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6 minutes ago, jesper said:

I'm 50/50 in whether we should retain TW. 

In the "for", he's clearly not a bad manager - his St J record proves that. The players aren't his, and the fact none of these chancers looks interested is because the board have allowed 95% of the squad's contracts to expire. That's solely on the board. 

In the "against" - he had one job, to keep us up. 


And everything previous to your last sentence shows why he hasn't done it

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1 minute ago, galbraj said:

I know folk slagged off Dicker.........but Tshbola not made a damn bit of difference 

The midfield controller that has controlled about one game in his career, ambles about doing nothing, except from when he's making numerous tackles that are 5 mins too late. I've literally no idea what anyone sees in him but I suppose that goes for McKenzie too, complete nothing player, hanging on to s**te like that is what comes back to bite you 

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Just now, TLC said:

Pinnock has had so much time and space on the left and not once beaten his man or out a decent ball in.


Just hopeless 

And to think Burke was taken off instead of him.

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Apart from 18 months , this has been coming for a few years.....whole philosophy of the club needs to change.

First Team and coaching staff , Needs to be the priority , Not infrastructure . Need more Football knowhow behinds the scenes. Also that pitch needs to go.

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1 minute ago, posh79 said:

Surprised how much I don’t care.  I think that’s the problem. The life has been sucked out this club now. No one cares. 

Feel the exact same. Been like that for weeks now. If the players don’t care or show passion why so we as fans get so angry? 

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