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Hibs away, Fred

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The way Hibs pressed us in the first half on Saturday very few strikers would get into the game. Power, Dicker and El Makrini couldn't hold on to the ball and Burke/McKenzie were coming narrow and not creating anything. An extremely difficult game for a striker to come into, especially first game back from an injury after having had fitness issues anyway. If Alan Power can't hang on to a ball then anyone is going to struggle in that sort of game.

As has been said he looked good against Ross County and anyone denying that must not have been watching the game or had just erased the positives from their mind after the penalty miss.

Let's just relax a bit and see how he gets on in December. Brophy is going to be our first choice but if he can get himself involved against St Johnstone/Livingston/Ross County, games where we should be expecting to be strong in attack, that's probably a better gauge of where Sow is as a player.

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1 hour ago, Mclean07 said:

As much as Millar was key, he had done nothing in the past few games that suggested he would be. 

No,I agree there hasn't been.

I was delighted when we got him back but I've been a bit underwhelmed by him.

However, great ball in for Burke which should have been buried and was unlucky at the back post himself after that when the ball just went behind him.

Much improved from him though on Saturday, would like to see him take players on and go outside them more often. He certainly has the pace for it. 

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Sow is only here on a short term loan deal ---- he was obviously signed so late as a fair few other targets had not worked out for different reasons and we had to bring in another striker 

despite having a pre season with Dundee Utd he looked lacking in fitness when arrived and was told "he needed games" -- did ok in one game then picked up an injury ---has then taken a long time to get back into the squad and does not as yet look match fit --again -----if we were interested in signing him permanently can see reasoning as to "give him time" but as only on loan we need players to be ready to play in more games than he has been so far --

Only If AA feels he has done enough and we are not paying too much of his high D Utd wage then might be kept on but surely we should be looking for better options come January 

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