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Dicker interview

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49 minutes ago, Bodgdan said:

Maybe he thinks laps of the pitch then five a side is a good training session.

I think a lot of people have completely the wrong idea in how the training sessions have been under Clarke,  Alessio and now AD.

From what I can gather every training session under Clarke involved a ball and was carried out at a high tempo. There was little difference between fitness orientated work and positioning/shape work as it was all done with a ball and with pace. This is not 'old-fashioned' training and the players obviously embraced it well enough and got rewarded on a Saturday.

If Alessio had moved the players onto more defined fitness work and then separate set-piece and shape work (which I understand was the case) then you could understand why the players didn't take to it. Rather than not being able to cope with a new training method, I'm reading it as the players were not getting a much benefit from moving back to the more traditional method of training on offer and the performance on a Saturday suffered.


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I had 14 months as a 'weekend dad' and absolutely hated it. I suspect that is shaping Dicker's attitude and performance more than he'd think. 

Certainly that's what I read into the article. I don't think we can argue for more openness and then complain when someone offers their version of the 'truth.' At the same time I'm not at all sure he should be captain but we aren't overflowing with candidates for that either! 

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