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2017-18 Dairy Week 02


I think we can officially say we’ve not had the best start to the season, and we face the strongest team in the league again next week, not one I am looking forward to.

The knives are out for the front line, the midfield, the defence, the management, hell even the pitch is getting it, such is the ire of the of our fans at recent results.

Sadly, I would have to agree with them all…being this bad is a collective effort…and we’re a shamble at times.

We need to find a formation and preferred starting line-up as consistency is key, but there are a few positions that Lee is struggling to fill and that is playing havoc with our game plan and rendering the good individuals we have ineffective as a unit.

In short, it’ll get worse before it gets better, it’s not pretty but we have to try and persevere.

I certainly don’t have all the answers; but I’d start with Erwin up front and Boyd used as an impact sub; Thomas and Jones on the wings with Wilson back as a defensive midfielder until Dicker is fit.

Frizzell will do better with Wilson in there beside or behind him which would leave McKenzie spare to support the front man.

Defence is a real nightmare but I think Taylor can hold his own in there with more support.

Greer has been a steadying influence but Broadfoot has had a nightmare so far so and is suspended so we need to look elsewhere for someone to partner Greer, Higgins?

O’Donnell needs to shape up or ship out, we can’t continue using players out of position to cover.

I’m happy with Jamie Mac or Bell.

We can’t keep changing the manager, being “inexperienced” never hindered Shiels, Williamson or indeed Waddell.

The pitch is too narrow and too dry, but we’re stuck with it for now.

Everyone’s an expert eh! Tell us your opinions on the Killie Kickback forums.

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