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2018-19 Diary Week 8


We have complained that much about refereeing and decisions by the SFA of late that I am starting to wonder if we are becoming paranoid or they are all out to get us!

Maybe we should not bother playing matches and allow someone at the SFA to decide who is getting the points…Saturday being a case in point.

It was a great first half of football, full of highs and lows, but the outcome was settled by a dodgy penalty against us and then not getting a decision at the other end.

Fair play to Hibs they are a good side and Mallan is quality addition for them, but we have enough quality of our own to be winning such matches and it is frustrating when we end up feeling cheated.

We will win more games than we lose playing like that and it is great to be able to feel that Sunday’s game against Celtic is not a foregone conclusion.

It will be tough, but I have faith that the manager has the nous and the players and to get us a result.

If you've not taken the KFCSA survey about old firm matches then you can do that HERE

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