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2018-19 Diary Week 4


A bad day at the office on Sunday and as much as I feel that we held our own for the most part, we probably did not deserve to go through on the day.

You can’t win them all unfortunately, and as tough as it is to take it on the chin from the new kid on the block, we just have to pick ourselves up and move on.

Social media can be a great thing, the number of debates started and problems solved on the Kickback forums are too numerous to mention, but some fans just take it too far.

The players will be the first to admit they didn’t perform as well as we know they can but they don’t need some muppet on Twitter telling them they are not even trying.

Jordan Jones had two to three players on him all day, and the one time he got through the ball ended up in the net.

Killie fans want him to stay, slating him on a public forum where he engages with fans will not help matters…how about showing some support when we’re down?

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