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  4. PSG and Jamie Mac

    Speaking of Neymar I was surprised to hear the Ceptic fans chanting his name last night until I watched the highlights and realised they were shouting nae mare...............
  5. TIK Are you In?

    Where have I ever said I'm not happy with TiK, or what they are effectively trying to achieve? The TiK members/investors are absolutely free to do as they see fit - as are people who don't want to go that route. I've no issue with TiK at all. My issue is the berating and insults (window lickers etc) that non-investors seem to get from some TiK members. I haven't been hypocritical at all - I stand by the fact that I am happy with the way the Board are currently running the club and, as stated above, have nothing against the work or laudable efforts of the TiK. I simply choose not to be involved in the scheme. Why should that fact give rise to insults and other name calling? It comes across as playground bully tactics in that if you don't agree with the their opinion, you'll be singled out for derision. And that's not a good look for any inclusive club or group.
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  7. History Board

    Who he? Kaiserlautern fan?
  8. History Board

    Peter Nederlof - well done that man!
  9. TIK Are you In?

    Someone's a bit touchy eh! I do agree that you've been treated a bit harsh though, a bit of decorum please guys. I think when you take all the waffle away though that the point is you are being a bit hypocritical saying that you are happy with the way the board are running the club, part of that is them asking fans to support TIK, but you're not happy with that, so how can you be happy with the way they are running the club?
  10. TIK Are you In?

    Fair enough. There’s no right or wrong way to contribute funds to the club. I like this idea with TiK because I don’t purchase as much merch as I used to. The addition of a fans rep on the board is also a bonus although I think the club could have offered this as a gesture of goodwill. Obviously it’s not for everyone.
  11. TIK Are you In?

    Cheers piffer, this is the only one of three responses so far that doesn't assume I either don't understand or attempts to insult my view. You're absolutely right - that £100k could have a huge impact; stadium repairs, player wages etc. I absolutely understand all of that - my point was simply that I contribute what I can afford, in the ways I choose to contribute it. I don't think that is wrong. I certainly believe that it's better than contributing nothing.
  12. TIK Are you In?

    I posted what I thought were quite valid reasons for not investing in TiK - as I said in another reply above, I thought participation was voluntary? I support the club in ways I can, financially and otherwise. If support of TiK is indeed voluntary, why are you choosing to assume that I "don't understand" the situation and then pontificating about "spineless subservience" and "acolytes" chat? Moreover, what are you trying to achieve by calling me pumpkin? Do you think that just because I share a different viewpoint to you that I am wrong and that by calling me "pumpkin" you are belittling me and my views whilst trying to show that yours are superior? Edit: Upon re-reading your post, in particular the last sentence, you seem to insinuate the people who don't invest in TiK are "window lickers" that seems somewhat divisory and needlessly insulting imho.
  13. Gender identity

    Are you talking to me?
  14. TIK Are you In?

    This is what I don't understand. I posted a reasoned response to a thread and I get a response like this? To address some of your points: "I think you'll find that the current board running the club have signed a legal contract to promote trust in Killie" - I never doubted there wasn't a contract, I simply posted my reasons for not investing. "can we expect you to do as John Kiltie asked at the recent anniversary function and sign up as soon as you can?" - No, you seem to have missed my final paragraph where I state that I feel I already give the club an affordable percentage of my disposable income. "Getting the new manager in was a joint effort with the Trust so you're praise for a partnership you see no future in is a bit bizarre." - Credit where credit is due, if it was indeed a joint effort wit TiK then that's a solid effort. However, where did I state I saw no future in it? You've just completely made that up. Why is it that people who don't contribute to the TiK are getting a hard time for not doing so? Surely it's optional?
  15. TIK Are you In?

    What could they do with that initial extra £100k. What could they do with an extra £5, £10, £15 thousand a month. Where could they take the club?
  16. TIK Are you In?

    What is it you don't understand about all this pumpkin? Billy Bowie is clearly a fine chap, but so was Miles Brookson and look what happened to Gretna when he was no longer there. There is nothing to stop anyone buying out BB completely and selling off everything we have including the stadium. There is also nothing to stop anyone using us as a plaything and ploughing all the real money into another venture that they own. I thought all this spinless subservience disappeared with Johnston's acolytes and now we have fans who are willing to leave all the responsibility to someone else just because they have accumulated a bit of money. Moffat Jnr had a lot of money, yet he was the dimwit who got us into this stupid situation with the shareholding. Dundee have went bust how many times and yet the idiots keep selling their club off to the highest bidder? The current board are more than welcome to run the club but even they realise that things have to change and if we change them now slowly and surely then we can avoid the pitfalls that all the other clubs had befall them. I'm glad they are in charge too, but I'd rather they had the fans on board helping them rather than standing outside licking windows and hoping for the best.
  17. Youssouf Mulumbu

    So if you had a say in choice who would you have preferred as WBA manager @baggie192?
  18. TIK Are you In?

    That's great to hear, I think you'll find that the current board running the club have signed a legal contract to promote trust in killie because they want it to happen, so if you have that much faith in their leadership can we expect you to do as John Kiltie asked at the recent anniversary function and sign up as soon as you can? Getting the new manager in was a joint effort with the Trust so you're praise for a partnership you see no future in is a bit bizarre. I'll give you the improved communication bit.
  19. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Always happy to hear of someone south of the border looking out for our results, whether it's through a favourite ex player or manager etc joining us. Thanks for your input mate and spread the word, there's more than two clubs in Scotland despite what Sky want you to believe.
  20. PSG and Jamie Mac

    Would it be a straight swap or would we have to pay some cash too?
  21. PSG and Jamie Mac

    Hardly a resounding appraisal... I'm quite sure you'd take a traffic cone over Jamie...
  22. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Cheers mate. Been to a few midweek games at Hawthorns when working in Brum Great club.
  23. Youssouf Mulumbu

    How about ”Yousouf Mulumbu, Youssouf Mulumbu Lets go watching Mulumbu today and we’ll sing and we’ll roar when we see Mulumbu score if you come watching Mulumbu with me”
  24. PSG and Jamie Mac

    I remember the stick they used to give Gordon Marshall and he turned out to be the best Killie keeper in my lifetime. I’d take Gordon over MacDonald in a heartbeat.
  25. Black Friday

  26. Sportsound

    FFS, sorry to be the spellin polis, but it’s: LOUDOUN Copy....?? ✌️
  27. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Never had an “English team”, but I have one now
  28. TIK T shirts idea

    If you want entertainment go to the cinema “ in helvetica
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