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  2. The curling

    It was Japan we played. So, a pixelated vag hair...
  3. Hibees fred

    MOM Alan Power.
  4. The curling

    The girls were unlucky in the bronze game... a cagey affair and a vadge hair from the medal.
  5. Hibees fred

    ATT: 5,348
  6. Hibees fred

    This is outstanding, what a display of resilience and fightback - we never know when we're beaten now, and the team-spirit and fight SC has introduced makes it a great time to be a Killie fan.
  7. Hibees fred

    Cammy Bell coming on....?!
  8. Hibees fred

  9. Hibees fred

    And another, either way he's got to be MoM - especially for them.
  10. Hibees fred

    Damn.............shoulda scored there!!
  11. Hibees fred

    damn............2 great saves by their keeper.............what a turnaround!! Mon the Killllllieeeeeeeeeeee
  12. Hibees fred

    Their keeper...!!
  13. Hibees fred

    Brophy coming on..............yes!!!
  14. Hibees fred

    Disgusting behaviour - aggression right in his face and then the sarcastic clapping. Made himself look stupid there, and will no doubt be in a lot of bother for that. Hopefully we capitalise now - they're rattled!
  15. Hibees fred

    Lennon off
  16. Hibees fred

    the ginger whinger gets sent aff!!!
  17. Hibees fred

    Boyd counter
  18. Hibees fred

    On the rebound
  19. Hibees fred

    PENALTY!!!!!!!! GOAL.............!!!!!!!!!!! BOYDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Hibees fred

    C'mon Killie
  21. Hibees fred

  22. Hibees fred

  23. Hibees fred

    If you check the timing, which is probably vague now, I posted that at the start of the match which was, as you admit, bad. Did I say we had been a shambles for the past few weeks?
  24. Hibees fred

    What a goalllllllll
  25. Hibees fred

  26. Hibees fred

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