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  2. The Skids play Ardrossan

    Brilliant event, really hope next year is more of the same
  3. Dundee thread

    As you admit yourself, your "memory isn't up to the task." Don't forget to log out!
  4. Dundee thread

    Hmmm. I think you might be telescoping events. The abuse was directed at MJ and him alone for quite a wee while. There was a song sung at away games mostly that drew a neat distinction between the AJ and MJ. Plenty of folk on here will remember how it went. My memory isn't up to the task. Pretty abusive to the snake. AJ was well liked as a player had a decent record at QOS and most fans accepted him well enough. SC was a different matter.
  5. Dundee thread

    I can understand where you're coming from with this, after all, you don't know me, or know what I felt, said and wrote at the time. That's one of the drawbacks of this type of site. As long as I know and the people that know me.
  6. Dundee thread

    To be fair to a few people on here psychologists have a name for what you're suffering from. . .
  7. Gary Dicker

    I tore that once, ironically at Hamilton Palace on the old sticky carpet dance floor!! Felt like I'd been stabbed and took months to get over it. Just movement in general or how to sit watching TV was an ordeal. Then again he should have the best treatment the club can buy!!
  8. Dundee thread

    Almost but not quite. I felt it was bordering on the disgraceful the abuse and criticism dished out to MJ, AJ, SC and JI. Sometimes it cleared the border well into the disgraceful.

    The question about our lack of a chairman was raised at the AGM by squirrelhumper to which the response from our current CEO was "it is being addressed". Several months later and nothing has happened. Is this any real surprise as other have stated there is no leadership at board level. Its quite obvious that none of the three stooges know anything about football and our CEO is woefully out of her depth. Bowie only cares about his hotel, hence the building of an Exec box so he can generate more income for his hotel via QTS using it. Bowie also doesn't care for the future of the club so long as he can bequeath it to his sons. We are an absolute clusterfeck of a club. Crowds continue to dwindle as results and performances show no sign of improving on the worst playing surface in the country. Years of gross mismanagement and ineptitude are finally coming home to roost via the inevitable end of season outcome.
  10. Today

    What are KFCSA supposed to do regarding not having a chairman. It has been raised several times but as we are not on the board there is little we can do but say that the club should have a chairman. The new SLO is far from invisible im sure if you contact him he will respond to any questions you may have.

    I totally agree. Just like in the MJ era there is still zero leadership. Getting rid of MJ was never going to fix anything. He needs to be replaced with somebody who loves the club and knows what they are doing. We may have to wait some time.
  13. Dundee thread

    People were pissed off at what happened to Kenny but the anger was directed where it should have been at MJ. AJ and his assistant were actually made to feel quite welcome until it became blindingly obvious AJ had absolutely no clue whatsoever and was completely out of his depth. Now he has done exactly what he did at QOTS, brought a team up from league 1 with a massive amount of help from the board. If he succeeds in getting out of the Championship it will be very interesting to see how he gets on managing a team in the top league.
  14. NextWeek

    MJ was undoubtedly a total tosser who held the fans in contempt but he had more background and experience at this game than the current board. Mind you that would not be hard. Bowie needs someone who knows the game on the board pronto.
  15. NextWeek

    Against the likes of Hamilton and Dundee we should be doing a lot better than scraping a draw at home. It feels like we are getting gubbed.
  16. NextWeek

    We definitely need someone on the board who has football experience or a director of football to advise them. Soon the honeymoon period will be over.
  17. Dundee thread

    Disagree with a lot of this. I do agree with the Boyd part and one could make an argument for it being too soon for AJ, not me though. Saying anyone would've done well with QOS is a bit disrespectful to AJ's work there and subjective. The fact is he did well there and is doing well now. I'd argue he was making progress at Killie too. As for sitting with an ex-player/manager, I'll take your word for it and his. The noteworthy part was AJ's "formative managerial time" with us.....maybe I should've added this into my original post but I don't count AJ's first season or judge him significantly on it as he had a very difficult first season largely due to the mess he inherited and the lack of players he was able to bring in; he survived it though and Boyd was a big factor in that. Jackson Irvine was not a donkey, never thought he was, always felt he could be a good player and was in spells for us. He was another one that was made to feel as welcome as flatulence in an astronaut suit. He was mocked-up in a donkey suit on social media (in fact I think it was the Killie Hippo) which was systematic of the cretinous NAPM mass hysteria of the time. Irvine, a good young prospect, was unfairly criticised by a sizeable portion of Killie fans and why? Because MJ sacked KS, brought in AJ and SC who brought JI on loan, so the empty heads put 2 and 2 together and came up with JI is a donkey. I also disagree about the re-writing history part. I've not said anything different from the time AJ came to Killie to now (or about Irvine). I think they should've given him his year's extension at the end of October of his second season. I said it then, since and now. Check previous posts if you wish. As for comparing AJ then to now, of course he'll be better equipped with the experiences he's had since...that goes for everyone in life in general. The facts are: QOS did well; Pars doing well. That's pre and post Killie.

    Johnston had one full season as a manager before he joined us so didn’t have a lot of experience. If you get into the details he also had the only full time team in the division when he won the league with Queens. I’d love to know how he feels about it but it looks like he made the wrong choice joining us especially with all the crap going on off the field and the turmoil with MJ. Pits good to see him getting success now. He was a good guy just not the right guy for us at that time.
  19. Dundee thread

    I was almost alone in defending AJ and Jackson Irvine. I was also accused of being an MJ sycophant when I suggested we may have other problems as well as him. 3000 home fans seem to suggest we have.
  20. Dundee thread

  21. NextWeek

    It was worrying that a lot of people in the stands were accepting this might be our year yesterday. I wonder if people aren’t being vocal because they know McCulloch is the boards man. They were desperate to give him the job. They appear to have ignored all other candidates in the process. And they will likely give him every opportunity to get things right. Unfortunately things could get really really bad before they realise he won’t. With the lack of football people on the board and within the clubs hierarchy I worry that they actually believe what the manager is saying. Jig has used the “we’re not far away” line, “we need time to gel”, “there were plenty of positives”. Do the board have the knowledge or advisor to know if this is true or if he’s spinning them a line. So far you’ve got to say he’s talking crap.

    The Board are invisible, the CEO is invisible, the SLO is completely invisible, the team is invisible and the fans are invisible..... Home crowd on Saturday back below MJ era. So much for the revolution.
  23. NextWeek

    We are not actually getting gubbed every week. Last two games have been draws.

    Gerry McCabe is currently out of the game. Bags of experience and seen as a decent coach. I'm sure he would jump at the chance of a job until the end of the season.
  25. Gary Dicker

    Worryingly heard at the weekend that he is not planning on renewing his contract as he doesn't like playing on our pitch. The same goes for Kiltie. I'll be honest and say that I don't buy into our pitch being any worse to play on than a grass pitch, but these things get into a players head and it psychologically affects their attitude. This is probably the main reason we should return to a grass pitch as soon as possible, the players it has and will lose us, rightly or wrongly, is far more important than any other concerns.
  26. Gary Dicker

    Gordon Strachan missed 6 months with Aberdeen due to same injury,very difficult to treat only rest is the best option.
  27. Gary Dicker

    Is that not what Ally Maxwell had in the 91 cup final? Didn't he miss the vast majority of the next season? Worse for a keeper to have mind you.
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