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    Just moved back to Scotland after almost 20 years based down south. Currently staying in Inverness with family so drove over to Aberdeen for what is essentially a home game for me (the A96 is weird!). Anyway, absolutely DELIGHTED to be back watching the only team in Ayrshire. Thought we were very good yesterday. Being a man up, especially away from home against a good side, doesn't always mean you will dominate and make the other team look toothless but that is exactly what we did. The game management was superb - avoiding the urge to leave gaps, being patient and waiting for good openings (the run by Burke and the through ball by Tish a great example). We controlled the midfield with Tish in particular doing a great job of securing the ball, tidying up loose second balls and driving us forward when the opportunity arose. The save by Jamie Mac from McGinn's free kick was stunning and the whole back line looked solid. A few loose passes by SOD but thankfully in Aberdeen's half where they struggled to capitalise. Love Brophy's desire to get on the ball and drive forward, shooting at the earliest opportunity. His free kick was a peach and Stewart's take, run and finish were textbook - outstanding technique and a very cool head. Credit to the club for getting him in - great signing. Enjoyed chatting with a few other supporters (not many Killie fans down south, so been starved of proper fitba chat) and really grateful to the old boy who gave me a ticket outside the stadium. Best team in the world. See you at Easter Road in a couple of weeks. KTID
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    fantastic to see us making an official statement on this, watched this in the office at work to be met with a comment from an ayrshire hun, "Steve Clark just moaning" thats exactly the reason clubs like ours and others need to start speaking up more !!
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    Where's all the knicker wetters? One goal conceded in league. Great performance. Great support. Life's good. What a buzz when full squad came over at end.
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    Every week I watch Killie and I see opposition teams put two maybe three guys on JJ whenever he gets the ball. That tells you they know the biggest danger we have then I come on here and see Kiliie fans slate him.........enjoy him while he's here, he'll be very badly missed.
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    Well, hello there ladies and gentlemen. Hope you’re well and the years have been kind to you. But seriously, jeez, I only nipped out for some bread and milk and look what happens! You’ve only gone and redecorated, I’ve had to reregister (and lose evidence of 5,436,986 previous posts), we’ve gone through four terrible managers, finally landed a great one, mislaid our grass, built a greenhouse in the back of the Frank Beattie, and not been relegated, closed down or signed a single one of the five billion players Craigieboy has linked us with. We’ve played some mindblowingly bad football, we’ve finally learned to beat Celtic, we’ve laughed as the club currently based out of Ibrox stadium has lurched from comedy moment to comedy moment. Kris Boyd became a pundit who moonlights as our club captain. We’ve been linked with everyone, signed no-one, finished in the top six, finally got a board larger than one man’s ego. We’ve seen Partick relegated, but Ayr promoted. And finally had some great strips not made by a guy down the Forum. We’ve seen friends and loved ones born, others die. We’ve seen politics implode, and a million other things along the way. So, through all that, hope you’re well. And above all else... We. Are. Killie! (That’s a thing now apparently?) Some brief thoughts after being at Livi and Hearts games: - We look a far more organised, professional outfit under SC than we have done in a long, long time. More players understand tactics and responsibilities rather than making it up - Think the team looks strong through most positions, but as you’d expect from a team with our budget, there are a few issues - Seems to be a glaring lack of any player who can control a game, put foot on the ball and dictate pace - a ‘no 10’ who dictates things around him and imposes personality on a match - Hard not to love Kris Boyd for all he’s done, but when defending we’re essentially doing it with 9 outfield players. A more mobile finisher and longer-term solution is needed soon - O’Donnell is our best right back since Gus - Great to see a lot of young prospects and the team actually looking like they enjoy their football and playing for Killie. That certainly hasn’t always been the case - No reason not to be optimistic and look to challenging for top six PS. I hear they’ll let anyone moderate around here these days. Shocker.
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    Or some of us have patience and faith in the manager?
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    For any other stats geeks out there... He looks like a really good signing on paper. 60.5% of his positive actions (i.e. passes, dribbles, crosses, shots) are successful. Compared to Jones e.g. who sits at 52.6%. His success rate for dribbling past an opponent is 77% (Jones is 67.9%) although Jones does try much more on average (BE - 7.45 a game; JJ - 12.16 a game.) 37.6% of his shots are on target (JJ once again for comparison 29.9%), but he doesn't seem to cross the ball very often, only attempting an average of 1.16 every 90 mins, compared to JJ who tries 4.2. Accuracy on crosses is pretty similar as well (BE - 19.8% JJ - 21.7). So reading into that, it seems that he knows crossing isn't his strongest skill, so instead finds other ways to influence play. I know that stats can only tell you so much, but when you don't know much about a player it helps to build up a picture of the type of player he might be. Considering the vast majority of the games he's played were at a slightly higher standard, it all bodes well that this could be another piece of magic from SSC. ETA - a wee GIF of his goals from last season I made.
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    Is there some kind of filter we can apply when registering for this forum? Maybe I'm just noticing it more, but there are a few people who just spout pure drivel.The above is utter, unmitigated bollocks.
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    It's quite depressing the lack of independent thought on this site. A couple of posters set out the party line, and it becomes gospel, and anyone challenging it is demonised for daring to disagree with the clique. SSC is a class manager, but he's not above constructive criticism. Neither are the Board. You can repeat the mantras "in SSC we trust" and he said we wouldn't sign anyone till the end of the window all you like. I prefer to think for myself. We have undoubtedly lost momentum. BB, probably unwisely, built up expectation. No one expects us to win the league, but he certainly gave the impression we were going onwards and upwards. We now have four points from three games which could easily stay that way for a while given our fixtures. Two quality additions would have given us a chance against Sevco, got us a win at Livingston and a draw today, at least. The last thing we want to do is fall to far behind as SSC can't be expected go on the run he went on last season. That's why we needed a good start. I think it's a shame all the hard work of last season hasn't, at present, been built on. We are without question a team that is competent but lacks spark. We are missing three quality players form last season and have gone backwards. Nobody is knicker wetting or saying we haven't got good things in place. Some people just feel a bit frustrated at the situation. Let's hope we get some quality in next week. Again the amount of people seemingly happy to "accept our place" is surprising.
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    Boyd, Brophy and Ndjoli will score goals. What we need is a creative midfielder who can link the play.
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    Who'dav thunk it...... The big man captaining a Killie team to our first win in the Granite City for 6 years and marshalling our defence to their 3rd clean sheet in 4 league matches in the process. What a difference a year makes ........
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    f**k mcinnes, f**k Willie Miller, f**k mikey Devlin, f**k Logan and shinnie in fact f**k the whole of sheeptown. justice for way too many decisions going against us against this mob.
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    Hi, @Mclean07, meet @Mclean07 - he pished the bed yesterday, but he's at that age where he's forgotten that he's done it. Can you help him change his sheets?
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    Warning : the following post may contain facts that @Mclean07 may find upsetting. Was the away support a lot bigger? If you look back at the corresponding fixture from last year, there is a thread on this here forum describing how Hearts had sold out their 1500 ticket allocation and that any other fans wishing to travel could pay at the gate. Two posters on this thread have said that there were 1800 away fans yesterday - I assume this was read out over the tannoy? Lets assume, worst case scenario, that not a single Jambo paid at the gate last year. That means we had 3576 Killie fans at the game last season, and 4439 yesterday. An increase of 863, or 24%. That's worst case scenario. It's not outwith the realms of possibility that 150 Jam Tarts paid in and the actual increase was closer to 1000. That's ONE THOUSAND for vidiprinter fans. However, I don't have those figures, so let's stick with 863. It isn't gradual. That's a big increase. You might not like that, but numbers. Since Billy Bowie has stated publicly that he aims for a 10% improvement year on year, so I imagine he will be ecstatic at the idea of a two fold improvement in what he targeted. It's only you that seems to persist down this path of going on a Killie fans forum to slag off the attendances to an audience mostly made up of people who actually go. Who are these people you claim want a successful team but won't go to games? I think they must ride unicorns, since I've never met any nor know of anyone who has. If you have, go and annoy them instead. I can only surmise that you are a supporter of another team - you've posted twice on this thread slagging off your own fans. It's like you look forward to the crowd total being lower than the figure you pulled out of your arse that morning because it means you get to come on and gloat and slag off Killie fans. I don't get it. Although I'm sure that now you've seen the actual numbers you'll apologise and applaud the efforts of the club and the fans. (I apologise for continuing this one on the match fred - might I suggest to the mods ( @Lroy, @mathematics @KillieFC @baz) that the attendance chat gets moved to the crowd thread that @Fanklecreated?
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    Paying for his fine by supporters would add further exposure for the farcical decision and give us more press. Also it will show SSC that he has the backing from us all.
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    Absolutely astounded that the one player who’s been a standout for us in all games this season is the one folk want dropped. I must be watching a different game from many as Burke can not be the one to make way for any new signing.
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    Played in the same under 23 squad captains by Killie hero Tinotenda Chibharo. Hipefully lives up to his former teammates hype
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    Iain Wilson should slot straight in for Dicker, Tish for Ndjoli would stiffen up the midfield and give us more legs, and allow us to revert to our more potent 4-3-3 with 2 wingers. Stewart scores winner off the bench in last 20 mins!
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    As long as he doesn't end up with anyone else in Scotland I'm happy
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    I think you are all forgetting ( and how could you?) Tinotenda Chibharo’s “perfect hat-trick” on his debut. First with his right head,second with his left head and finally a bullet from all of 35 yards with his centre head.
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    I watched Leicester v Liverpool yesterday too, and any other game that's on live that I can - does being a Killie fan mean you're not allowed to watch any other football? Get a grip.
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    Great comeback for him today. Thought he was comfortably the best player on the pitch. Found a man with every short pass, a few of his long passes were tremendous. Chris Burke read his passing well but quite often just wasn't quite quick enough to get on the big passes. Had his standard calamity booking but that's just par for the course with him. Welcome back Aaron.
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    To be honest I'll be glad when today is over. The Mulumbu situation has been put to bed and so will the JJ one. Personally I'm not fussed on Jones. Looks a shadow of the player he was, so it's pretty obvious his heart and mind are elsewhere. If he goes today then good on him and thanks, but ever since the Sevco speculation surrounding him at the start of the year it's been an annoyance like a stone in your shoe. Players are replaceable and no one is bigger than the club. 150 years (nearly) in existence proves this. Onwards and upwards. KTID
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    I prefer having fans in there, even if it's just 700 or so like it is just now.
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