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    I’m a few hours shy of my 50th birthday. I’ve been watching the killie for over 40 years. I’ve seen the lows of losing to meadow bank thistle at the end of the clunie era, losing to non league Inverness thistle in the Scottish cup, relegation to the old 2nd division at Palmerston, hitting rock bottom At hampden versus Queen’s Park. Fleeting and burns brought us back, Williamson gave me the greatest day as a killie fan so far in 1997. Jefferies Kept us competitive. Shields delivered the unthinkable...a win against the old firm in a cup final. It’s been a good ride. BUT this time it’s different. This time we have a team that’s simply better than most of our rivals and as good as all. Masterminded by the best manager killie has had in my lifetime. I expect us to win most games. I’ve never really felt that before. So when I fill my lungs to blow those candles out tomorrow maybe my wish will carry some expectation amongst the typically unrealistic hope. This really could be a season to remember for any generation of killie fans. Get out and give this lot your full support. Tell your friends. This is our time.
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    Kilmarnock Football Club wishes to express its great disappointment at comments made by the SFA’s Head of Refereeing, John Fleming, in relation to our player, Jordan Jones. In a letter to the Dundee Supporters’ Association (DSA) regarding one of the penalty incidents against Dundee, Mr Fleming has stated: “The two-match suspension offered to the player has been accepted by the club which, in my opinion, clearly indicates the player committed an act of simulation during the match". "On accepting the two-match suspension, the club, in my opinion, are accepting the player committed the act, solely to deceive the referee." In our statement on the matter, we made it clear that Jordan denied committing an act of simulation and denied any intention to deceive the referee. The sole reason for not challenging the charge was that we had no additional substantive evidence to submit for consideration so therefore took a pragmatic view to accept the penalty and move on. Having taken this decision and accepted the penalty, we expected this matter to be closed. It is unprecedented for the SFA’s Head of Refereeing to make remarks of this nature. The original correspondence from the DSA to the SFA and Mr Fleming expressing concern over the suitability of Steven McLean to take charge of Kilmarnock matches was completely baseless and cast unfounded aspersions on the referee’s character. It is highly ironic that after another organisation has cast aspersions on the integrity of a match official, it is our club which has been the subject of negative remarks by a senior officer of the SFA. A formal complaint has been submitted to the SFA and we expect the matter to be investigated fully.
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    Absolute limbs when Power's screamer hits the back of the net today. Zingggggg
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    Gloating about wee thugs breaking an away team supporters minibus is moronic. No I’m not a big man on the keyboard I’m a killie fan, a mother and a teacher and your attitude is shameful from each of those perspectives.
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    Supported Killie for 40 years and in my younger days we were the young dudes singing our hearts out home and away. I am 57 now and when i arrive at a ground i look to see where the young lads might gather and sit in the general area and i still sing along. But its supprising how many non nutters join in. I love the away games , But at Rugby park something has to happen to spark the singing, That's why i am would love to see a safe standing section. I think it would be more like an away game as 200 or so can gather together. The home support through out Scotland tend to out sung by the away supporters , Plenty of fans have come to rugby park and out sung the Killie home support, Even St Mirren in the betfred out sang us. At Hibs i thought they were pretty quite and we were pretty loud. So to the young dudes of today show a little respect to the older supporters when you call them names , we have been singing Killie songs long before you were born. You might have yer own teeth and have 30" waist , never mind yer hair. But you get it going and we will join in.
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    Rarely have I celebrated a goal like that. Absolute chaos in the Killie end when that hit the net!
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    Brilliant day out! Anyone know if the st mirren ultras have stopped celebrating their equaliser yet?!
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    You’re just too good to be true can’t take the ball off of you you have that heavenly touch you look like McGregor so much and when we’re pissed in the bars we thank the lord that you’re ours you’re just too good to be true can’t take the ball off of you Alan, Alan Alan Power
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    Away section today...
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    Hi guys, Thanks for sharing the article, but can the text above come down and a link to the article go in its place? Link - https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/kilmarnock/the-unheralded-kilmarnock-star-who-s-quietly-excellent-every-single-week-1-4820455 Put simply, if I get good hits on a feature about Killie then it opens up the possibility of doing another one in the near future, as I can show my bosses that there's an audience for it on our website and I don't have to just stick to the two Glasgow and Edinburgh top flight clubs. If everyone is just reading the text from here, that can't happen. I could also mention copyright blah blah blah but I don't want to be a knob. Cheers, Craig
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    What an overly dramatic thread about f**k all. The crowd supported the team throughout, and booed the ref and Accies for good reason. End of. Bring on the zombies, We’re KTID
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    .........the boys who can't understand allocated seating!.....
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    Tanner having a pop at us because no one was named in our statement. Rather stylish reply from Phyllis McLeish here...
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    The Trust and the club have already done some measuring up for a safe standing section as it was one of the proposals of where to put the money from Phase 2 of TIK. Trust Chairman Jim Thomson is in touch with all relevant parties and is hoping to put together a presentation with the rail seating company for the club and fans alike so we can decide if it is a goer or not. It may turn out there are more important things to spend the money on, but that will be for the contributors to decide and we want them to have as much information up front as possible.
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    The next fanzine (issue 187) is out this Saturday folks and will be on sale at the home games v Hamilton + Aberdeen. It includes the following article, please feel free to get in touch if you are able to help or if you have any queries: GROWING THE KILLIE FAMILY If you have bought the fanzine over the last few months you may know that we did a wee initiative in the summer whereby kind hearted Killie fans bought a family season ticket and we found some worthy recipients who for whatever reason would not have been able to attend RP this season. It started with one exiled Hippo subscriber and snowballed so that we were able to give away 10 tickets meaning an extra 40 fans at home games this season. I should point out that the Killie Trust joined us with the initiative and I’ll be chatting to chairman Jim Thompson soon to discuss what we are doing this time around. I need to stress this is not a competition, we ask for people/families to be nominated who due to financial, personal or whatever reason cannot attend. Whenever we do a wee campaign we like to give it a name so from hereon it is called “Growing the Killie Family”. It goes without saying that the fanzine will be putting up a ticket in the summer and the target is to beat the number we reached in the summer. I’m sure you’ll agree we can all play a wee part in helping SSC’s revolution by getting more folk to home games. The manager will tell you that increasing the home crowd has a really positive effect on the players so this is where we can help. Please ensure you pass the details on to all your friends and family as we are trying to get as many folk sorted as possible. Please help if you can and buy a ticket if you are lucky enough to be able to do so. All you need to do is e-mail me at killiehippo@aol.com and we will keep a bank of all the kind ST donors. I’m not setting any definite targets but I’ve no doubt that we will be able to beat this season’s number.When sending the e-mail please put on all your contact details although some folk want to remain anonymous. I should also stress that the recipients will be kept anonymous at all times although I will tell each donor who is benefitting from their generosity. We’ll be putting the appeal in every issue from now until the end of the season plus sharing it on killiefc.com, facebook and twitter etc. Nearer the time, probably about April/May we will also speak nicely to David Wren at the Kilmarnock Standard and see if we can get an article in the local paper. Huge thanks once again to everyone who helped this time around and I look forward to us all achieving something really special to help grow the Killie family……YNTTK.
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    Am I missing something here @CB? He clearly references the forum in the article of a national newspaper and even describes it as “Kilmarnock’s leading fans forum”. Think he’s does plenty back scratching there mate. Given for a long time the forum didn’t actually want many inabootcomers from other teams, that’s probably as strong an endorsement (‘link’) that @CraigFowlercould’ve given! Really Good article CF btw, I dearly love Alan Power
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    Toxic, what the f**k does that even mean in this context? Is SC paranoid for questioning officials? I've noticed other fans are starting to dislike us. It's brilliant.
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    Neil McCann has a Celtic tattoo and won titles at Ibrox. Scott Brown used to go to Ibrox and has been Celtic captain for years. Shinnie at Aberdeen was a Rangers season ticket holder... now captain of their rival and has a song sung about him "being one of their own". If my wee fella broke through into the first team at Hamilton Accies, or Brechin or even Ayr I'd be following them home and away to watch him. That's what parents do. As for Taylor, he and his siblings are signed with Killie and like Boyd or Naisy before him. No one can question their commitment when playing for us, their contribution and ultimately how Killie will always be one of their first loves.
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    Or use this payment for all our SFA fines ....
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    I see David Tanner is having a go at us tonight. Apparently we are forgetting Neil McCann and Graham Gartland lost their job from this. Get your f**king facts right. One swallow doesn’t make a summer they were on borrowed time because they were s**te
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    Just cos you say FACT doen't make it any more correct. Here's a fact, Kiltie kept us in the league 2 years ago and that is a fact. Kiltie scored more goals in one game that season than Smith did his full Killie career. And that's a FACT. Kiltie more or may not leave but you're being incredibly harsh on him.
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    3 or 4 years? I suggest you check your facts instead of being over eager to slag one of our players who probably kept us up one season and has been incredibly unlucky with injuries. For starters, the Falkirk play off game was just over 2 years ago. He then got injured in the final match of the following season May 2017 after being out for 6 months with a serious injury. Christ he only made his debut in May 2013 aged 16 and has managed to play almost 90 games for us, scoring 10 goals and missing almost a full year with 2 shocking injuries. Not bad for somebody who has been injured for 4 years allegedly eh?
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    After last two away games it would be great to have an increased and vocal home support on Saturday. The players and staff certainly deserve it!
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    This is how it feels to be killie

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