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  2. It's a terrible idea. Ticket sales aren't great because it's highly unlikely that we will beat Celtic, but if we did our ticket numbers would then be restricted by our own club. If we manage to beat Celtic then belief would soar and fans would be clamouring for tickets regardless of who wins the other semi-final. A false promise of ticket restrictions if we reach the final isn't going to boost sales for the Celtic game.
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  4. I think we are talking about 2 different things.
  5. I'd rather we spent 50k on the squad than buy 50k of tickets that we won't sell.
  6. Bbk


    Purchased new killie calender this afternoon very good though I suspect one or two of the featured players won't still be at rugby park after the next transfer window. BTW the December featured player will cheer up a some of the posters on here!
  7. Anyone who wants one will get one. The club will have 100s left in our sections and they'll not be sold out by kick off on the 14th January. How many are lots?
  8. Just shows that possession stats go for nothing if you can’t put the ball in the net
  9. I remember Ayrshire Districts Supporters had a couple of stalls at the Open Day and we were giving them away …. Even then we couldn’t give them away as folk didn’t know what they were (myself included tbh) 🤣🤣
  10. They sent it out by email to their membership database of all Killie fans. You must not be signed up.
  11. Must be a few in the lower end of the J League looking to make a name for themselves
  12. JJ: 'Know how many places I've been?' BB: 'Know how many things I've done?'
  13. Thanks Graham - no intrusion, given that it seems you have brought up your offspring to be Killie fans!! Sadly, being in Kent, can’t make it but would have loved to have been there.
  14. Good fishing. Great idea though!!!
  15. FFS get it right. A partridge in a pear tree, and four calling birds.
  16. And it took hours for a page to load…. But it was still magic!!
  17. Not seen anything saying that on official site or Twitter.
  18. First time I've heard Stephen Flynn and looking forward to hearing more but most of all can't wait for Mhari to let rip! Hopefully between them they can boost more support for us getting out of this mess and the blinkered see the light albeit have no expectation on that front.
  19. The club have announced only those who have bought semi final tickets will be eligible to buy tickets for the final if we reach it.
  20. Don't see where off chance comes into this. Factor in the game is 5 weeks away,Xmas round the corner, the hurdles being put up to buy one and the rhetoric that everyone who wants a ticket will be able to get one, I'd imagine there's a lot of fans who want to go still haven't bought yet.
  21. 100% Local dial up Those were the days when you had come off line if someone in the house wanted to use the phone 🤣
  22. Did anyone have Killie internet?
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