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  2. He's joined Football CFB as a columnist.
  3. I hate to break it to you man, but I'm not actually in charge of Covid policy in the UK, nor am I scooter! None of the examples you've listed are 'essential' items - we all get by without them today, none are mandatory for participation in society. You could have at least quoted the one where I decried anti vaxers as 'snowflakes', or 'not the sort of folk you'd want to be in the trenches with in 1915' for some sort of balance. I stand by all my statements, except level 4 - level 3 might be more appropriate on a Tuesday. I note from todays news, if you test negative for CO
  4. That is exactly what is being suggested! See the quotes below from earlier in the thread:
  5. Good bit back and not glamorous but Derek McInnes for Morton at Cappelow did not put a foot wrong, sprayed passes all over the pitch went past our players with ease, won the ball with every tackle, basically dominated the game and us. No idea the score but we lost
  6. Well said. Only Killie manager to beat the OF in a cup final. Decent record that, all things considered. One day I'll find that old hard drive with the outstanding, 'grey squirrels being bigger, stronger and more abundant - but are susceptible to the Ebola virus, that the wee endangered red squirrels don't suffer from' kick-talk interview. Easily the most genius bit of Killie manager sports psychology I've ever heard - although I probably paraphrased that badly!!
  7. Good luck to him, always put everything into whatever job he had, hope they make it to the finals. Scotland women's team could do with his positivity.
  8. https://www.spreaker.com/user/kilmarnockfootballclub/season2ep1alexdyertxready
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  10. RAG


    That sounds like a (not so) big (and rejected in the end ,for something that's now completely useless) idea? Should have fixed the old boat and tattooed a, 'welcome to the 21c - it's going to be ****' sign in outer space with lasers instead..
  11. Our former Manager who IMO did a good job whilst at Killie .......has had his ups n downs since but glad too see one of football’s good guys now having some success again assisted by a former Killie player ###### Northern Ireland women recovered superbly from an early setback to beat the Faroe Islands 5-1 and keep their history-making Euro 2022 dream alive. The win secured the play-off that gives Northern Ireland the chance to qualify for a first major women's tournament. Rachel Furness scored twice with Chloe McCarron and the McGuinness sisters - Kirsty and Caitlin - also on t
  12. Cant wait to see that dick head squirm when his tosser of a boss backs down and does a deal with the Eu
  13. Mike Yeadon a personal friend and former colleague of my sister. They worked together at Pfizer for over 20 years. She certainly speaks very highly of him, and his arguments make a lot of sense. Still not sure I'd stake my vulnerable/elderly relatives' lives on them, though.
  14. A outrage he wasn’t shortlisted for our player of the season that year
  15. Sad to see him go. Good honest player who gave his all
  16. Also a big shout out to joe worrall one of THE best perfomances against killie ever
  17. I "self isolated" that day - i.e. left the ground before I got lifted - over that refereeing performance. Right up there with the very worst ever.
  18. I thought Sellick had won the World Cup the way their fans went on that day. Di Canio was a class act though
  19. I remember one of Cooper's first games against us - I think we lost 4-1. It was such a novelty because Motherwell were Premier League and we were First Division or maybe even 2nd then. It was the first time I saw Kilie play against a premier league team. He totally strolled it.
  20. Yes- I remember that too. He was not their star player but was a standout. It felt they were toying with us!
  21. Sounds like it was his own decision..
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