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Current Donation Goals

Trust In Killie

The Killie Trust was established in 2003 to give fans more of a voice in decision-making at Kilmarnock Football Club. Over that time the Trust has become an important voice in the running of the club and has recently launched Trust In Killie, an initiative designed to bring fans together to put a supporter on the board of the club. By taking pledges from Kilmarnock fans right around the world, we are initially looking to raise £100,000 to buy unallocated shares in Killie and get our seat on the board. From there a fan-elected representative will take their place on the board as a full and equal director. That is only stage one of course, the main aim is to establish a sustainable revenue stream for the football club in the long term.

Raised 100,100.00 GBP of 100,000.00 GBP target