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    The mission is to head back in time to the dark distant dismal evening of 30th September 2017. Killie are bottom of the league without a win and have just lost to RossCo after an insipid performance. They have of course also been humiliated by A*r & Celtic Reserves in the League Cup You need to head to a local pub, find a group of f**ked off Killie supporters and convince them of the following - On 3rd April Killie will be 5th in the table. Unbeaten in FIVE against the Ugly Sisters. TWELVE points clear of the split with a game in hand. SIX points clear of 6th with a game in hand. Closer in points to Aberdeen than Hamilton. Less defeats than Rangers and same number as Aberdeen. Fans will be hotly debating which one of McCulloch's donkey signings - Broadfoot, Power, O'Donnell or Brophy - could be Player Of The Season. Jones is destroying teams single handed when all clicks for him. The fat striker that keeps talking about Rangers in the media is the league's top scorer and has been restored as a Killie Legend. We're having a 7 month spell of enjoying one of the best midfielder's we've ever had at the club. Fans are genuinely gutted that we might not catch Hibs in 4th - after they've had an absolute cracker of a season too. The nucleus of next season's team is already signed up and in place. The speakers in the Frank Beattie stand have been fixed and Gavin Wallace is back in place. Unfortunately Donald Trump and the BBC Sportsound crew are still in place. You can't have it all! Once the message has been passed you may return to the present day unless the men in white coats catch you first.
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    No. He'll sign him on a one year deal and loan him out to Montrose. What do you think he'll do if we sign him? Drive Billy Bowie's trucks? Fix the old scoreboards? Replace the stuffed owl in the Frank Beattie stand? Jesus wept.
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    I honestly have watched this around 50 or 60 times... I defy anyone who can find anything on the internet to trump this!! Check out @aahh_no’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/aahh_no/status/985232716638707718?s=09
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    Much better. Together with the Aberdeen match, maybe we are at last making progress. We will now have two or three very attractive home games in the top six, especially if we can get a couple of results in our next too games. Let's face it Hamilton are about as enticing as a bucket of cold sick. The next stop is to get a good turn out against whatever Old Scum side turn up at RP. However, the biggest next step is to GET THE FECKIN SEASON TCKETS ON SALE with a big advert featuring Sir Steve demanding everyone buys one!! PS Did anyone hear the away number for today?
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    Why not just pay the prices that are already the lowest in the Premier League and give Steve Clarke as much money to use as possible. I'm not against season ticket holders bringing a friend for free etc against smaller teams, but to cut prices on Saturday would be commercial madness. Almost as much commercial madness as not having season tickets on sale.
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    Signed a new 3 year deal. Excellent news again. https://t.co/1ku04xG1nj
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    I said last week after the Hamilton game that I thought it was a routine win and I think it would be fair to say the same again. Neither a particularly good performance but when you're on a 5 game winning streak, who gives a s**t. We did what we had to do, and reduced Thistle to few real chances. Broadfoot coming straight back in had to be the call, even though S Boyd played well last week. The big man is impervious. That last ditch block he made second half saved us the three points. Really pleased for big Findlay getting his goal too, deserved after yet another excellent performance. Got speaking to his mum and aunt on the way in to the ground, told them he had been excellent all season, then bumped into them briefly again after the game - they looked chuffed! O'Donnell and Taylor have to be two of the most consistent fullbacks in the league. Just typical performances that we've come to expect from them yet again. Thought SOD in particular was great, getting up and down that wing. Always happy when we play our strongest midfield three. Think Archibald had his tactics right in there, getting a couple of players straight in on Mulumbu every time he received the ball. It made for a tough game for him, and doubt he was too happy with his performance - not his best for us, and should have done far better with the shot second half. Definitely one where he hasn't realised how much time he has on the ball - enough for a touch, rather than his first time fresh air swipe. Still, in the first couple of minutes of the game, he brought a high ball out of the air with an absolute worldie of a touch that got him away from a Partick player who looked genuinely baffled as to where he had gone. Of the front three, Jones had the best game - stretched them well and possibly unlucky not to get given a foul first half when he's gone through on goal. Pulled off the elastico again as he did to win the penalty vs St J, this time winning a free kick - a joy to watch! Did well for the goal too. I'd say it's as tired as I've seen him finish a game - he wasn't doing as much of the defensive stuff as he should have been last 10 and it made things tricky for us. Looked done. Second half I thought we did well to hold on for the three points. They were getting some joy down the right side through guys like Erskine. Think the sub bringing Rory on for Erwin was the right call at the time, though I'm not sure it was as effective as Clarke hoped from Rory. We dug in and certainly saw the game out professionally in the last few. Cracking Killie support too - nearly in danger of outnumbering Thistle's wee crowd. Onwards to Hamilton and win number 6! My wee boy's first away game today after having been at seven or eight homes. Fair to say he's not yet had the full Killie experience in his young life. Came home talking about nothing else, played football in the living room before bed, then I was to pretend to be Steve Clarke putting Kris Boyd to bed at bedtime Glad he's enjoying it while it lasts
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    You know you don't have to comment on every thread just for the sake of posting? That is absolute drivel.
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    Clarke can bring Rashford from Man Utd for Clarke know Mourinho. Rashford join Kilmarnock for Loan end of season or until January 2019?
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    I love this glib phrase, “They bring nothing to the league”! What does any club bring to the league? They bring senior football to the Black Isle and to the Highlands north of Inverness. They draw their support from the wider region, not just the hamlet of Dingwall. They have won the league cup and been to the cup final since entering the league just over twenty years ago. They’re never going to attract huge home crowds or travel in large numbers but they help extend the reach of the league beyond a narrow central Scotland belt. It may be inconvenient to travel there and the weather is a factor in winter but I’d rather Ross County were in the league than Hamilton or Livingston, clubs without much support in their own towns in a region swamped with senior clubs.
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    In 30 plus years watching Killie whatever happens in the split in terms of league games only for me this has been the best season ever. 46 points since Steve Clarke took over best form in the league over 20 games.... only team in the league to win 5 games in a row...10 games unbeaten for the 1st time since at least 1994..5 games unbeaten against the OF since 1937 unbelievable. Celtic will win the league but we are still the team of the season. We will be talking about this one for years.
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    It's been some season in the SPFL and that's reflected with the quality managerial showings over the campaign. We painstakingly narrowed it down to eight candidates and now we can reveal who has made the top three in the voting of our exclusive Record Sport Online poll. Jack Ross at St Mirren and Motherwell boss Stephen Robinson missed out but there's no doubting the quality of the trio leading the way with three Premiership bosses in contention. So, without any further ado, starting in third place... Neil Lennon - 12 per cent Brendan Rodgers - 27 per cent Steve Clarke - 46 per cent That's right, the all-conquering Kilmarnock boss has been named as the manager of the season by our readers. The former West Brom manager arrived to much fanfare in last October and his impact has been truly remarkable. In his 28 games in charge, Clarke has won 16 times and only lost three. He's dramatically improved almost every player and even veteran striker Kris Boyd has been rolling back the years. The signing of Youssouf Mulumbu has been inspired and European football is a realistic ambition heading into the final games of the season. His tactical nous has secured wins against Celtic and Rangers and there's no telling where this Killie transformation will end.
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    Can't believe the negativity here from a positive article about our club. Zorro, I'm shocked at you. You had a wankfest over Woodman from day one... Clark signed him. Other notable things to include: £1m for a player who played 5 months for us... our second largest transfer fee as a club in our history. Jordan Jones... could easily eclipse the fee we received for Couilably. Kris Ajer... You know, Celtics first choice central defender played with Killie. Kept us in the league from a hopeless position. Had us sitting sixth when he left as he keeps saying and endorsed Lee McCulloch who signed a host of players that currently are in with a shout of Europe. Talked the club up daily to the press. Gave Greg Taylor his debut. Changed the style and layout of our changing rooms (that remains today) with posters of players and positivity messages. Moved our dugout to the right hand side rather than the left so he could influence a linesman and 4th official more shouting in their ear than opposition. Aye he wasn't perfect, but f**k me after what we've had to put up with for years on end we should be cutting the guy some slack. He tried cryochambers and changing training times, he had the courage to try and change our fortunes and think outside the box. I'd rather that than the status quo we endured under previous managers. He also brought his brother in law in who seemed to do a hell of a better job than the current custodians of our youth teams. Without Clark we wouldn't be sitting with Clarke!!
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    Likeable guy. Full of positivity and think he genuinely liked his time here. I have no ill will towards him.
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    The irony will be when we are moaning that Steve Clarke can't compete in the transfer market with Hearts, not just because they are a city club, because their fans have come to realise, through bad experiences, that nothing is for nothing and if you want success at your club then you have to take responsibility and pump some of the money in yourself. Looking on the bright side I thought that TIK would lose people when they announced they'd hit the first target, and that has not been the case. We need to build a Project Brave training facility, we need to strengthen the squad, we can't just expect Billy Bowie and his directors to come up with the readies themselves. Although the way they are acting just now, you'd think they are happy to do that, they don't seem to want the money or the fans director or they'd have made it happen already, that worries me a bit. All their eggs are in one basket, they think that Steve Clarke is the answer to everything. While that may be true up to a point, being narrow minded and not planning for more eventualities does seem like a bit of a rookie mistake. Just the thing a fan on the board could help them avoid, more irony. Had a look at the Trust website and the board members that are eligible to be candidates to be the first representative. I think from what I've read that actual elections won't be until that first person is due to get replaced so the three candidates mentioned in the newsletter must come from the thirteen listed, unless previous Trust Board members qualify as well. There is not a lot of information there in terms of qualities or qualifications but I can't be alone in thinking that the name of Cathy Jamieson sticks out a mile and must be the preferred candidate that is being referred to? Hugely popular with the people of the area until independence became all the rage (and no longer politically active), highly intelligent, was able to handle herself in the Westminster environment, socially conscious and in terms of business works as part of the board of the extensive ScotWest Credit Union. In fact looking at her Wiki page her CV is massive and includes being the Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Minister for Justice, Minister for Education and Young People and is currently the CEO of Care Visions Children's Services. Above all she's been a season ticket holder at RP all her days and actively attends home matches, which really matters to me. Is there anyone else on that page who even comes close to having such experience? Maybe therein lies the problem? Cathy is possibly over qualified for the job!! I can't say for sure what our board room dynamic is like but we are talking about Scottish football here and I can't imagine that any board of directors would welcome a fan coming on to their board and making them feel intimidated by their wealth of knowledge and experience. I honestly hope I'm wrong in that because we really would be missing a trick here. I think the list of contacts that Cathy would have might be exactly what we are looking for as we reach out to the local authorities in search of the new training facilities and grant funding if its available. Is that part of the reason we are not being told who the candidates are, in case they bin the obvious choice and opt for someone less qualified because they are easier to control or manage? Again, hopefully not, but all this delaying does make it all seem highly suspicious. I'm pretty sure that if the representative was on the board then we would see more collaboration with the club and the low numbers who are contributing boosted just because of that. Are there other people on that page I am unfairly dismissing due to lack of information? Russel Smith has been on the club board already and there are a few successful business people on there that I don't know a lot about.
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    At least the wee guy is trying ffs
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    Regardless of which vacancies come up we have to stop speculating. The fact Clarke has signed so many of our players to longer deals suggests he's selling them a vision/project for the next couple of years under his stewardship. He obviously plans to be here for the foreseeable so let's just trust him and enjoy it rather than wetting ourselves every time a job comes up.
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    Sitting in the FB yesterday and still astonished to hear the amount of negativity about Jones. The concensus seemed to be that he runs with the ball then eventually either gives it away to the opposition or just falls over. I might be wrong, but I'm seeing a player who gets the fans excited, who stretches defences constantly, who gets free kicks and corners for us through his runs and chips in the odd pearler not to mention frequent assists. If you don't like watching JJ I'm not sure football is the game for you. He's the most exciting player in the squad right now. Someone I'd pay to watch.
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    Lee Clark has nothing but admiration for Steve Clarke. But the Geordie believes Kilmarnock’s main men behind the scenes have been just as big a driving force in his old club’s stunning bid for the Europa League. Clark reckons Rugby Park supremo Billy Bowie and director John Kiltie have elevated the club. Their identification and snaring of Clarke last October has kickstarted a magnificent upturn in fortunes in Ayrshire which now has sights on a charge for the continent. The ex-boss isn’t shocked at that foresight. Having worked for the pair during his own days at Rugby Park, he’s well aware of the ambitions and funding which are provided to give the manager a base to produce his magic. Clark explained: “It was a massive statement for the club when they got Steve to take the job. A really serious coup. That would be down to Billy’s bigger influence in the club. Listen, Billy and John are brilliant fellas. They could not have done any more for me. Top, top guys. “You’d speak to them daily and they backed everything I tried to do on and off the field within reason. There has been changes off the field since I left and Billy is getting a bigger and stronger say with what is happening and it’s showing on the pitch. “The passion and commitment of them and others at the club is incredible and it’s fantastic to see the rewards. “I see QTS have continued their backing. They are great backers and it’s so positive. “Beating Celtic and Rangers regularly. It’s tremendous. “I got to know Steve well during his time as assistant to Ruud Gullit at Newcastle and then I’ve come up against him in the Championship when he was manager of Reading. He’s is a top class manager and gets the best of players. Look at Kris Boyd. He’s turned the clock back 10 years. “It’s great credit to him, his staff and the lads.” Killie’s superb form has now given them a real shot of making Europe. Four points behind fourth-placed Hibs, the Ayrshire side have five games to overcome the deficit and Clark is savouring the resurgence after a the brush with relegation which he averted two seasons ago. He said: “Being top-six was great, now fifth and why can’t they can go higher? “No-one of the top teams is going to fancy playing them with their current form and record and it’s nice the fans and the club will be able to enjoy big games. “We had a horrible situation where the club could have gone down to the Championship, which didn’t bear thinking about. “Look at the time it took Hibs to get back up. Dundee United now. But we got it. “We changed the group and, although the league was very tight, I left in sixth position. Lee Clark enjoyed his time at Rugby Park “It was strange that it was a calendar year. I joined on February 14 and left to join Bury on February 14 the next year. “Bury were second bottom, but stayed in the league. We then tried to put together a squad for a promotion push, but it didn’t happen. It didn’t gel as quickly as we’d hoped. “Even still, we were just two points from 16th when we left. Now they are 10 points adrift at the bottom of the table and were relegated at the weekend. “The first part at Bury was similar to Kilmarnock. Going into the club in a February and keeping them in their league. Clark might now be out of work after that disappointment, but he’s not out of the game. A regular at grounds around the country, his current MO is to watch games, evaluate players, stay on point with tactical plans. All in preparation for his next job. Could it be back in Scotland? Clark doesn’t rule it out as he said: “I’m glad I went to Scotland. It gave me a different thought process. “I’m not someone who is sucked in by the general consensus in England about the standard of Scottish football. “When I went there, it was nothing like that. The young players are coming back and just need guidance. Look from Brendan Rodgers to Steve now, top, top managers are offering that guidance. “I enjoyed the football. There’s an honesty about it on the pitch and in the stands and there is lots of talent.” Wherever he goes in the future, though, there will always be a piece of Clark at Killie. He concluded: “I’ve been back to Rugby Park. I’ve watched a game. I’ve been to other Premiership games, Championship games. It’s important to stay in touch with players and teams. “But my only memories of Killie are fond. “I hope I made friends for life. Supporters and people behind the scenes. It’s a great club. And I’m delighted they are getting the success they deserve.”
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    What a shame that any debate has to end with crude and personal comments. I'm sorry, but for years I heard a " broken record " being spun constantly that MJ was the main barrier to any new investment. (Have I imagined that, everyone)? When he is in a position to sell next year, then I would expect those people desparate to invest to step forward. The lack of comment on new investment from the usual suspects makes me think they would rather the thousands of posts regarding this were quietly forgotten. If you dispute that this was the general line of attack at the time, I am at a loss. By the way, I've shown how a 25% increase in budget is easily affordable, but you choose to ignore it. I've not replied for a few hours as I've been out pursuing line of my many interests. Please stop making personal comments about someone you know very little about and concentrate on the debate.
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    "And then they said, "it's the Rangers chairman on the phone, Steve.""
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    He sent me that reply on Twitter when I enquired about them. Huge missed opportunity I my opinion. He said it had been a busy time, but someone's been sleeping on the job here. Nearly everyone thinks season tickets are the biggest factor that will increase attendances in a sustainable manner. Hibs have rightly spotted their feel good factor and sold over 10k tickets. We sell them every year, surely it can't be that complicated. It's the same with the new strip every single year. We don't half know how to make life hard for ourselves. We should have had them on sale weeks ago with Sir Steve up front urging us to buy them.
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    I'm not bothering next year, where will the excitement be winning every game. I've not spent the best part of four decades following killie to turn into some replica of one of either side of the arse cheeks. No, I'll go out on a high at the end of the season and give the beautiful game up along with the drink. It was good while it lasted. AYE f**kING RIGHT!!! #KTID
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    It was a good PR exercise particularly with the players coming round the back of the Moffat at the end of the session for photos, autographs and so on. They were fair sweating as well so it wasn't just a PR exercise! My 2 year old grandson was particularly excited to meet Boydie (among others)!
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    I never thought I'd live to see the day ...
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    I don't normally reply to your pure bollox but I will tonight ---- if you can't be positive especially these days why don't you f**k off away from here you utter c**t
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    Quote "Too many words mate, nobody reads paragraphs of pish from folk they don't know,"
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    You've chosen the wrong target. Jim Spence is one of the good guys in Scottish football.
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    I don't think the political thing has a bearing. I'm not a big fan of the Labour party but I would have no hesitation in voting for Cathy Jamieson. In fact with a CV like that and being a Killie fan I'd be inviting her onto the board even if she wasn't being put forward!
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    IMO the match between the bigot brothers should be deliberately set so Celtic can win the league at greyskull. if their moronic fans cannot behave then the SPFL and police should utterly annihilate both clubs. Fines, points docked and playing each other behind closed doors without any media coverage. time we stopped planning around their bigoted scum and simply hammered them for their behaviour.
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    Who really cares
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    Arsenal and Chelsea will deservedly miss out because they can't finish in the top 4 in England. Celtic deserve a shot at the Champions League because they are champions. I'd say that's 100% right
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    Before Clarke, I was going to games myself or with a pal. 9 of us going today, and that's becoming the norm.
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    Does wanking yourself into a fury not count as a hobby? I need to update my CV.
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    I dont see why we cant get second place. Rangers and Aberdeen are falling apart internally and I dont see either of those two taking points from anyone apart from Hearts. Obv they play each other but hopefully thats a draw. Hibs and us are the two teams I see finishing 2nd and 3rd and I can see us going unbeaten in these last 5 games, genuinely dont see why we cant win all of them. Hibs will be the toughest game I believe, time we get to Celtic they will have the title wrapped up and most likely field a slightly weaker team. Rangers as I mentioned are falling apart, they could easily go these remaining games and not win one. Aberdeen will no doubt be a difficult game but they clearly have issues at the moment and with our momentum I dont see why we cant beat them.
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    From the moment I walked up to the ground at 230 to be met by the killie army waiting to get in, i new yesterday was special. It’s been years since I felt like that going into a league game in a place such a# Hamilton. Maybe even burns/fleeting days for me. We’ve had good teams and done well in league and cup since but something is different. The amount of kids. The groups of teens and 20 somethings. A new generation of supporters being enticed. The old faces too, their eyes lighting up when they saw the size of the crowd. My favourite moment of the day however was looking round a couple of minutes from the end and seeing two “mature” ladies bouncing around and punching the air whilst passionately singing the eamon brophy song. I caught myself smiling uncauntiously. A great day.
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    Anyone else not that bothered about who we play and where? I'm confident we can beat anyone anywhere. Get your passports ready.
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    Didn't stop you using my season ticket ya stingy c**t
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    You mebbes should have cut out the bit where you called him a mongo.
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    Hello folks , international weekend boring the tits off you already ? Me too. I have my recent interview with Actor and Killie fan Steven Cree about his memories of Killie F.C. , growing up and some of his Killie favourites here. Enjoy ! https://confidemus93461537789.wordpress.com/2018/03/24/one-to-eleven-with-steven-cree/
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    We could merge with Ayr. Take Kilmarnock from our name and Football Club from theirs. Blue from our strip and white from theirs. Take Rugby from our ground name and Park from theirs. Bob's your auntie.
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    Steven is a Killie fanatic, I used to go to every game, home and away with his dad, older brother and him when he was " knee high tae a grasshopper" He has been to every ground in Scotland supporting Ayrshires finest over the last 30/35 years and despite now living in London comes back up the road to see games at every opportunity ie when wife n work allow and if he cant get to the game he's messaging me looking for details before, during and after every match lol WE ARE ALL KILLIE TILL WE DIE
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    For many year's we've suffered, Crowds have dwindled through the years, Always fighting relegation, Has only brought along our fears, But now we have a leader, His Name is Stevie Clarke, You'll never take the Killie, The Boys From Rugby Park.
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    Course they could. We’ve got a home game to start after a couple of weeks on the road. We should avoid Celtic winning the league against us. We avoid flag day and we finish at home on the weekend. Too much negativity. Honestly the only way they were going to be different was getting Sevco at home in the middle and we all knew that wouldn’t happen. There’s a decent away day in Edinburgh for the fans and the chance to do serious damage to Sevco's challenge for second on their own turf.
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    I wouldn’t rest anyone, they’ve just had a rest. Full pelt and try and batter Hamilton.
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