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    When he signed for us as a player, every Killie fan knew Tommy Burns' first love was Celtic. That was still the case when he took over as manager. He was proud to play for us and even prouder to manage us. Every time he was interviewed, journalists predictably looked for a Celtic angle. If he answered the question put to him directly, he invariably followed that by saying "I'm a Kilmarnock player/manager now" and changed the line of questioning. He always spoke warmly about the club, the fans and even the community. Although he came to us after a long career with Celtic, his entire focus during his time with us was Killie. Yes, the nature of his departure still rankles, but like many others, I forgave him that, for everything he brought to, and put into, our club. Commitment, focus, professionalism and dignity. None of these attributes could currently be applied to our erstwhile Rangers correspondent. Boyd's descent into parody is as sad as it is inevitable and it's high time the club exerted a little authority. Sitting near the bottom of the league, with our most prominent player ( in name) more discussed for his media persona and 'football' allegiance, than being an existing Kilmarnock player, makes our own club look weak, poorly managed and severely lacking in self respect.
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    Amazing how people can find a negative in everything. Killie fans are the best The way I read it is that the players are getting lessons in healthy eating and cooking guidance. Very important you'd think eh. And yes...a bit of team building Not only that but it is great exposure for a major club sponsor
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    Gordon Greer should be club captain. It's as simple as that. Smith isn't a captain or a leader and even if he was, being injured 4 months a year isn't ideal
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    I left Fir Park and wandered into the Motherwell evening with the sounds of Hungry Heart echoing behind me from the tannoys. The Boss is not everyone's cup of tea, but it seemed an inspired choice for a club in Scotland's post- industrial heartland that seems to have successfully maintained a place in the hearts and minds of its modest support. With the 100 Club up and running again and another social club operating in the Davie Cooper Stand, the fans are spoiled for choice before filing into 3 disparate and sorry looking stands that suddenly spring to life and seem just right for the job at hand - creating an atmosphere to inspire the team. I dare say the big OF sell-out stand looms over them like an unwelcome guest at their party, but the seemingly assimilated Ultras sit nearby and build an atmosphere to let the away fans know they've arrived at a club with identity and spirit. The images of Davie Cooper and Phil O'Donnell on the outside of the stands caught my wee boy's attention before we went into the ground. He loved the drumming, he was desperate to go back into the 100 Club after the game. These are the distractions that kids love as they're not going to sit and study the match for 90 mins. He loved the spectacle of the Celtic fans bouncing away at Rugby Park the other week (like it or not) but is already clocking at 6 years old that our fans don't show and that we always lose, and he's already getting bored with Killie. Not with football and all its razmatazz, but with Killie - despite all my efforts. When I got home last night Facebook was full of images of a noisy wee St Johnstone (bare chested???) Ultras section that Hibs fans were complimenting for raising an atmosphere, a St Mirren Ultras group with flags and noise galore, chatter about an enormous Aberdeen travelling support and of the numerous songs Hibs fans were singing. A footie event night I went to last week touched on Queen's Park running into the pitch to The Specials, due to a tenuous black and white link someone at the club came up with. What about us though? What do other fans, and their young kids, remember about us these days? We all bought into Bobby Fleeting's dream in the 90s and in all honesty if he had said 40,000 seats we'd have said yes please. The stadium though has become the elephant in the room - 2 decades of watching the Old Firm troop in and own it have killed it for a lot of fans. And now we sit in a mostly empty ground and the away fans might as well be sat on the moon, they're so far away from us. We're all generally sat as far away from each other as we can get away with it as well, it feels like. Anyone new doesn't know which one of the 15,000 empty seats to choose as they all have white stickers on them claiming ownership by a long gone ghost supporter. Instead of social clubs we have the hotel and bar from the days we though we were Chelsea. We've had years and years of losing far more than we win, with only Mixu and Kenny to break up the grind, along with a few characters amongst the players who unfortunately get discarded by the club along the way. As the town has expanded into the countryside it seems to be forgetting about it's club that also forgot it was part of the town. All is not lost. The youth players coming through are fantastic to see and the club is doing a lot of good work at development level. The pitch everyone moans about is a false flag that detracts from the harder debates. But we feel a long long way away from a day when away fans leave hearing a song ringing out that makes them think of the identity and soul of our wee club, and when our kids leave the ground buzzing with chatter and excitement. Talk is cheap, and it would be easy to offer a pile of solutions, but I'll continue to drag the wee man along in the meantime although a positive change in our club's matchday experience and identity feels a long way off.
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    Some people talk utter s**te on here. We played well. Not one player had a howler. We were outclassed which can be expected, but the players can hold their head up high after that. So much better than the performance at parkhead. We defended well for the majority of the game and got the ball up the park when we got the chance. Unlucky not to score a couple of times. Definite signs of improvement.
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    I agree with the opening poster. Why hasn't Sandy forced potential investors to invest? Why doesn't he know the exact in and outs of everyone who has ever had the slightest interest in investing and all surrounding circumstances? Why hasnt he got the attendance up? Why didn't he warn the Jamaican bobsled team their sled would crash? Why Sandy? Why? Its almost like he has absolutely no control over these situations.I'm sick of him just going to every single game and putting hours of his free time into bettering the club and the town.
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    IF you’re a Kilmarnock fan whose Bovril cup is half full, it’s been a dodgy start to the season but there’s a long way to go. If it’s half empty? Well, you’re already sighing with resignation at being three games into the latest re-run of a decade-long Groundhog Day. And on the evidence of a wet, windy and wearily familiar Saturday at Rugby Park, the drinks are already half-empty when they get handed over the pie stall counters. Look at the picture of the stand opposite the tunnel. Check the swathes of empty blue seats. That’s not ten minutes before kick-off, it’s in what should have been the heat of battle — except that, sadly, the temperature at Killie home games these days rarely gets above lukewarm, even when the champions are in town. It’s not so long since no one from the Old Firm down fancied this trip, because they knew the atmosphere would be raucous and the tackling fierce. The ceilings in the corridors were low, the tunnel too narrow for two teams to stand side-by-side. Everything about it was uncomfortable. Now? Manager Lee McCulloch admits it himself — teams love it. They find it too easy. A point proved by no points and only one goal from their opening three league games, sending any shreds of summer optimism scudding for cover from a big, black, looming cloud. They’ve lost an Ayrshire derby in the League Cup group stages. They were thumped 5-0 by Celtic’s second string in the last 16. Their under-20s went down — again, at home — to Berwick Rangers in the Irn-Bru Cup last midweek. On Saturday, they came away from an ever-so-flat 2-0 loss to Celtic with praise from Brendan Rodgers raining down on McCulloch for his talents and the organisation and efforts of his players, which was a very decent gesture. But the reality is that Killie brought nothing to the occasion, on or off the pitch. No efforts on target, no spell of pressure that put THAT unbeaten record at the slightest risk — and absolutely no rousing backing from the fans. At either end of the stadium, stands packed with visiting punters rocked and bounced and boomed; not always, as I’ve written elsewhere, with the kind of backing any club should be proud to associate with, but still a noise to intimidate the life out of any opposition. The kind of noise the home crowd should be producing and which Killie’s used to. Sadly, those visitors made up around 75 per cent of a gate just over 10,000 and produced 99.5 per cent of the atmosphere. It IS sad, too, because this was no one-off. This is becoming the norm at Rugby Park, where a day out used to be full of colour and character, but which is now grey and lifeless. And it doesn’t feel like anyone has a handle on how to breathe life back into the club. McCulloch points to a seven-year spell when home results have been the worst in the club’s history and shakes his head in bemusement at why so many bosses and such a huge turnover of players have found it so hard to change that. He’s desperate for the thousands who never used to miss a game but now can’t be bothered to get behind his side once more. Yet he’s smart enough to know there’s a reason why those thousands — the lowest average gate between 1993 and 2003 was 7,408, while since 2008 the highest average has been 6,427 — have lost heart. It’s four home wins last season, four the year before. It’s surviving by the skin of their teeth in a play-off two years ago, staying up on the final day in 2010, being saved from the drop in 2008 by Gretna’s implosion. It’s a gradual, year-on-year slide to mainstays of the drop zone dogfight, with only the odd upward blip like 2012’s League Cup Final triumph. It’s barely scoring more than a goal a game in the league for the past ten years. It’s . . . well, it’s just dispiriting. It wears you down. I hate to see a club like this, a proper football club with deep roots and a proud history, treading water. It doesn’t seem right, this decline, this stagnation, this sense of nothingness. Sure, they’ve been way lower in terms of results — 30 years ago, they were in the bottom division and fighting for their very existence. But that was part of football’s natural cycle, it’s happened to plenty others who have hit hard times and bounced back. This current malaise, though, feels different. It feels ingrained. I really hope that feeling isn’t justified and that Killie’s feelgood factor has only been misplaced, not lost. Though not nearly much as they must do themselves. (Bill Leckie, Sun) This seems worthy of a thread of its own, I think. What can we do as supporters to reinvigorate the club? What more should the club be doing? MJ's leaving was supposed to be the turning point when everyone started working together but it seems that the revolution has got off to a stuttering start. The new Communications and Marketing person has their work cut out. Let's try and be positive and keep our red cards in our pockets!
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    Push pineapple, shake the tree?
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    the facts are the facts and you cant really argue with anything he says, i dont think hes having a go either, hes highlighting what we all know and discuss on a daily basis. i said elsewhere on here, sitting on saturday with the wall of noise coming from the Chadwick & Moffat while looking across at a close to empty East Stand you cant help but feel the club is a shadow of what we once were and it pains even more when the OF rock into town, Back in the 80's and 90's when i started going to the games, we played the OF then, the sectarian element was a hundred times worse then than it is now, they still rocked into town in their droves behaving the way they always have but we still had fans turn out. The OF attendance only brings the underlying issues to the forefront though. We havent produced on the park for as long, we can blame it on previous arseholes who used the club for their own benefit, and now we are left with the bare bones of a long suffering support that can only seem to muster a fight amongst each other. i actually took a break for coming on here for a couple of weeks because you get sick of the bickering and arguing that goes on, theres no unity, theres plenty of handbags and snidey remarks and the rest of it. Im not innocent either, i get involved in bickering on here at times and it was getting to the point of being stupid. So i went to the games and had a glance over the pages every couple of days and it was the same old bickering, quoting each other and try to one up the post. While we all concern ourselves with that nonsense and debating whether someone did tell someone inside news and its no made up blah blah blah, nothing gets better. I believe we have a support that cares deeply about the club its evident on here all the time with the passion shown but i think alot of the time the passion is misdirected. The frustration of the situation has become insular amongst each other. The club and the fans need to realise that they both need each other and without either we're all fooked. The club have made massive strides off the park since MJ's departure to engage with the fans. At the recent roadshows where JK & LM attended on a Monday evening, when they could have beeen at home with their families, a handful of fans turned out to engage with them. I get that so many fans are pissed off after years of poor management of the club and the demise on the park. However we are now at the point where the past has to stay firmly in the past. Everything needs to be looked at with a new approach. Fans need to stop making their excuses and get back to supporting the club they once did on a weekly basis. The club need to work hard to engage with these fans again. We all need to work together to get things back to where they were. We can't control what happens on the park but we can make sure we do everything we can off it so if there ever comes a time when we fall from grace and the hard times catch up with us we can stand up and say we all did our bit. In TIK there is a fantastic opportunity for fans to be part of a positive change in the future. Not only TIK though simply getting back to the football and being there for the one and only reason of showing your support to the club, acknowledge the past is the past and we all want to be part of a promising future.
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    Astonished that anyone on here has a single bad word to say about the man. If you don't like Kenny Shiels, then in my opinion, you are not a Kilmarnock fan (cue the red cards). The guy worked tirelessly on a shoestring to deliver us a level of success that we have fallen so far from since his departure. You really need to look at where we were and where we are now. THEN - Pundits and opposition coaches alike were lining up to heap praise on our attractive brand of football. SINCE - Under AJ, GL & LC we have been subjected to the worst brand of long ball nonsense of any team in the league - bar none. THEN - We were beating the Old Firm semi regularly, We had a game plan and the belief to carry it out. SINCE - Can't be sure on this but can probably count on one hand how many beatings from Celtic we have kept below 3. Not to mention Aberdeen have slaughtered us 12 times in a row. THEN - Kenny was bringing through some of the best young players in the country. A lot of boys, that we as a collective, were very excited about. I remember Craig Brown talking about Chris Johnston and Ryan Fraser as Scotland's future. SINCE - Ryan Fraser developed properly and is playing in the English Prem as a bit of a stand out for Bournemouth. Chris Johnston still at Raith? (I have no idea). Rory Mckenzie has got worse every season since Kenny left. THEN - Brilliantly honest pre and post match interviews (I accept that they got the club in trouble - worth it). A breath of fresh air every time he spoke. SINCE - AJ, GL, LC and LM reading from the same script; blaming individual errors and promising to work harder. I now listen to music when driving home from watching us get pumped! I could honestly go on and on! People always praise Mixu's team on here as the best side they have watched. For me, that was all down to Kenny (and Eremenko of course). Mixu's teams were dog sh*t to watch before us and have been since. The passing philosophy was Kenny's and he's instilled it at Derry City over the past couple of seasons. I don't like doing big posts on here. But this is something I feel passionately about. I would have King Kenny back in a heartbeat. Before anyone. He is the best thing to happen to this club in a very long time.
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    Managers and clubs can be a good or bad fit for each other, to an extent, regardless of the manager's ability. Kenny Shiels and Killie were a good fit for each other. Kilmarnock FC was big enough and could attract players good enough to let him do what he wanted on the park and we, for the most part, loved him and his passion. He was the last guy to give us a team to be proud of. My favourite Kenny Shiels memory (apart from the Cup win, obviously) was when he popped into the Sports bar after a draw with Hearts. He went round the tables, sat and talked to fans just after the game. He explained his tactics, where they had worked and where they went wrong. I got the impression that he loved the club and not in a saccharine-sweet badge kissing way. He wasn't perfect and he made mistakes, but he will always be one of my favourite Killie managers. I'd have him back in an instant.
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    If we think the squad is good enough then we need to look at the manager. If the squad isn't good enough, and he signed them, then we need to look at the manager. there is no hiding place for LM at the moment
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    Contrary to other posts, I found the discourse here quite enlightening. As soon as we get some intelligent people debating stuff that actually matters we start having a go at them for being boring? Talk about living up to the thick football fans stereotype! Should we limit ourselves to how much gravy is in the pies and what colour the away strip should be from now on? If you can't cope with the big words or the agenda here why not just click to another thread, you managed to find your way here, its just as easy to find your way out.
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    Does anyone know what's happening with Hawkshaw? Has he been told he won't feature in the 1st team, can leave if he can find another club or been released? Not trying to start a rumour, it just seems like a strange post on his Twitter account.
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    Don't get the negativity to Lee Clark wasn't pleased when he left but would have him back in a heartbeat. When he was in control the team were well trained motivated and fit. The Club had a million bucks in the bank from Coulibally sale, he saved us from certain relegation after the Locke debacle and we were in the top six when he left. Yes he talked some s**t but all Geordies do that, it's in there DNA. I liked him and was sorry to see him go.
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    "The players should be getting out in to the community visiting schools and local businesses" *visits local business* "What the f**k are they doing! Visiting businesses?? Get back to work"
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    For the record there will be no response from BLTM...a shrewd member of the site spotted he'd done a "Paisley Exile" on another thread and we checked it out and he and "Killiesub" are one in the same person. Same IP addresses, same devices used to post...so a banning order ensued. As a first time offender he will be allowed back in a couple of weeks should he choose to return and face you lot, as long as he picks one account and sticks with it.
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    This is exactly what I was talking about, the gradual decline in attendance, not the debt as I know it was his stupid pal that was in charge when that was run up, I never mentioned money. Amazing how quick some people rush to his defence, always the same ones it would seem! I also fully acknowledge that he wasn't the sole reason for the downturn, but he was presiding over it and he was also part of the decision making process that helped Regan and Doncaster make such a mess of our game as a whole - have you seen the emails he sent during the Sevco saga? The man is an embarrassment to our club, the attempts now to gloss over the massive list of things he was responsible for is equally embarrassing. As for doing the job he was meant to do and keeping us in the top league, having spoken personally to two of our managers who worked under him, they had no hesitation in saying anything they achieved was despite his interference, not because of it. He kept us in the top division but at what cost? Losing the majority of our support and selling off all our assets, a trained chimp could have done that. I'm not the one trying to re-write history here, that's the apologists doing that.
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    He does all the unseen work which fans don't understand. Like making McCulloch's tea and washing his car.
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    This deserves a red card. This man was an absolute legend. genuinely cared. I would give ANYTHING to have him back. if we brought him in this Friday evening we would get a result against Aberdeen on the Saturday. Set us up brilliantly. the last time we seen a manager employ tactics was Kenny Shiels.
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    I have e mailed the SLO and Kirsten at the club with my views and I have attached the excellent post from Stefanus. Will advise of any response. It would obviously help if others could send their views to them.
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    I'm going to write to the club about this on Monday. I need to get it off my chest.
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    Straight into attacking other fans. It's like you want us to lose so you can point the finger
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    You clearly haven't met my sons maw!!! A clear exception to the rule...
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    I can't swallow this. After years and years season after season ( for I would argue 5 years now) I've spent £thousands, literally thousands (petrol, merchandise, season ticket every year) to support a team that has consistently underperformed. and we give away a 2 goal lead at home and I HAVE TO TAKE SOME OF THE BLAME?
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    Piss poor decision from a piss poor excuse of a captain
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    He seems to have been here for ages now and other than one wonder goal what the feck he done in that time? Started season injured, came in added bit of dig, gave away needless penalty, then fecked off again. As for him being captain...
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    Absolutely spot on OK, he f*****d off twice, but he came back when he had other offers and while he's been here he's given sterling service to the club (recent times excepted of course), but his pandering to Sky and the Huns is now embarrassing and he should be ashamed to continue taking a wage from he club. As I said earlier, time to go while he still retains some integrity and goodwill from the fans.. Still a great player and servant for the club in the past tho' it's a shame he will now never be remembered as fondly as Monty and Hooky for example..
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    My favourite pairing were the Sissokos. They complimented each other perfectly. The yin and yang of central defending. One of them would do something daft like, say, roll the ball straight to an opposition striker in the first few minutes of a national cup final, and the other wouldn't put a foot wrong and help us to keep a clean sheet and win the cup against the treble chasing favourites. One of them tended to get bored and was prone to astonishing lapses in concentration, the other would stroll the match ,and with his languid style and clever reading of the game, quite often never need to tackle. I miss them. Wonder whatever happened to them?
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    I honestly don't understand the reservations some have about Shiels. The man gave us 3 things no other manager had for years or ever. Two wins against the huns in one season, a win at the tims home ground and a league cup. All this while working under the constrictions of our dictatorial ex chairman. Aye there were some poor results and performances but to me, the good outweighed the bad and there was always a buzz around the town when he was here. King Kenny will always be my all time favourite Killie manager, well in my 45 years of supporting the team so far.
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    Always a method to Kenny's madness. Much missed and despite some of the greatest days in our history still underappreciated by some. If only he'd been allowed to finish the excellent job he started. An absolute hero of mine.
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    Maybe we can all cry together when we get relegated if they are hurting as much as the support. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda. Same pish different person spouting it. It's all well and good saying we could have taken something from games. The fact is we didn't. So far we've got what we deserved from every game. We are back at targeting mediocrity. To deem a late loss to St Johnstone(we were f**king rotten for a lot of that game) and a poor showing against Hearts as positive sends the wrong message. The attitude and expectation is all wrong. Yes they've started the season well but blowing a two goal lead to Accies is pathetic and should have been branded exactly that.
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    There's little to be said for hard work in this context. If anything I find the last couple of days to he a reflection of a management team who don't know how what to do and are clutching at straws. If they need to ask the players what is wrpng it suggests that they cannot identify it themselves. How about this for a suggestion as to what's gone wrong? We have only one top flight standard central midfielder and he's injured. Without his leadership in there we are sending young lads with reasonable potential such as Wilson and Frizzell to the slaughter. The media and support identified this, our management team did not. We have signed several players who are here for their last pay check. When you include Boyd already at that stage of his career it leaves us Burke, Boyd, Greer and Broadfoot who are at the tail end of their career. We have very few players in the peak performance age ranges. The majorityof our squad are young and learning their trade, the rest are pissing about on sky singing simply the best on a piano.
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    I hope they're not too pleased and work their arses out the exit door. We'll done to big Gordon for, first of all, noticing it and secondly, for coming out and saying it. I think he's strong enough and if proved correct with his statement, he'll have the majority of fans behind him!
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    For me, the turning point for attitudes at our club, seemed to coincide with MJ's decision to fine players for bookings and then was compounded by the cup bonus row. Both seemed to suck the spirit from the team. Gary Harkins attitude under Shiels also didn't help and I believe if Kenny had been allowed to continue his building program, we'd have a much fitter more committed team now. Unfortunately, some fans weren't happy at him playing kids and missing out on a top six finish. You couldn't even reason with them or get them to acknowledge he'd lost key players. The money meant more to them than the future of the club.
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    Relegation is not the answer and wish people would wrap that absolutely howling patter. Let's just concentrate on the remaining 33 games and potential 99 available points.
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    Stars of 97 dinner tomorrow and get to nostalgically remember a time when players played for the jersey, when they were honest hard working and commited to the cause and remember a time when never in a million years would it have been accepted that your more than likely highest paid player was on national tv playing simply the best on a piano
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    If I own a house and I take away supporting walls and remove joists and trusses that are vital, I let a mould problem get worse every year, I let the roof become porous and in need of replacing, but I walk away and manage to somehow pass it on to someone else, when the whole thing comes crashing down is it no still my fault ? He ripped the arse out the club and he got out when he knew the game was up of course it's his fault
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    If you think that Iain Wilson doesn't deserve to be there on merit then I'm afraid you are as big a twat as Parks. The boy has been asked to play all over the shop and he's put in consistent performances no matter where he's ended up. Parks is just looking for another excuse to vindicate his brain dead remarks that he made last year which we constantly reminded him of and make him look like the fool that he is. Thomas has done well also and Frizzell has suffered due to being played too deep, but you're okay at them being slagged off in a national newspaper? I have no truck with our own fans expressing opinions on our own players on our own forums, as long as we support them on the park on game days, but this prick of a man whom I'll bet has only seen us v Celtic on TV should keep his ill founded comments to himself because what he knows about football you could fit on a gnat's left testicle.
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    See this myth about all him needing a half chance to grab a goal? It's exactly that. That might have been relevant 5 years ago but he's far to slow to react now and has lost the quick instinct he had in front of goal. He's finished as a striker who can start games in the SPFL. Thanks for the goals Kris but unless you are going to try and get remotely fit then it's bench at best for you. There is absolutely no way he should be starting games for us. Erwin showed exactly what a striker should be doing when he came on. I get why folk want to stick up for him but we're in no position to play players out of sympathy.
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    The high turnover of players and management teams is as much down to us as anyone else. We have no patience and that doesn't lend itself to long term stability or give the manager a chance to build something from the ground up. We shout for heads to roll after a couple of matches and wonder why we can't find any kind of consistency. This will never change until we allow someone the breathing space to build a settled side that we can add a couple of players to every season and supplement with products from the youth system. Kenny Shiels has been the only custodian in recent years who planned long term and we went ape-s**t about him missing out on the top six by seven minutes - because he thought it was more important to bed in youth players that we were going to be utilising the year after. He didn't deliberately try to lose the last game, he put faith in the players that they could do it, and sadly they let him down, that happens in football as we only know too well. He never got the chance to build what he envisioned but he won us a national trophy with average players who believed in him and the way he went about his business. Most of the fans believed in him as well, apart from the same deluded ones, again with no patience, who can't accept that there will always be as many downs as there will be ups when you follow a provincial team like ours. Until we accept that we won't be signing Ronaldo or Messi any time soon and we have to support the players that will sign for us and that we produce ourselves, then we are doomed to continue the cycle of huge turnovers and struggle to survive on a yearly basis.
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    mitch14 - You're not hysterical, mate, but you sound like you're panicking. When everyone was coming on with the "Give it to Jig" line, I wasn't impressed. Frankly, I'm fed up with rookie managers. I'm fed up with the Buggins' Turn philosophy which sees the assistant becoming the interim becoming the permanent manager. "Give it to Kenny/ Lockey/ Jig!" It's not an easy job. But people point to Burns and Williamson as rookies who succeeded. Yes they did, but we are now in a cycle where - if you include Johnston who was virtually a rookie - four out of our last five managers have been rookies. And it hasn't worked out very well, has it? Kenny got us the League Cup and one Top Six finish but the rest has been carnage. So now I sound like I'm the hysterical one! But we can't be talking about dumping McCulloch in November. The club needs stability and another manager appointed by this board is likely to be as bad if not worse. And there would be another turnover of the playing staff and coaching staff and.....jeez, this club takes deja vue to a new level. It's also getting to the stage where the applicants for the job, who have always been of a good calibre, will deteriorate. "You've had how many managers in the last five years?!" We have a s**t pitch on which we can't buy a win. So it will soon become a job for rookies and desperados. But if we are to be McCulloch's learning project we may as well stick with it. He's making mistakes but he's a got a better squad than Johnston, Locke or Clark assembled. The chances are that they will click sooner rather than later and we have Dicker and Kiltie to come back. But we need to back the manager and the players. If their own supporters have no belief in them what chance do they have?
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    He knows it too Alan, had his head in his hands the last 5 mins after he gave it away, he's a fcuking liability, always has been always will be, that's not the first time he's done it either....
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    I'm not sure why you'd want to hear from us now, you didn't give a monkeys about what we had to say before! I stand by everything I said at the time, Nancy was a major barrier to all those things...and I think you'll find that my repeated mantra was that the longer he stayed the harder it would be to get fans coming back, which has proved to be the case. His 'death by a thousand cuts' style of dictatorship was instrumental in our decline in attendances, that despite a few anomalies like Shiels winning the cup against all odds. His leaving the board (which he has not done yet according to Companies House last week) was only ever going to be the turning point and there is a massive job to right a decade of wrongs...but it least it seems that the turning point has happened and everyone I know who wanted him to leave has been knocking their pans in trying to make things better. My honest assessment is that too many fans don't trust the fact he's gone because he still has a large shareholding, and many more are not convinced that we have a 'dream team' in place that can lead from the front in trying to revitalise the club. You can sense the willingness of fans who want to help facilitate change, but there have been no real landmark decisions which illustrate that change is going to come. The new CEO learned her trade under Nancy so its understandable that operationally we are not much different than we were previously, she's good at her job but I think we missed a trick not changing the structure a bit and bring in a DoF or at least someone that could be a shoulder for the new manager to lean on (or cry on if we don't get a result on Saturday). I have to admit I am pinning a lot of my hopes that the new marketing/media guy coming in next month with have some ideas and the autonomy to give the club the kick up the arse it really needs...and that we continue to expand the board by bringing in people who have something to offer. As I said last week, we need to make big decisions because fortune favours the brave and I honestly hope that we don't have to wait until we get a Trust representative on the board to implement some of the changes that are required. We can be radical without taking too many risks, we just need the directors to adopt a long term strategy and have the balls to be innovative and not see 'survival' as the only objective. You can take it from me that both Hippo and myself want the club to take this opportunity to evolve and prosper and become the self sustaining hub of the community that it should be and rather than bitch about how many fans didn't come back that said they would...try and help find a way to make them want to come back, which like I've said repeatedly, is going to take radical thinking, a willingness to change and some pretty big balls. Bobby Fleeting will back me up on this.
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    For year upon year and thread upon thread, it was said that MJ was the major barrier to investment, advertisers, sponsorship and was a major factor in decreased attendances. If that wasn't the case, I confess to losing my marbles. It looks like advertisers and sponsors are indeed returning. However, supporters ( who were making the most noise of the groups ) have not stepped up to the plate. Given the level of " noise " generated during those years I think it's a little bit much to start the " it's a long term project " chat. Surely, a surge of enthusiasm should have given us a reasonable bounce. I was also surprised to see a senior person in the anti MJ faction praise the Board for stating that they would not take on investors unless it was right for the club. Of course, that's only sensible, but it's not much change from the MJ line. I wanted MJ to go, but I confess to being disappointed in the lack of a surge ( of any kind ), in the support or for TiK, although not altogether surprised. I would genuinely like to hear from Baz, Killiehippo etc for their honest assessment as to where we are, given their strong views over the years on the subject. I want to be uplifted.
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    I think this is very harsh on a young player who is willing to look for the ball and has considerable talent in terms of control and driving forward. The trouble today is that he seemed to be asked to cover Rogic too often and with the disparity physically that was never going to be a fair contest. It cost us both goals as the Celtic player simply pushed Frizz away. We need to get a real tough holding midfielder who can tackle and pass ------- hold on we've got one when he's fit again.
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  48. 6 points
    Well said. Some of the comments on here are ridiculous. Fgs selic are leagues apart.
  49. 6 points
    Give the guy a chance before having a go. Judge him after he has been in the role for some time not on the day he was appointed.
  50. 5 points
    @Killie lad having a mare, his reputation taking a bigger hammering than any Killie team this season....
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