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    If what is reported to be the worst kept secret in Scottish football(ok up until yesterday, probably the best kept secret in Scottish football), comes to fruition then Billy Bowie deserves some serious respect. So is it time for everyone of us to stop any remaining boycotts, if indeed these things still exist, of pie stalls, hospitality, the shop, the hotel, and indeed Rugby Park (?????), and give this man our full backing. This fells like the first good news story at Killie in a Long Long time, take a bow Mr Bowie, and thank you.
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    Signed up !! Feel good factor after yesterday made me do it, hopefully more people decide to follow suit.
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    Thinking it's time to go back. First time the thought of actually attending a match in about 3 years.
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    Queens Park We'll show you who's 6th!
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    Just joined up. If you don't do it now you never will.
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    I posted this earlier and I'm sure the team, management and board all truly appreciated the 900 Killie souls who turned up at Firhill and never stopped cheering them on to a fantastic win that they thoroughly deserved. Outstanding players in Frizzel, Jones, Taylor, McKenzie and everyone really contributed today in what hopefully is a turning point. We are so much better than Partick so we can pull away now and distance ourselves from them. The home support needs to follow the away gang and turn up at RP for the HIBS game. The support shown today was fabulous and brought a lump to your throat. Steve Clarke knows he has come to a proud team and support like todays will help his efforts in bringing out of the wilderness. Should also pass on thanks to the management team who put today's plan and team structure together. Great job.
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    Im going to block the s**tter in celebration of this going through. Would only be fair to send some business Bowies way.
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    Since TiK launched it has always been made clear that if people wanted to contribute but couldn't then nobody would be anything other than accepting of that position. People can donate as little or as much as they want / can. The rewards have to attach themselves to certain levels of donation though. People have always appreciated that. We have asked for people to consider running an event in their workplace or in their social groups to help raise money. It is a work- around for those who really want to help. It is well documented that the representative will have the same rights as all other directors on the board when it comes to operational matters. It is a full directorship which is on offer here. Totally disagree that one person cannot represent 5,000 fans - you need to start somewhere. This is it. If we do nothing then nothing changes. if we do something we can effect change. I am very much in the 'It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees' camp in life. As far as division is concerned - I sorry to say that i think this is born out of frustrations of those who see TiK as a worthwhile initiative which can deliver change being confronted with what they see as apathy towards it. By that I mean people who - let's face it - moan about the way the club is run, could afford to contribute, but cannot or don't want to see TiK as a starting point for constructive change. I have asked people to tell me their objections and i would do my best to overcome these on a 1-2-1 basis. Quite a few have, and quite a few have subsequently donated. I have, however, taken a bit of abuse from one or two people. Fair enough - that's their prerogative. TiK is about the future of the club - even the board see that. If it's not for you then fine. I would be frustrated about that, but I'm not going to have a dislike of you because of it. I'll never beat you with a stick . I will use the stick to bang the drum and make no apology for that. Folks - TiK is about change, not just at Killie but also in Scottish football. We can be seen to lead the way here rather than the insular, apathetic support which the media seems to take pleasure in portraying us as. If it is a financial step too far then that's fine. if you believe in it regardless of donating or not please promote it in a positive manner. If you are against it and i cannot persuade you otherwise then fine. But try to appreciate it is not an 'uber fan' competition - it is a group of people who want change and who are driving forward to achieve that.
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    Still can't get our heads around this...the KFCSA's David talk to our new manager Steve Clark. Nice.
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    The news just keeps getting better. I wondered why quite a few reports were referring to the "roundabout" way his interview came about and found out tonight that the club contacted Steve instead of the other way about after talking to the trust. Of course it goes without saying that the directors are fully responsible for making the deal happen and all credit to them for that, but knowing they consulted with fans surely augers well for when we get a fan director on the board?? The poll results must have given them some comfort that they were doing the right thing as well. I have been impressed with the way the board have handled the situation, and they've done a good job bringing in the STV guy as well, hopefully this is a sign of th eway things are going to be.
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    He'd just eaten a whole Viennetta?
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    "You want time off to do WHAT for Sky TV?"
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    There have been an awful lot of " ah, buts " from a lot of people. All I observed for at least eight years on here was that MJ was the major obstacle standing in the way of a rising Killie. Suddenly, when it happened it was " more complicated than that ". Back BB and the club now.
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    Totally agree, we finally have someone who loves killie putting his own money in to the club after years of MJ and the only things I read on here are about the exec box and his trucks. How about being appreciative instead of trying to turn away the exact person we've been crying out for.
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    Hibs reaction is brilliant. the official Hibs advert advertising the game.
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    There is some buzz around Kilmarnock I have never felt this before with a new manager the appointment of Steve Clarke has made me so happy and I can’t wait to see what he does here is to a good season ahead come on the killie
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    I can't go as I'm in Australia but would be happy to show my support for what the club are doing by paying for a ticket for someone who can't afford to go. Is there any way of arranging this through the club?
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    NEWCASTLE, Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool, West Brom, Reading and Aston Villa. Nope, it's not a Joey Barton accumulator. What it is, is the fantastic coaching CV of Steve Clarke. A young Ayrshire lad who went on to be a very good player, at firstly St Mirren, and then down to Chelsea, even managing to win the UEFA Cup Winners Cup with the Blues back in 1998. But it was to be in coaching that he has really made his mark. A guy who as assistant manager to Jose Mourinho at Chelsea won two leagues, an FA Cup and two League Cups in just three seasons. He has worked with the likes of Dalglish, Zola and Di Matteo. But that was always as a No.2 and it is an entirely different when you become the head honcho at a club, calling the shots with your neck on the line. You skim along in the slipstream of a guy like Mourinho. But in his spell as the boss at West Brom, he led them to an eighth-place finish in the Premiership and even took Reading to their first FA Cup semi-final in 88 years. So, he has proved he could be reasonably successful as a manager. He certainly has a very good reputation and name within the football fraternity. You would think a guy with a coaching pedigree as laden as that would be able to pick and choose his next job, down south or beyond. I have little doubt that opportunities have been made available for him to get back in the rat race and they’ve been turned down in the hope of a bigger job. But a year out of the game is a long time and can leave you almost forgotten about, whether you are a player or a manager. It can leave you desperate to get back in. The longer you are out the game, the more difficult it is to get a gig. Just ask Billy Davies, or Alex McLeish. Sometimes you need to bite the bullet and prove yourself at a lower level to where you maybe see yourself; take one step back to take two forward. Just get back in somewhere, to prove yourself. Maybe that is what Clarke has had to do. That said, even for Kilmarnock, who have been in all honesty, a long-running disaster movie, filled with apathy on and off the pitch, to attract a guy like Clarke on a two-and-a-half-year deal is not only a major coup for Killie but for Scottish football. The reaction by supporters of various clubs, particularly on social media, has been pretty positive which is not always the case. It shows you the reputation Stevie Clarke has up here. He has never coached up in Scotland before, which gives him a bit of mystique so to speak. There is arguably only one coach working in Scotland now with a more attractive-looking coaching CV and that is Brendan Rodgers. It is filled with style and a bit of substance. I would be certain that with Clarke’s contacts down south and abroad, that you will see some exciting players coming into Rugby Park in January and beyond. Those contacts could prove priceless to a club like Kilmarnock. The Kilmarnock board has to be commended on this appointment. He will be on a decent salary, but he will also be wanting a budget to bring players in and to build a squad capable of not only getting out of the position they are in, but getting into the top six. Certainly, he hasn't come up here to fight relegation every year. Plans will be in place to get the club up the table again and he must be given the time to do that. With the departure of Michael Johnston in the summer appeasing a lot of the fans who protested against his involvement at Rugby Park, those running the club have to kick on. Clarke’s recruitment is a major positive, and Billy Bowie, along with the rest of the board, are showing real ambition and intent, to push the boat out to bring in a guy of that calibre. There really is no excuse for the people of Kilmarnock to not get fully behind the club now. They need to get back through the turnstiles again. It's as simple as that. The in-fighting should now be blown away with this appointment. Attendances have been poor at Kilmarnock for a number of years now, which in turn has created an environment that has not helped the players on the park. I was at the Kilmarnock v Hamilton Accies game earlier this season and couldn't believe how bad the atmosphere was. Yes, Rugby Park is a bit of a white elephant and too big for a club like Kilmarnock but still, it was alarming to see so many empty seats. They are now relying on the real diehards. Yet, a year last May, with the club 1-0 down and staring relegation squarely in the face, they turned out in their droves and helped inspire the team to a fantastic 4-0 victory over Falkirk to preserve their top-tier status. When they were needed they answered the call. It's amazing the boost that players get when they see that. They feed off the energy of the crowd. There hasn't been that sort of energy in the place for a while. But that proved the support is there. Luring Steve Clarke north has showed ambition by the board. They are trying their best to make the club better and get some positivity around the place again. They have backed the club. It's time the Kilmarnock punters did the same. (Tam McManus, the Herald)
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    Hear, hear! I've many Irish friends, no' fitba related but through music. Don't care what denomination (if that's still a thing) or teams they support. I'd be embarrassed if they read some of the comments on here. I'm no snowflake either
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    Maybe we could go a step further & give him our backing as one of the best 19 year old footballers in Scotland. To me he's never hidden this season even tho he's more often than not been asked to do the work of a more experienced player. Some of the stick he's taken on here in recent weeks has been nothing short of disgraceful,his own mother had to get involved in putting down a female heckler in the Frank Beattie during the 1st half of the Ross County match. Hopefully today's events on & off the pitch will bring us all closer together.
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    Can you cut out the Irish comments? It makes you sound like a bunch of weans. Or to be frank, it makes you sound like a bunch of Sevco fans. Just be happy that things are finally looking up for us.
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    The Saltcoats Mafia in the house
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    That's what McMail & Co promised - "'We were interested in putting investment into the club,’ adds McMail. ‘We made an offer to the club, offering to put substantial sums in, on the proviso that Michael Johnston steps off the board. ‘He does not need to sell his shares – he only has to step down from the board.'"
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    Waving tenners at them after the whistle... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMKK4bY_Ptg The preceding videos contained adult content, and scenes that huns may find distressful. Viewer discretion is advised.
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    Signed up last week
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    Finally signed up myself
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    Marie Osmond clearly approves of the appointment. Don't think we'd have got this for Mixu or Gus!
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    His commitment to killie over the years is unquestionable. He always give 100% and is always talking the rest of the team through the game. Some fans on here, like squirrelhumper,should be ashamed of the guff the spout in his direction. It will be a long time till we see a goal scorer like Boyd in killie colours. We should be grateful for the service and goals over the years. Too many with narrow minded bigoted views on here imo
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    It's nice to see Bowie getting so much credit, the man deserves it (along with the rest of the board), and it's great that it feels like the fans on here are starting to pull in the same direction. Doesn't happen nearly enough. Hopefully we'll all get behind the squad too. For months the players have taken a battering, and on many occasions they've deserved it, and on many occasions IMO the criticism has been OTT. Let's give them a bit of time with some world class coaching and organisational skills, perhaps we'll see the best we can out of the Broadfoots, Powers, Mackenzies etc.
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    On the day we hire a top class manager and get our first three points of the season, your priority is to say 'I told you so' ? The saddest thing is that you're arguing with yourself. Most don't like the pitch and would prefer grass, but no one apart from you thinks it's the sole cause of our poor home form.
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    Wouldn't the best thanks be for everyone to bring someone who doesn't normally go to watch Killie to the next home game?
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    If this goes through, I'm going to hire a big skip from Billy Bowie and throw about 5 years worth of cynicism into it.
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    Wonder who the no2 will be
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    59 pages in and we have a video of someone playing the banjo. Well done everyone
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    Guys, it's really a waste of your time and energy trying to reason with Zorro. He delights in bogging people down with arcane arguments and scoring debating points. It's one subscription, and I'm sure you'll manage without it. If you didn't dot an " I " or cross a " t " he would probably end up tying you up in legalities. He's just a drain on morale and nothing you do will ever satisfy him. Just leave him be. So, let's keep it simple and aim your efforts at people who actually want to help the club. If Steve Clarke is appointed that would be a great bit of news to kick start a new campaign. Steve Clarke coming out and stating what a help it would be to hm if people contributed would be good. I think a permanent stall at home games might help, with a talking point being the prize draws and examples of projects that we may be able to facilitate. That, to me, would motivate supporters even more than the Board member. eg safe standing etc. Let's try to get them to look beyond as to clear we are going to reach our initial target anyway.
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    Not true. You can pay as little or as much as you want via a paypal standing order. So if you could only afford £5 a month, it can be done.
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    Tremendous and passionate piece. Until such time as the board and employees at the club become proactive rather than reactive in their approach to running this club then the malaise will continue. Many of us will read this and relate to it and make all the right noises about change being needed...MJ this...BB that...managers who have failed etc etc etc. Then I say to them 'Have you signed up for TiK yet?' ..'Nah', they say, 'don't believe in that / what difference will it make ? / the board should be left to get on with it....(enter your own reason)'. If we - the fans - cannot lead the way in being proactive then what chance do we have in changing the mindsets of the decision makers? By becoming a decision maker through the TiK initiative you can help get us to a point where Neil writes a Blog about Killie becoming a leading light in Scottish football again. It's the old adage - when you ask - 'Who wants change?' everyone says 'Me !' When you ask - 'Who wants to make that change happen?' -too many say ' I'lI leave that to someone else'. Make it happen folks - you have the chance right here, right now. Join TiK
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    I'll get red cards galore for this, unfortunately, but it's not quite as black and white (horrible phrase to have to use on this forum!) as you're making out. It's too simple to just say "if everyone on here sponsored we'd be fine", people's situations differ. As has been said in other threads when this has been mentioned, many people (especially if they have kids who also attend) simply cannot afford the potential £415 for season tickets (based on £350 adult, £65 child), most likely a strip or two thrown in there too... Another £100. And then pay £180 on top of this for the minimum subscription to TiK. When you consider football is a luxury item to most families and households, this is a potential outlay of £695 that many simply can't afford when mortgages are to be paid and wages are not keeping up with inflation. I get that TiK is a worthwhile venture, and it would be great to be able to reach the £100k goal, but cognicense must be given to people's personal and financial situations and I'm sure if they had the disposal income then most would sign up.
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    A midfield of Black Dicker Power O'Toole would be deadly in the wrong hands....
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    One of the teams no longer exist and Queens Park's last cup win was 1893 so I reckon that places us 5th.
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    As an existing season ticket holder it wouldn't bother me at all if the club offered cheaper season tickets to people now. Anything that is more likely to get people in the door supporting the team is a positive IMO.
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    First false step IMO by the Board on this matter - everyone knows that press conferences should be held @ 3 o'clock
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    if he's upset at fans, maybe he should have thought about it before referring to rangers as "we" again and again and again....
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    Absolutely. Also all those who can afford it get signed up to TIK. Bowie has dug into his pocket, time for fans to do the same.
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    Thanks @plunkit. That's enough info for me to sign up this weekend.
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    Plenty of folk with the funds but choose not to. I know plenty. They won't think twice about spending £100 every weekend in the boozer though. Polar opposite of the St Mirren support.
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