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    Well maybe you should go also Skygod because you couldn't see when you were driving home the other night and you don't even wear your glasses.
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    Conor Sammon is one of those guys that you're happy to see him doing well but aren't bothered that he's not still playing for us.
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    The Drongan destroyer is a wind up merchant and is fantastic at being a grade A Bawbag .Kissing the badge against Sevco ,blowing kisses at great unwashed and just being a dick all through the game One of these players who if was playing against you would be getting dogs abuse and be the biggest ham shanker that ever played .He's a Killie player now and he is our very own dick and long may it continue
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    Everyone reading this will have to do so with an open mind and bear with me: I’ve been thinking a lot about season ticket prices and the desire to increase attendances. Off the top of my head I think we are classed as one of the most competitive in this division both with seasons and match day tickets so this idea is not a criticism of the board, it’s simply my take on a potential way to move forward. I think we all would agree that if we halved season ticket prices our attendance would not double. I doubt cutting prices by 50% would even lead to a 25% increase so it’s no wonder that the board (probably) aren’t looking to do this. My idea is to have a Season Ticket Income target that we can get the community involved in. Bear with me These figures are hypothetical but let’s just say for this current 17/18 season we sold 2000 season tickets at an average of (once you work kids/OAPs tickets in) £200 a pop meaning that this year we made 2000 x 200 = £400,000 in season tickets Under my idea the club would come out and say “ok last year we made this much from season tickets. We are going to keep ticket prices the same and look to make at least the same again BUT If we sell more tickets and make more money we will give our fans something back” In my head this “making something back” would look like: Target 1 - Club sells 2500 season tickets (2500x200) = £500,000. As a reward the club will give every season ticket holder either (at the holders choice) a free ticket to a cup tie (using Brora as an example it would be roughly 4500 x £20). This would cost the club £90,000 in revenue but they would still be £10k up. Or the individual could choose not to take this option and the other choice would be to get £10 back (costing the club a max of £25k = still £75000 profit) Target 2 - Club sells 3000 season tickets (3000x20) = £600,000. Every single person who bought a season ticket gets £30 back. Costs the club £90k but already £200k up on previous years. Target 3 - Club sells 3500 season tickets (3500 x 200) = £700,000. Every season ticket holder gets £40 back. This would cost the club £140k but they are already up £300k compared to previous seasons. And, if we sell 4000 and above, everybody gets £50 back and cap it there. Now again my numbers are just hypothetical so please don’t jump in and say “we already sell this many” but the overall gist of the plan is to get the club and community working together to sell more season tickets. If everyone could see that by buying more tickets the club would make some profit but that also the season ticket holders would too then it would surely drive more people to convince others to come. I’m sure it would lead to some great publicity for the club and if we had a proper tracker on the site showing how close to each target we were then again it would really encourage us to buy and encourage us to encourage others. Regardless of whether TIk or the SLO think this a good idea or not I hope everyone recognises that this summer is going to be a really crucial one in terms of striking when the iron is hot and getting people back in the ground.
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    Former Kilmarnock winger Pat Nevin insists Steve Clarke’s amazing Rugby Park transformation is no surprise considering his former A-list colleagues. Killie fans are happier than they’ve been for years after winning nine and drawing two of their last 12 games under their impressive gaffer. That run has taken them into the top six and midfielder Youssouf Mulumbu has admitted the players are already dreaming of overtaking fourth-placed Hibs to claim a Europa League slot. Killie are 12 points behind Neil Lennon’s men but with winnable games in hand at home to St Johnstone and away to Hamilton plus a home TV match against the Hibees on Saturday the potential is there to reduce that gap. However, according to Nevin – a former team-mate of Clarke’s with Chelsea and Scotland – that’s nothing compared to what the Rugby Park faithful can expect next season. The pundit, who had a spell at Killie towards the end of his career, said: “If Kilmarnock are going to reach the top four and qualify for Europe then these are the games that they need to win. “Steve has said he’s only interested in moving further away from the bottom but you can think two things at once and he’ll also be wondering just how far they can go. Whatever happens next season should be even better for Kilmarnock and their supporters. “You can see the players he has inherited have been impressed by him and bought into what he’s doing" “Managers usually have a go-to guy, someone they can trust and who they take everywhere with them in the way Brendan Rodgers has Chris Davies and Jurgen Klopp has Zeljko Buvac. “Steve isn’t like that though. He started at Newcastle with Ruud Gullit, who he played alongside at Stamford Bridge, but stayed on after Gullit left to be No.2 to Sir Bobby Robson who he had never worked with before. “He eventually went back to Chelsea to head up their youth development programme and then, when Jose Mourinho arrived, he made a few calls and chose to appoint Steve as his No.2, even though they had never met until then. “When Jose left he went to West Ham with Gianfranco Zola, a former team-mate at Stamford Bridge, but two years later when Kenny Dalglish became Liverpool’s manager for a second time he asked Steve to join him at Anfield. “Then he joined another old Chelsea colleague, Roberto di Matteo, at Aston Villa. These guys all chose Steve for a reason.” Nevin was astonished the SFA refused to consider Clarke as a candidate for the job with the national team after Michael O’Neill and Walter Smith rejected it. But he argues Scotland’s loss is Killie’s gain. Nevin said: “When you look at the list of folk Stevie has worked with, you have to ask, ‘Who has a better background? Is there anyone else in the world who has worked at so many top clubs and with so many great managers?’ “The Killie fans will have breathed a huge sigh of relief when Alex McLeish was announced as the new man last week. “It’s surprising the SFA didn’t even speak to him though, especially when you consider who he has worked under.” In his two previous spells as the top man Clarke led West Brom to their highest finish in the Premier League and took Reading to the FA Cup semi-finals for the first time in 88 years. That’s why Nevin hasn’t been surprised at the way Clarke has reinvigorated Kilmarnock who were bottom of the table when he replaced Lee McCulloch last October. He said: “Going back to Steve’s time with the Chelsea youth set-up, it was obvious then he knew his stuff. “He has been at the sharp end of the coaching side for 20 years now and it would be astonishing if he hadn’t learned a lot. “Steve stayed on at Chelsea after Mourinho left the first time and he was the one doing the heavy lifting when Avram Grant was brought in to replace him. He was the brains, doing the tactical work.”
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    Just spoke to Steve Clarke and he's said he'll stay for ten years if you stop posting on the Killie FC forums, Zorro.
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    Let them worry about us, Mulumbu, Jones bursting through from defence, Wolfie banging them in from 60 yards, Boydie getting his goal, Kirk, well kicking and pulling them, oh and fcuk the TV, get to the game!!
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    You'd been working as a gaffer in national league south. When Steve met you. He picked you out, you shook us up, you turned us around. Turned us into something new. Now (x) months later on, we've got the world at our feet. Success has been long overdue. We won't forget it's not just Steve who put us where we are now. Oh Alex we love you too. Alex, Alex Dyer. We hope you know understand we appreciate your efforts. Alex, Alex Dyer. Thanks for helping Steve turn RP into a fortress. You helped us beat the huns, and beat the tinkers too. If we keep on getting stronger, then they'll all be sorry. ALEX DYER BABY! ALEX DYER OH OHWHOA-OH ALEX DYER BABY! ALEX DYER OH OHWHOA-OH Probably needs a bit of work.
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    That was brilliant, took my son for his first away game and he loved it. The fans done themselves proud today. Very vocal from the start. A great afternoon, blue army!
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    I think McDonald signing a new contract will be enough to keep him for another couple of years.
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    Did he mean to end up there?
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    The media are saying the top-six is done and dusted. They're also suggesting Killie could be looking at fourth. I disagree with the first point and the second is bordering on the ridiculous. Defeat for Killie and win for Motherwell on Saturday has us in seventh. I do think we're in pole-position for top-six but talking about finishing above a very good Hibs side who may finish second goes beyond extremely optimistic. Let's keep it sensible guys 'n' gals.
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    Youssouf Mulumbu urges Kilmarnock teammates to target Europe and insists Steve Clarke's men fear no-one Killie moved into the top-six of the Scottish Premiership with victory over Motherwell but their star man Mulumbu believes they can go further and finish in the top four. Youssouf Mulumbu helped Kilmarnockgatecrash the top six with another stellar show and urged his team-mates to reach for the stars by aiming for European football next season. The DR Congo midfielder underlined his reputation as perhaps the signing of the Scottish season by pulling the strings on Saturday as Killie beat Motherwell to leapfrog them into the top half of the table. And Mulumbu is convinced if they can maintain the form that seen them lose just three games in the 18 since Steve Clarkearrived, there’s no reason why they can’t secure a top-four berth. He said: “We showed we can fight to be in the top six and we showed we can maybe go further. Top four could get us into Europe – you need to dream and when you have the quality this group has, you can beat any team. “We’ve shown that. We beat Celtic, we beat Rangers, we drew over there against them. We’re not afraid of anyone, we just have to keep competing.” Whether the 31-year-old former West Brom and Norwich player will be around next season remains to be seen. His displays almost earned him a move to French giants Bordeaux on the last day of the transfer window and such has been his level of performance there will be a queue for his signature at the end of the season. For the moment though, Mulumbu is loving life where he is – and admits he’s been hugely surprised by the quality of the Scottish game. Asked if he was disappointed when the Bordeaux deal didn’t work out, he said: “There were mixed emotions. It was a big team in France but I’ve been doing well since I came here and didn’t want to let my team down. “When the deal was cut, I wasn’t too down. Maybe something better is going to come. “We keep winning here and I am just looking forward to seeing what we can do. The main thing is to make this team progress and that is what is happening right now. “You can see the confidence among the players. You can see what the coach has put in the team. When teams come and play at Rugby Park, it will be a bit with fear. “When you play against Celtic or Rangers it is easier with motivation because you are playing against a big team. But my performance against Motherwell showed I just want to play, to enjoy it and show who I am. “People were saying I was finished and I am old but you see me sprinting, tackling and going box-to-box. If I can keep doing you never know what can happen. I am enjoying every game here and every training session. “You know more players from Rangers and Celtic because they are famous clubs. But I am more surprised by the way Partick Thistle and Dundee want to play, for example. Aberdeen and Hibs have some very good players. “It makes me the think the league is underestimated by people.” Mulumbu also revealed he wasn’t surprised to still have Clarke as his gaffer, after the SFA’s decision to name Alex McLeish as Scotland manager. He added: “I don’t see him as a national coach. He’s someone who likes to teach every day. He’s doing well with Kilmarnock and who knows where he’s going to go?” Nowhere soon, is the hope of Killie fans. Same goes for Mulumbu.
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    You realise its YOU that's insinuating that?
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    I didn't give out a red card, but I think you may have got them due to the demeaning nature of your post to some very young players that are currently part of our set up. At the end of the day the smart money may be on these players not playing much with Kilmarnock (as it is the exception rather than the rule to make it at the top levels, especially hard with the calibre of player that we have at the moment) but these are young boys who could probably do without reading this kind of thing. I think it is especially harsh on Callum Waters, I've only seen the U20's once but without knowing who he was, he looked to me that he could kick on. Higgins is only nineteen years old, but he looks decent also and has the physique to stay in the game. Harsh to be written off at his stage.
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    The latest TIK funding update has now been added to the Totaliser page CLICK HERE
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    I'm not sure that we are going out to play defensively, but sometimes, if the other team are good or having a good game that's just the way it is. What I do think is, the way we now go out to play is disciplined and focussed. It can be an easy and lazy way to describe teams that are well laid out with everyone in the right place on the park and ready to do their job as defensive. The same discipline and focus is used just as much in attacking moves as in defence and that makes us the team we are at the moment.
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    Nick Walsh had a cracking game for Dundee last week.
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    Oh Posh Spice is a slapper Her fanny's aye on fire And when she's shagging Beckham She thinks of Alex Dyer
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    I see the club are supporting this excellent initiative. Kids aged 5-12 borrow and read 4 books from the library to receive a free kids ticket and discounted adult ticket! I think Greg Kiltie took part in a reading initiative last year at a local primary schoo? http://scottishbooktrust.com/reading/parents/4-4-2-reading-challenge
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    Clarke of the Course - A look at Kilmarnock’s revival Kilmarnock, perhaps more than any other club in Scotland, outside of perhaps East Stirlingshire in their “too awful to not be last every year but the pyramid’s closed!” period, have been in a state of simply existing for a long time. They rarely did well, they rarely did much noteworthy. Even Dieter van Tornhout could only lift the malaise for a short time as Killie settled into being, well, pretty crap - six of the eight managers with the lowest win percentage in club history have been since 2010. They have been a club who have been through a period of being offensively inoffensive, almost superfluous to the entire existence of Scottish football and, well, just there. But that isn’t the case now. And that is thanks to Steve Clarke. Clarke has been touted by sections of fans (those who, you know, actually pay attention to football outside of the top three) as a man who should have been picked up by Rangers or even by Scotland due to the quality of job he is doing at Rugby Park but also to the quality of player he has attracted to the club. Part of me has always wanted to downplay Clarke’s impact slightly. Lee McCulloch put together a good core of a team with his summer signings - Messrs Greer, Broadfoot, O’Donnell, Erwin and Brophy all targeted the weaknesses that we knew about in the side. What Lee McCulloch didn’t know was how to put that team out on the pitch as a decent team and his sacking was a reflection of that. That the club got Steve Clarke was a coup. He may be a Killie fan, but to go from EPL to a big Championship club in Reading to Killie is not the career trajectory one would normally expect. What Clarke was was known - an exceptional coach but one who had probably made the wrong decisions in his career and taken on difficult jobs which ended in him being fired. What he has shown at Kilmarnock is that, as much as talent is a huge factor in being a good manager, as important for a career is to take the right opportunity at the right time. Kilmarnock in mid-October was that. A team low on confidence but with all the materials there to mould a good team and also a collection of players who all had growth in them that we all knew about. Clarke’s genius has been to coax it out of them. Since taking over, Kris Boyd has scored 9 goals. That Boyd scores goals is hardly news but Clarke has adapted the team to make the most of his experience and relative lack of mobility (although, it has been noted that he’s been pressing players!). Youssouf Mulumbu has been a brilliant signing who has threaded everything together in terms of linking defence and attack. Aaron Tshibola looks like he may be similar. This site is not one renowned for extensive looks at tactics and the like (but do read https://spielverlagerung.com/2018/02/07/kilmarnock-revival-continues-with-celtic-shock/ for an in-depth look at their win over Celtic) but one point is important to look at - Clarke’s use of zonal marking. Scotland is not, this season, a place with a vast amount of tactical flexibility, so Clarke’s drilling on the training ground to, firstly, keep play compact and, secondly, to starve the opposition midfield of supply coming from the back has been vital to Killie’s recovery. Zonal marking is, of course, a favourite thing for pundits to beat on and is done so regularly, but what is important to point out is that Kilmarnock are both one of the few sides who actually employ it in Scotland and that, even with that, Clarke adapts it. Zones are not a permanent construct but, instead, slid around the pitch to suit the match situation. Where man-to-man marking (and the now associated high press teams like to employ) can be manipulated through quick ball movement to create space (See Man City as a great example of this). Clarke (and Killie) however, employ their zonal system to target not zones of the pitch but channels of attack. Key to that is the striker (and hence the mention of Kris Boyd) - in a defensive posture, full backs stay back, wingers track back the opposition wide men and the striker curls into the blind side inside the opposition full-back. This forces opposition teams into either a) putting a hopeful cross into areas where Killie are already compact, b) playing a riskier pass sideways which can be picked off by either the winger tracking back or the striker or c) going back to the defence and slowing play down. This forces opposition teams into low xG situations and while, yes, this is Scottish football and mistakes happen, they are individual mistakes and not overall errors with the system. Only Derek McInnes, it seems, has been able to master Kilmarnock and, even then, that may be more luck than planning as the Dons’ lack of conventional central midfield balance (and Shinnie’s physicality) and lower reliance on wing play pose a very different threat than other sides (and, even then, their January win over Killie was down to two superb goals from McKenna and McGinn). The amazing thing is how quickly Clarke drilled this all into the side to the point where, arguably, they are a fair tip to win the Scottish Cup in a field with Aberdeen, Hearts, Celtic and Rangers all still in it. They may, by no means, be a mathematical certainty for the top six but few would doubt that they will be in there and, with two wins in their games in hand (against Accies and the totally out of sorts St Johnstone) a late run on fourth place might not be entirely out of the question. But, more than all of that stuff on the pitch, perhaps the most important thing Steve Clarke has given Kilmarnock is purpose. This is a club which has drifted for so long (arguably, the entire Michael Johnston era) that it wouldn’t have been a loss had they suddenly flopped out of the division has what feels like a definite direction. Perhaps it was best evidenced in their Rugby Park victory over Rangers - late goals to win the game and Rugby Park was bouncing. Rugby Park, possibly the most sterile ground in the country, was bouncing. Forgive me for perhaps thinking at points that wasn’t even possible. This won’t last forever but there is a feeling Clarke is still operating under most people’s radars. Summer will perhaps be the key as keeping hold of Clarke into next season would be a real game changer for the club itself and, potentially, the landscape of the top six as a whole as Kilmarnock would have a chance to make themselves a fixture of it rather than an interloper. No-one has yet found the way to consistently get results against Clarke’s system and, even with four pops a season at it, it’s hard to see anyone getting to that point given how proficient his side are at actualising his instructions. Long may it last. (The Football Life) This begs these questions, to my mind: Would the side be as effective without, as seems probable, Mulumbu next season? Or can Clarke recruit so effectively in the summer that the team is even more efficient and flexible tactically? Retaining Clarke is key, but that has already been discussed to death elsewhere.
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    Rubbish. His final decision is what lets his game down. Numerous instances this season where he could have passed it on to someone in a better position, but he's taken it on himself from an unlikely angle - or skied what seemed an easy shot over the bar. But to say he has no end product is just nonsense. Are we just ignoring the fact he was heavily involved in Boyd's goal away to Aberdeen, set up Mulumbu vs Celtic at home with a wonder-pass to win us three points, scored away to Celtic at Parkhead to earn us a point, scored away to Aberdeen to earn us a point? He's also responsible for dragging defenders out of position with his trickery and pace, often finding himself surrounded by two or even three defenders, allowing space for other attackers to run in to. I don't think anyone on here disagree his end product is the part of his game he needs to work on, but to say he has none is just daft.
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    Stop looking back, time to catch Hearts.
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    Yes, the fans will play a part in SC staying......he is revered here which is a great and comforting feeling that you are doing a good job. I do think, however, that he has a point to make and won't be happy until he's got us back where we belong in the upper echelons of Scottish Football. I may be dreaming here but I do think we will have a strong case next season to be pushing towards the top of the league. Why not? 2 or 3 key signings and we could be. He has already stated, he has a plan which for now is working and delivering results. Stop the rot at the back. Harder to break down. Fitter. Away from bottom 2 spots. Who would ever have thought that Leicester City could win the English Premiership? All we kept hearing was that they wouldn't be able to sustain the form....they'd falter etc. etc. So long as SC is doing the do, he will be here. BB will support him and as such we should support both as much as possible. Not to forget Dyer. 150th anniversary + League Title. How amazing would that be? Dare to dream?
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    I'm not even sure what your point is now... lose the man who's revitalised the club? Where is he going? Everyone wants to be appreciated? Isn't he appreciated? Must be a slow week for you. Jamie McDonald has dropped easy crosses in the past two games and I'd have expected you to be all over that rather than inventing a problem, that isn't there, with a manager who has two YEARS left on his deal. If Clarke wants to stay he will stay. If this is a stop gap to something else closer to his family in England then no ambition or appreciation will keep him here.
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    No, I gave my opinion - that’s what “I think” usually means. It’s always a shame when you resort to snide and sarcastic remarks when we are having an otherwise civil debate. McLean seemed to capture the mood of the thread best by suggesting that the way to “reward” Clarke is for people to get along to RP on match days rather than to push a few bonuses his way.
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    Oh shut up. We're winning. He's happy. We're happy. Everyone's happy and we on the killie forum will not not be negotiating with him to stay. Leave it to those that will be. Stupid f**king thread, unless you expect to draw up a list of things we can somehow chuck into his next contract, like unicorns and candy canes. Stupid f**king thread. Watch the boxing. Have a beer. Bask in glory. Have a great Saturday. Stop talking absolute pish.
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    Don't feed the troll.
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    Neil Lennon has tipped Kilmarnock’s Steve Clarke to win Scottish football’s manager of the year award after his impact at Rugby Park. Clarke has led Killie away from trouble at the bottom of the Ladbrokes Premiership since arriving in October with 10 wins in his 18 games in charge. Such has been his impact that Killie, who had just three points when he arrived, now sit sixth in the table having won four games on the bounce and are arguably the form team in Scotland right now, and Lennon admits his influence could be recognised at the end of the season. When asked if he was a leading contender for the award, Lennon, whose Hibernian side travel to Ayrshire on Saturday, said: “You would have to think so, yeah. “There are plenty, Stephen Robinson for me is another who has done amazing and then you have the usual contenders in Brendan (Rodgers) and Derek (McInnes).” Lennon would be a strong contender himself after leading newly-promoted Hibs to fourth and with a good chance of a top-three finish following successive wins over Rangers and Aberdeen, but he has been hugely impressed with the work done by the former Reading and West Brom boss since taking over from Lee McCulloch. “He is a very unassuming guy but one of the best managers around at this level for sure,” the Hibs boss said. He added: “He’s got great experience and a great knowledge of the game, he is somebody the players will respect. “I don’t mean the players didn’t respect Lee but maybe some of the players need to look at themselves and ask why they were underperforming? “What he has done has come in and given them a lift. “I think Alex Dyer deserves a mention as well as Steve’s number two. He is very experienced and an excellent assistant manager. “They look like they’re enjoying life, but it’s hard to tell with Steve!” (BT Sport)
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    I'm trying to limit my interventions, as it's like hitting your head against a brick wall. However, I have to say something I never thought I would......I agree with every word Z**** has said. Steve Clarke must be enjoying the total control over the club that he has, but inventive ways of keeping him should be sought. The only thing that's limiting our ambition at the moment us the apathetic response from the stay away fans and the Kilmarnock public in general. The core support are responding and have been superb, as is evidenced by today's crowd, but the boxes that have been ticked should see us having at least five thousand home fans at every game. That's still well below what we achieved in the nineties. I don't buy into all this " it will take years to undo the damage ". We don't have years. We have a window of opportunity now with a fantastic manager, a winning team on the park ( which so many said would bring the fans back ), a popular Board and multiple improvement in every area. Don't talk to me about a few hundred more on the gate. Do they disappear again as soon as we stutter is Clarke leaves? Use it or lose it, as a man once said. He's already hinted at his disappointment, staying that the supporters have been great, but it would be good to " see a few more attend ". Like it or not, the stay aways are the only part of the equation that are holding us back. If he is still here come the summer, I think the season ticket sales will be the last opportunity to show that the fans ambition matches the Board's.
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    I'd red card myself if I could for that one...
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    Depends what your looking for to be honest. IMO he has the potential to be a midfielder we can build around. I don’t see him as the Bryson or Kelly who will go box to box, create chances and pitch in with their shares of goals. To me he will be the long term replacement for Dicker. A player who will keep it simple and do what’s needed to allow others to do their best work. To say he’s not been great is harsh. In his debut season he got passed from pillar to post. Asked to come in and play at CB he didn’t let himself down. Cover at RB likewise. An inexperienced player asked to hold together a calamitous midfield and again he gave it his best and was nowhere near the worst. Now is when we will see what he’s made of. With proper coaching in a decent set up and a clearly defined role in the team.
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    Have your fun, but I find it depressing that we are in a situation we could only have dreamt of, and the extent of most people's ambition is 3500. We're destined for mediocrity as soon as Sir Steve departs if that's the best we can do. We can sell 3200 tickets at the drop of a hat when we play Ayr away, so people are choosing not to back the project.
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    Public flogging of McLean07 at half-time. That would add another 1,000 to the attendance.
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    If we can't get around 4000 fans to a fixture as attractive as this, after the run we've been on, it's a sad day, TV or no TV. For crying out loud we had 3800 v Brora Rangers! I would think the Manager and players will be wondering what they have to do, if we don't turn up.
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    The TV factor will impact the home crowd and you’re blinkered or trolling if you think otherwise. I’d be delighted if there were 4000 home fans tomorrow but I think it’ll be closer to 3500.
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    MOURINHO DISCIPLE AIMING TO CHALLENGE OLD FIRM DOMINANCE The Scottish Premiership often gets a bad rep for being a one-sided, predictable league which is ultimately dominated by Celtic. Yet over the past 10 match-days it isn’t Brendan Rodgers’ Scottish champions that have amassed the most points. It isn’t Aberdeen or Rangers either. It is none other than Kilmarnock, the side coached by José Mourinho’s old No.2, Steve Clarke, and the man intent on breaking up the status quo north of the border. The Rugby Park side may only sit sixth in the top tier, yet since Clarke touched down in Ayrshire the centre of gravity within Scottish football has slowly but surely began drifting from Glasgow, south down the M77 towards Kilmarnock. Not only have Killie turned their form around but they’ve done so in superb fashion. Before the turn of the year Clarke’s side hosted Rangers in a tight affair that ended with the Glasgow side travelling home without a point. The week after that Kilmarnock travelled through to Edinburgh and earned a hard-fought draw against a Hibernian side hoping to pip their Ibrox rivals to second place. And just three weeks ago Celtic arrived in Ayrshire and were duly overturned by a defensive masterclass straight out of Mourinho’s own playbook. Kilmarnock have picked up so many scalps in such a short period of time that some are now tipping them for a quick assault on this season’s Scottish Cup and a late charge towards the Premiership top four. Not bad for a club that was staring relegation in the face just six months ago. Indeed, the comparisons to the current Manchester United manager aren’t based on simple hyperbole. As odd as it may sound, if you were to watch Kilmarnock under Clarke’s stewardship this season it wouldn’t take long for eagle-eyed fans to note simple comparisons to Mourinho’s own tactics down the years. And they’re working wonders in Scottish football. At the heart of Kilmarnock’s success is a well-trained side recently taught and then mastered in the dark arts of pragmatic, defensive football. Under Clarke, the Rugby Park side have gone from an open, attacking team with honest intent but little success, to a side that defend in numbers and overpower their opponents with slick passing and suffocating tactics. Although Kilmarnock may not have the best defensive record in the division – they had conceded 13 goals in nine league matches before Clarke arrived – they do lead the Premiership in the number of defensive duels per 90 minutes, outranking both Glasgow giants and Craig Levein’s uber-defensive Hearts team. In typical Mourinho fashion, Clarke’s Kilmarnock have married staunch defensive actions with a complete irrelevance to the need to keep a hold of possession or over complicate their game with needless passes. To little surprise Killie not only have the most defensive duels in the division, but also have the second-lowest average possession and number of passes per game too. Of course, Clarke hasn’t simply taken one of his old manager’s templates and applied it to a team of players. The former West Bromwich Albion and Reading manager has also made a point of focussing on key individuals within the squad to get the very best out of them and it has also worked wonders so far. Perhaps the most obvious turnaround is in the goalscoring form of the club’s talisman, Kris Boyd. Although the former Rangers and Scotland striker has always been known for his ability to find the back of the net, eight goals in 29 games last season suggested his best days were behind him. That was, of course, until Clarke showed up. In the 15 Scottish Premiership matches Boyd has featured in since Clarke took over at the club, the 34-year-old striker has scored nine goals. With a tally of 15 in all competitions the former Kilmarnock youngster currently looks as good as he ever has in Scottish football. A large part of that upswing in goals has come from left winger Jordan Jones and right-back Stephen O’Donnell enjoying weekly escapades down either flank – regardless of the opposition – and firing cross after cross in to the box for their favoured target man to knock in. However, the clear engine behind Kilmarnock’s turnaround was the capture of Youssouf Mulumbu and the manner in which the former PSG and West Brom central midfielder has not only thrived individually within Clarke’s team but built important partnerships alongside his team-mates. While the Congolese international’s ability has been highlighted through the manner in which he has outshone his opposite number in clashes with Celtic and Rangers, to describe Kilmarnock as a one-man team following the roaming talents of Mulumbu across the pitch, would be a grave under-appreciation of the hard work Clarke and his team have done in Scotland. Rather than individual talent, it is the defensive, industrious midfield trio Mulumbu has formed alongside Gary Dicker and Alan Power that has offered Clarke the foundations to build the tactical system that has allowed Kilmarnock to dominate across the pitch and flourish under his tactics. Clarke has turned Scottish football on its head and he’s done so with some clever, astute tactics and his superb ability at getting the very best out of his key players. Mourinho will most likely never coach in the Scottish Premiership but while Clarke is coaching Kilmarnock we can get a pretty clear idea of what it would look like.
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    Dicker knew he was on a yellow and tried to snap someone in two. He deserved to go and the fact that someone else wasn't sent off doesn't change this. Hopefully he'll learn from this and keep his cool next time.
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    You know that it would be untrue You know that I would be a liar If I was to say to you Alex, we couldn't get much higher Come on Alex, Alex Dyer Come on Alex, Alex Dyer Try to set the league on fire The Doors -Light my fire
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    Hope that's a padded jacket and not Lycra
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    Let’s be fair here as well. All of the teams in the top six atm, had a seven or eight game lead on us. We weren’t even in the same league when big Lee was in charge. To even get close to the top six is a bloody miracle, especially as we’ve the same set of players, Mulumbu and Tish excepted. utterly astounding from SC.
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    See when folk say it doesn't work? Bollocks.
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    Surely we should be looking at a much bigger draw than that for our 150th anniversary I doubt we would get much more than 5 or 6 thousand for Kaiserslautern There are fans of both teams who keep in touch and travel to some games, but I don't think the majority of Killie fans are bothered Steve Clarke could have a wee word with Mourinho or Abramovich
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    I thought it was fairly clear when he joined that since his family is down south that his where his home is. The club has three things to do here to turn us into a big club again: 1. Support the manager in terms of improving the infrastructure and team. 2. Plan for succession - someone with the calibre to continue that work. 3. Marketing. Get the message out EVERYWHERE!!!! Hoping that people will turn out isn't good enough. Failing all that, @mathematics has facilities for this kind of scenario. He might have to move an ex-defender or two out though.
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    Calm down sugar.
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    Alex Dyer bought into it first game the night at Ibrox. Straight over to us at final whistle with the players , he is a big part of what's going with Killie just now and like Stevie Clarke, Alex Dyer is pure class.
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    Well done, Bonner! I hope you get paid by the word....

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