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    Kenny could string a scentence together and argue a point. He was always pro Killie and you will have to remind us all of the numerous times KS went on the radio and tv to sing the praises of his beloved Ran........oh wait you're talking sh1te!
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    I doled you out a couple of red cards there because all you did for a good year was incessantly greet on and on about how everyone on here was being negative and the need for more positivity around the club, and at a point where there's been more positivity around the club than I've seen in absolutely ages you cannae help yourself but.....be constantly negative about the fanbase. You clearly like just being as contrary as possible but you also seem like someone who isn't a total idiot, so how here's a few Christmas suggestions: put a sock in it, give it a rest with the moaning, enjoy the fitba and have a wee go at getting along with yer fellow fans and not deliberately being a wind-up roaster all the time, cos we're all here for the same reason.
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    Yep I struggle with it. I believe that members of such groups take a sense of importance and faux power from their involvement and enjoy th limelight that their 'service' can generate. If they were solely interested in providing a public service, they wouldn't stream or upload videos to the internet. Im uncomfortable with the idea of someone not yet found guilty of a crime being publicly portrayed as a criminal- justice issues here. Also, whether legislation decrees it or not, I also struggle to acknowledge that individuals who have been 'stung' have committed any form of crime- I know there's intent, but surely there's at least a tiny element of entrapment. My most pressing concern is for the innocent families of those publicly shamed- given the nature of the allegation, it should be in the public interest to protect those closest to those identified on videos. What if there are further victims/perpetrators within the family? What if there are ongoing investigations in respect of those stung? For me, public groups have yet to fully evidence to my satisfaction that they have the expertise, experience and level of professionalism to work in the very nuanced area of sexual crime prevention / investigation and there is a real risk that in being so public, rather than presenting their evidence solely for use of the police, may result in others coming to harm.
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    First time we've had 4000+ for a pre-Xmas December home game since Hibs in 2012. Aye, shocking stuff right enough. AND Clarke's had a whole 57 days to turn it all around already! He'll clearly no dae. Is it ideal? No. Is it where we want to be? No. Is it realistic to think that the floodgates will open and lapsed fans will all come pouring through the turnstiles after 2 whole months of positivity following a decade of nearly perpetual bad news and ill feeling? No. It's a good start, a nice uptick in attendance that we can hopefully maintain and nurture into something more.
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    Boyd is the penalty taker, he scores so no big deal .
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    He is one of the few managers who has been hopeless for us that I genuinely hope falls on his feet. A decent chap all round.
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    Can everyone who can, please bring a gift for kids who will not be as lucky as some for Christmas next Saturday. Details are on the club page and hopefully the Standard this week. please mark your gift boy or girl and age group. Thank you.
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    If, in the middle of my Championship Manager 01/02 save game, my number 2 penalty kick taker took the ball off my number 1 penalty kick taker I would be furious. I would severely warn him as the game allows and drop him for the next game. As per my extensive experience Brophy is lucky Boyd disposed him of the ball.
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    Last three games Killie have played have seen goalkeeping howlers - Lewis letting in Jones effort, Saintees keeper last week and Cerny's terrible performance today. MacDonald, on the other hand, has been extremely consistent just has he has been all season. Anyone who still thinks he isn't good enough for us is either daft or simply isn't prepared to admit they were wrong.
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    If only we hadn't set up so defensively with no youth in the team!
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    Really hope they left Steven Smith in the shop window to try and sell him on . Sold as seen, slightly damaged, handle with care as easily broken. returns not accepted.
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    Calm doon @Zorro - average UK wage, hybrid pitch mechanics, pitch regulations. Gonnae leave some Google for the rest of us to use this morning?
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    Steve Clarke got it in one. "Boyd takes penalties no matter what. Not many players want to take a penalty at 1-0 down"
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    Interesting comparing Magennis and Jones now both are involved at the same international level. I think we were just beginning to see the best of Josh when he left. He was playing with a lot of confidence,which allied to his physical prowess, made him a threat. I think if we'd got another 6 months out of him the opinions might have been more favourable. Anyway compating the two - for me Jones is a footballer. Quick and direct, very skillfull and has a trick or two. Magennis was an athlete. Neither perfect and both lacking parts of their game. Magennis was becoming very very effective for us and I wish him well. JJ is much better to watch in my opinion. Whether he is more effective is certainly up for debate but a no contest in terms of pure quality. For that reason I think JJ's ceiling is a bit higher than Josh's. Combine both and you've a hell of a player.
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    Lack of respect for the contribution of a player that did very well for us . Good guy who has done well in developing his career..Would take him back in a minute.Why do some people continually write this crap ?
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    Also, have some kids throw glass bottles at the players as they enter the changing rooms. As for no natural light, why not have strobe lighting, make them puke
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    I think since Boyd was probably 99.9% sure that he'd score, he probably assumed that Brophy was therefore only 1% sure.
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    Maybe he's just really hairy? Maybe it's because he eats between 20-30 lbs of raw meat a day? Could it be because he was previously hunted to extinction in Scotland, but now is at the centre of a controversial plan to re-introduce to the Scottish wilderness to help keep deer numbers down?
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    Get the violins out!! I have never once heard wee Nicky utter one single disparaging view of the English... Westminster yes, but not the English as a people. And the Scottish Government did not ignore the referendum result. There were no riots, no civil war, no unilateral declaration of independence, the result was accepted. However, anyone seriously expecting the SNP to give up campaigning for an independent Scotland may be just a tiny bit deluded.
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    We had three home games last season in December, against Dundee, ICT and St Johnstone. Average attendance 3322. I'd say year on year we are doing very well. Depends on your natural bias I guess.
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    Is Chad Harpur the most random Half Time draw maker in our history?
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    It's barely past Halloween
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    Like most I’d prefer to see home grown talent in the team. However after several years of watching drivel I’m delighted to be watching winning football again especially at home. For that reason I’ll happily settle for experienced players giving 100% and winning games. Even went to Murrayfield and Perth expecting to get a result....when was the last time that happened !! However the main thing for me was a home win. Not only for my boy who was getting fed up watching a losing team, but hopefully to entice some lapsed Killie fans off the couch and back to the games.
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    Boyd takes penalties. End of thread
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    Exactly this. He offers more than just goals. His game has changed over the years and is our only current forward threat. Hopefully Brophy kicks on but in reality, we are lost without Boyd upfront.
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    If he's fit I'm sure Boyd will play.
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    People used to throw a stray e on to Lee Clark's surname.Now the board have given us a Clarke with an e and they don't want it any more. Kilmarnock supporters, eternally difficult to please...
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    He should go to Ibrox on a free transfer to be Jim Traynor's understudy long before the next time we are at Pittodrie. He is a total muppet. He should be embarrassed for himself and it is an embarrassment to our club that our player is making a total arse of himself every week in the media
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    I don't. Nor did you. But at least I made you Google it.
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    First time somebody's chatted to you?
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    Small steps lads, it's not going to dramatically change overnight, so long as it's heading in the right direction and the experience of visiting Rugby Park is improving then crowds will return. Maybe we will never see the dizzy heights of 6-7k but if we can get it back over 5 in the near future that would be superb. Another major factor the club cannot account for is the monotony of playing teams a minimum of 4 times per season, personally I find that one of the most depressing things about watching Killie, especially if we draw one of the Premier teams in the cup as well.
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    Crowds over 4000 against so called lesser sides have been like hens teeth in recent years. I'm happy that they're increasing. We're edging closer to 4000 home fans. That should be the target. You don't just gain 1000 home fans in a week or 2 for a club of our size, it takes time and consistent home performances. It was stated that this was the coldest day of the year for football. -2 in the morning. Quite a lot of folk are put off by that.
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    Its amazing how many people cant see how some people can support the guy in the pitch as a player but be angry or dissapointed in his comments in his other job where he represents the club like it it or not. The guy dosent need to be immune from criticisim in one to be supported in the other. Im delighted he played well and scored twice yesterday and he deserves heaps of praise for it. But it dosent mean I suddenly like his comments or tone in the media.
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    I don't remember the crowds dropping from 6000 to 4000 overnight. It took time. Performances on the park. Underwhelming managerial appointments. Prices. MJ. Lack of engagement. They all played a part in fans staying away. Those fans find other things to do on a Saturday. A small minority of them will have been desperate to come back because their exile was self imposed for whatever reason. Most will have got fed up with the football and now spend their leisure time doing something else. But as McLean pointed out there are many positives. Great manager, better players, better engagement etc. But as with when people stopped attending they aren't all going to return at once. It will be a small and steady upturn if things keep improving on and off the park. There will be days when external forces are at work (weather, Xmas) that might see a dip in the crowd again but that has and always will be the case. I'm confident we'll start seeing the crowds around 5000 for the end of the season and start of next provided our lapsed attendees see tangible progress. It's been years and years of decline. It will take significant improvements and time to reverse that trend. Let's be positive.
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    Has he? I think of of our club motto Confidemus. Trust, like anything in life is often earned. Once that trust is lost, it can take some considerable time for that trust to be regained if at all. When this is allied to performance on the park as well as the boardroom it is hardly surprising that many people put up with the debacle f the previous few years then decided enough was enough. You can tick all the boxes you want, but this has to be seen as the start of the process in regaining the trust and loyalty of the fan base, not the end point. The damage that was done over years will also take years to repair. I suspect McLean07 is aware of this but rather enjoys pushing a few buttons that is often the part of decent debate.
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    Please hold your breath.
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    The crowd isn’t up as much as we all would have wanted but this will take time. However leaving the ground today people were happy. There were kids singing coming out the Frank Beattie stand. If they were there on free tickets they might come back next week with their parents. If the team keep putting in performances like that fans will come back.
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    Who is it you’re moaning at with your initial point? Is your passive aggressiveness directed at someone? Honestly, you could make a missionary guilty you’re so negative. It’s almost Christmas, give yourself a week off and look on the bright side for a change.
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    I'm driving up for the Partick game on Saturday. If any Killie fans in the Newcastle area want a lift let me know. I have to get back straight after the game though.
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    Every game there is always a moment with this boy that makes me go "that's why he plays for us", which is a shame. Not sure why he hit that first time, had time for a touch and hit with left foot. Also should have played Boyd in instead of having a go himself which went 10 yards wide. Very frustrating to see so how much he can be but he just isn't there yet.
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    Zoro will be crying into his bowl of sugar puffs tomorrow morning when he reads this...
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    I heard Levein muttering on the radio about being left an “unbalanced squad” by Cathro and how it would take two transfer windows to sort the problem. I couldn’t help think it was a pity Cathro hadn’t had a director of football to guide him in the transfer market.
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    Kris Boyd has had an absolute nightmare today. From his column, to his chat with Jim white to his performance on sportsound tonight. He has plummeted to new depths. I think it has to be one of the other, he is making a mockery of being our supposed main striker, which is you ken, a rather important job
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    Yes and they failed to do so on both grass and plastic. Stopping the excuses would be a start.
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    Some folk very harsh on Josh. 20 goals in 2 seasons for us, better than a lot have strikers have managed at us in same time. Honest hard working guy who may not be the most talented but improved whilst at us. We'd have been down without him so give the guy his due. Jordan has the potential to reach a much higher level than josh. Probably faster, trickier and a better shot on him. Just needs accuracy. Bit like sterling a few years ago.

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