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  1. Liam's Mad Fer TIK!

    Liam's Mad Fer TIK! CLICK HERE
  2. Well Society

    TIK subscribers names will appear on an 'honour board' somewhere in the vicinity of the stadium so they will be there for all to see. That was made clear at the outset, in fact in the initial literature it was our intention to have a time limit on inclusion, but the lack of numbers has allowed us to put it on the back-burner and we'll probably now wait until we have 200 subscribers and then just go with it. We've had a few ex-players made donations but it wouldn't be fair for us to start revealing anyone's names up front...we did do that with a couple of the Premier Package subscribers, but only with their express permission. The Motherwell idea is a good one in terms of publicity, but in all honesty, how many of those players are going to be paying fixed sums into the Society on a regular basis? Not that many would be my shout. Fair play to them for getting involved, we could do with more of that ourselves, but rather than fake up inclusion we have some other ideas which we will be talking to the club about, as we do. One idea in particular involves a similar scenario to the Motherwell plan, but better in our opinion, in terms of publicity and funding, hopefully we will be able to speak to a representative of the squad in the next few weeks and they are amenable to the idea. The telling thing about the coverage this stunt got is the number of fans willing to engage as they realise how important something like this is to their club in the long term. As much as I hate to admit it, the number of Killie fans willing to engage is shocking, our counterparts at other clubs running similar schemes can't believe the lack of faith we have in ourselves, and sadly we can't explain it either. As we said in the funding update put out today, its astonishing that we've collected in what we have given the lack of support, and coming from someone who helps manage the list of TIK subscribers, imagine what we could do if those who are most critical of other fans actually put their money where their mouths are? The 'rewards' scheme we operate is really more of a incentive than a reward to be fair, and so far those who contribute do so without asking for anything in return. It is heartening to know that they are not looking for any kind of pay back for their contribution (other than representation and the opportunity for the fans to have a seat on the board) and are genuinely delighted when have a draw and they win something...many in fact donating prizes back to us or giving them away to someone else they think deserves it. There is no down side to this. If we had the numbers other provincial clubs are getting we could get the £100k out of the way in no time at all and start to put some real money into the club that we can also have a say on how its spent. baz
  3. TIK Funding Update #4

    The latest TIK funding update has now been added to the Totaliser page CLICK HERE
  4. A response from Sandy Armour please

    For the record there will be no response from BLTM...a shrewd member of the site spotted he'd done a "Paisley Exile" on another thread and we checked it out and he and "Killiesub" are one in the same person. Same IP addresses, same devices used to post...so a banning order ensued. As a first time offender he will be allowed back in a couple of weeks should he choose to return and face you lot, as long as he picks one account and sticks with it.
  5. Laddies Who Lunch

    We also caught a bit of Fog's brother's band Last Year's Men at the end...
  6. Laddies Who Lunch

    Five lucky TIK subscribers attended the Stars of '97 event as part of the rewards scheme. We took some photos. They are on Facebook. Sorry if you don't have Facebook to see them. CLICK HERE Above: Monty and Agent Marko do Paninaro...not a piano in sight.
  7. Arse kicking required...

    Arse kicking required...at the very least! KICK HERE
  8. Stars of '97 TIK Draw

    The Killie Trust Board chipped in to buy FIVE tickets to the Stars of '97 lunch event and this is the draw from all TIK subscribers to see who won them. Tickets are still available, contact christine@kilmarnockfc.co.uk or call 01563 545312.
  9. Stars of '97 Lunch

    Not sold out. We are hopefully doing a draw today for five TIK subscribers to attend.
  10. The Boy Done Good!

    Good work Tonzer and son! CLICK HERE
  11. Is this correct?

  12. No Rest for the Wicked...

    Not that we know of. Doesn't have an account that we know of either. Quite welcome to set up anything he wants on here.
  13. No Rest for the Wicked...

    No rest for the wicked...Killie get marketing! CLICK HERE
  14. Alas Smith and Jones...

    Alas Smith and Jones...Week 4 of the Season Diary... CLICK HERE
  15. Pylon

    Another event you shouldn't miss showcasing immense talent from Kilmarnock. The first show sold out to rave reviews, don't miss it this time around. I appreciate this shouldn't be on Kickback...but to be brutally honest I'm pulling rank here and I don't care. It's the product of one of our own and deserved of a bit of publicity, I will move it over to the entertainment section after a few days and everyone has seen it. CLICK HERE FOR EVENT PAGE CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

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