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  1. East Stand seats

    mansplaying, although that only works if there's no-one sitting beside you moral of the story, have no friends
  2. English Non-League

    I thought that effiong boy looked like he knew what he was doing, but just wasn't very good at it, he was also blowing out his arse after just 30 mins. whether he does a job when he gets fit, remains to be seen
  3. Saturday

    knicker wetting and now knocker wetting, this is supposed to be a family forum
  4. Message for Jordon

    lets get rolf harris to do our cup final song, great publicity
  5. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    fixed that
  6. Kris Boyd Picture Thread

    great pics, but they really emphasise how fat he's got, even from his second spell
  7. Mulumbu

  8. and there'll still be people on here saying we should sell jj for a few hundred k
  9. Steven Naismith

    hearts aren't top 4
  10. I see luke hendrie has joined shrewsbury on a permanent deal, good move for him
  11. JJ

    I've totally forgotten about him, if only he had made as big an impact as dapo kayode......
  12. JJ

    who the hell was alex henshall? I genuinely have no memory of him at all
  13. Do they don’t they

    does he one of those wee blue ticks? or isn't he famous enough
  14. saw he was on the bench in newcastles last game
  15. The dud Killie strikers topic

    IIRC derek cook and ian Bryson started one season on fire, scored 8 or 9 goals each in about a month, we all thought, premier division here we come, then one or both of them got injured and it all went pear shaped

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