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  1. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Aye, I watched the Rae interview with Si Ferry as well and he is the only person out of all the interviewees I've seen that came across as a total thick hun bastard. An arsehole of a guy who thinks the sun shines out his own s**tpipe.

    We can at least challenge in the top 3. Of that I'm sure.
  3. Top Six Secured

    A great achievement and back where we belong
  4. Broadfoot

    Notice how Mcinnes wasn't moaning about penalties or saying the ref got it wrong this time. The wee orange hun loving cock.
  5. Stlll a great season

    Unlucky and bit poor on the night but they are still the f**king best team in the world and I love them to bits. You'll live and die and love and lose but you'll never take the Killie.
  6. Rossco Fred

    An excellent perfomance dampened by 2 poor goals conceded. Tshibola needs his arse booted, far too casual all the time.
  7. Brophy

    Brighton interested in him apparently.
  8. Stuart Findlay

    At times Sked and Fowler and co are no better than your average Sun or Daily record journo when it comes to writing about Scottish football. They seem to just guess when writing about a lot of players.
  9. Stuart Findlay

    Great journalism by The Scotsman as usual...
  10. Swap Jordan jones

    The final ball thing with JJ is made out to be worse than it is IMO. If you look at JJs stats on a data analysis graph he has an excellent keychain total which is basically how many times he is involved in a goal without directly assisting it. His shooting is poor at times but his crossing into the box is good. I do think he makes the wrong decision sometimes though.
  11. Swap Jordan jones

    JJ is the best player we have had in years, he is the most important player we have in this team. I've never seen a player play for Killie that can skin folk for fun like he can. The worrying thing is that some of our fans still dont see how good he is and focus too much on s**t stats like how many assists he has rather than watching how important he is to driving the team forwards and creating chances. I f**king love him and will be genuienly gutted when he leaves.
  12. Greg Taylor.

    He loves us as well. Unreal passion, I f**king love him
  13. Development team V celtic Tues 7pm at RP

    There's no way he was signed for the first team. He was 18 when we signed him, the one year deal will be to see how well suited he is to football up here and to see if he could be one for the future. He will be on peanuts so it's a pretty risk free signing.
  14. Development team V celtic Tues 7pm at RP

    In what way?
  15. Steve Clarke on Derek McInnes

    McCall is a fat specky wank. Wonder if he has a tenner on Aberdeen to win on Tuesday.

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