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  1. Quarter Final Tickets

    For your information I haven't wet the bed for a long time....Monday was just a blip.
  2. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Nonsense, I got: boat, boot, tall, foot, bat, loot.
  3. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    So front AND back he's struggling?
  4. Post split fixtures

    The split is a nonsense. Always has been. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer must think football up here is run by people who've not quite reached amateur level yet.
  5. Quarter Final Tickets

    And weather forecast?
  6. Enough points?

    I said " bordering on the ridiculous " ...and obviously we could win on Saturday and our two in hand. Experience tells me that when teams and/or fans start counting their games in hand as cash in the bank then they often come a cropper. Even more so when the other sides are listening to hysterical rectums in the media re: how wonderful the opposition are (Killie in this instance). Killie v Hibs on Sat.....let's hope we can take what would be a massive 3 points or a draw and take it from there. For me, there's no way the top-six is done and dusted. To finish above this Hibs side after giving them an 8/9 game start would be truely remarkable.
  7. Enough points?

    The media are saying the top-six is done and dusted. They're also suggesting Killie could be looking at fourth. I disagree with the first point and the second is bordering on the ridiculous. Defeat for Killie and win for Motherwell on Saturday has us in seventh. I do think we're in pole-position for top-six but talking about finishing above a very good Hibs side who may finish second goes beyond extremely optimistic. Let's keep it sensible guys 'n' gals.
  8. A song for Alex dyer(appreciation of his hard work)

    Scot Squad on patrol
  9. A song for Alex dyer(appreciation of his hard work)

    "I'm no good at these things"..........think you may be over estimating your ability giving what followed.
  10. Alex McLeish

    Good news for Killie. As for the national team...we now have a manager not as good as the previous one IMO.
  11. Points off of last season

    1.7 pts per game (not including Thistle game). 26 pts / 15 games = 1.73 IF and only if that continues we'll have 47pts at the split. That will probably take us into the top-six. It's a big ask to keep that form going though.
  12. Points off of last season

    Unlikely to finish above Hearts though.
  13. Points off of last season

    A tad optimistic. Like it though.
  14. Pitch

    Hearts' poor surface was mentioned that day too.

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