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  1. Motherwell

    Hopefully only the lower is open, last time I was there we were forced to the upper tier and its s**te
  2. Dundee @ RP

    He's one of our own
  3. Dundee match thread

    The whole build up to Boydy's goal https://youtu.be/QbleOnXpSJ4
  4. Dundee match thread

  5. Dundee match thread

    https://streamable.com/ep1q9 SSN Highlights package
  6. Sky Sports News

    https://www.liveonlinetv247.info/skysportsnews.php not shown yet. for those without SSN
  7. Sod for scotland

    Big man never rested, smashing it down that wing all night!
  8. Dundee match thread

    To be honest we've been as s**te as the ref
  9. Accies St Johnstone games

    Thank god these are sorted. Now to ensure I don't have to work these nights
  10. Let’s be having you

    And that's just over a half of the stand too! Someone have a word with the photographer
  11. Form under SSC and what’s next?

    All i ask for is we keep up the form against the bottom six. The points gap between 2nd bottom and 6th is too close for comfort.
  12. Let’s be having you

    3800 Killie fans today and everyone had to pay! Not just a year ago we were scraping at 3000 in total. It's called progress good sir. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  13. Line up face Brora Rangers

    Full strength team, with possibly the only change being Boyd and McKenzie. Erwin and Tshibola coming in.
  14. Kirk Broadfoot

    I've come to love the big man. I'll just echo what everyone else is saying. He had a bad start but has come on leaps and bounds since then and is literally the 2nd name on the team sheet. I hear he is insanely bigoted, and i will admit i don't really remember much of his stint at rangers... BUT he always gives 100% on that park, he absolutely loves this team and loves winning, i still remember him running 60 yards at Murrayfield to celebrate like mad in front of us after Frizzels goal. He rips the pish out of the huns, the did it again against the tics today running 40 yards to give it a right big GIRFUY to the moffat stand... and i f**king love him.
  15. Brora Prices

    I can imagine the price won't mean s**t to the Brora fans. This is a cup final to them. The price will onyl affect our attendance. Better weather and a good run of results leading up to the game and our attendance will easily be higher than yesterday.

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