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  1. Fat Ally

    Our home gates that season were massive. Durrant and McCoist were a factor in that so all the "wage thief" chat is bollox
  2. Winter break

    That's a naw then
  3. Winter break

    I see Tommy Wright moaning about no budget for a foreign training trip, we going anywhere? Not seen anything in press.
  4. Accounts

    Lee Clark may have signed tonnes of duds but we got a million for coulibaly and Jordan jones must be valued around the same now...........we also got compensation for Clark leaving for Bury which is hilarious
  5. Stephen O'Donnell

    Speaking of smith.......is he injured again or Clarke not a fan?
  6. Hearts away

    Is there ticket prices for this game yet?
  7. On This Day

    Just watched the 3-3 highlights. With the back 4 and keeper we had I don't know why we were all surprised they came back into it. If buijs had stayed fit he would have been a great signing, very comfortable on the ball.
  8. Some buzz around the place

    Another relevant stat is we are the 4th longest serving club in top flight after Celtic, Aberdeen and Motherwell..........top 6 potential mode engaged after many years in the absolute doldrums!
  9. Luke Hendrie

    I see the cheltenham fans stayed at home because game is on tv and west ham fans sing offensive songs.........
  10. Luke Hendrie

    Big Will Boyle now live on sky playing for cheltenham v west ham. Again, id have kept him as well.
  11. Luke Hendrie

    We have little/no natural centre midfield players. We also cannot rely on broadfoot, boyd or higgines. When dicker is fit wilson needs to play wherever dicker isnt........not right back!
  12. Development League - Hibs (h)

    Apparently we signed the very experienced Paul Power who is now 63. Good talker, walked the young boys through the whole match.
  13. Luke Hendrie

    Yeah he did look good to be fair but dont think we have any RB cover. Wilson should only be used at CB or CM in my opinion.
  14. Luke Hendrie

    Just signed fir Bradford on loan. Would have had him back.
  15. Pathetic Support.

    When we first got promoted and for a good few years afterwards it was exciting when the OF visited RP. Despite the sectarian chants that we were and still are subjected to, killie fans turned up in numbers. 20 odd years later it seems there are 100 different excuses not to go, main ones..... 1. Early kick offs 2. Its on the telly 3. They sing offensive songs 4. We will prob get beat 5. Mjgtf.......oh wait he did gtf 6. Its £25 (this one i get, why dont we be pioneers and keep prices the same as all other matches? ) All in all, its a sad state of affairs to see such a poor home turn out and must have been very disheartening for the players coming out the tunnel! Im not sure the club can do much more other than reduce the walk up price and scrap the family season ticket nonsense. There is a massive issue beyond that in that so many fans have disconnected with the club and dont get excited at the prospect of watching our team face up to the "big two".

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