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  1. Sheep home, Fred

    Thats a fair assessment to be honest
  2. Sheep home, Fred

    With the incident involving sod and the diver christie did anyone else notice stevie may running to the 4th offical to try and get sod sent off
  3. Morton v Killie League cup 1979

    Bumped into him in Bellshill still loves a bet
  4. Sheep home, Fred

    I HOPE Michael Stewart and co highlight that dive on sportscene sunday
  5. Sheep home, Fred

    looks like a poor mans lionel ritchie
  6. Sheep home, Fred

    just like 1 goal wonder stevie may
  7. Sheep home, Fred

    Christie was late and yes odonnell retaliated and i thought that walsh was going to send him off
  8. Sheep home, Fred

    Chrstie being doing it all season well seeing shinie not an ice skater can never stay on his feet
  9. Never a truer word said
  10. Aberdeen game

    Spot on the sheep do press us up high so we have to make sure we counteract this
  11. RIP Rob Hamilton

  12. Aberdeen game

    This is the game where Mulumbu as he did with Scott Brown wins the midfield battle against moaning shinnie
  13. The rumour is he is off to Spain unless we stop him doing 10 in a row
  14. Sevco

    I see that clown sutton in record waxing about Brendan Rodgers on short list for chelsea job what planet is he on with his european record

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