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  1. Keepers

    Power will be gone in January the boys homesick i hear
  2. Lee Mcculloch

    Lee Mcculloch , was the easy option to be named manager the standard of the Scottish Premier is the worst i have seen since supporting kilmarnock in over 45 years the kilmarnock directors dont have a clue or a vision for the club the club is in decline and have been for many years we have flirted with relegation for years maybe our luck is finally going to run out
  3. Sean Longstaff

    saw him score at doncaster v blackpool recently cracker of a goal
  4. Billy Davies

    To be honest Billy Davies always linked for jobs but nothing happens there must be some thing in his make up i cant put my finger on as i think he is a good manager
  5. Brophy and Spencer signed.

    3 3 SOME Cracking goals
  6. Brophy and Spencer signed.

    Off to Doncaster v Blackpool tomorrow should be Rivetting Stuff ?
  7. Lucky to Stay Up

    Early days but i expect bottom 4 teams hamilton ourselves motherwell and dundee
  8. Lee McCulloch's Tactical Dilemma

    Correct should be nowhere in that team
  9. Hard man midfielder.

    I was in Lincoln got talking to barman he said power was a player who did play hard and was well thought of down there played with passion so give the guy a chance
  10. Lee Erwin

    Glad Lee Mcculloch took my advice i mentioned in previous post to sign him good luck to the boy at Rugby Park
  11. Perspective

  12. Alan Power

    Just back from Lincoln on Monday was talking to local bar man who watched lincoln city asking if i supported kilmarnock we were discussing power and he said good player passionate plays for the jersey very commited and a good shot taker on fridays performance we can only hope was a one off
  13. The "That was f**king c**ting s**tey s**te" Thread

    Well Said that man
  14. If you could rename the Sports Bar

    Will always be the killie club can still remember the late great Tommy Burns with the Scottish Cup on display at the launch of the killie lotto saying to me and Rab MCcluskey if this lotto is successfull would help to win this famous old trophy how prophetic this words were to be
  15. Dance

    You not going mate

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