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  1. Support

    Cracking day out, hopefully becomes an annual event! Well done for organising it all big man.
  2. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    As you were.....
  3. We probably couldn't afford the transfer/development fee. Bari seems a decent move for the boy and an opportunity that would be hard to turn down!
  4. Dapper Squirrel shut

    No complaints from any Buzzworks meal I've had. Pity about Dapper Squirrel, never had a problem with the service either (maybe I'm just easy pleased), food was decent, disappointing as thought it had potential.
  5. Bring him on with a minute to go and cup-tie him
  6. Cities you liked

    I'll go for (in no particular order):- Belgrade, Split, Prague, Krakow, Tallinn, Ljubljana, Leeds, Sydney, Rio, Medellin, Buenos Aires, Bangkok
  7. I’d agree with that but O’Halloran on £7k a week, say we offered £1k, Rangers then have to pay the difference plus £5k a week (or whatever they are mumbling about) for Jones and I don’t think they can afford it.
  8. Don’t think we should be looking to take Rangers cast offs in part exchange for our better players, looking at some of Rangers other targets we should be aiming to compete with them, not pander to them.
  9. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    Surely this thread is a wind up or the original poster has underlying emotional issues which have surfaced due to the boredom of the winter break.
  10. Dry January

    What about Buckfast
  11. Dry January

    Did you not fail for first 4 days?
  12. I’m kind of in the same boat but have only judged him on international games, I imagine he could be a revelation up here in the league.
  13. Jamie Macdonald

    Ok, cost us THE 3 points, I stand corrected

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