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  1. Other Kits 2018/19

    I’d prefer it if they never
  2. Next season's incoming players...

    He’d injure himself
  3. Diageo and hypocrisy

    There’s not that much to see in The Burns, but it can be a sight to behold on a Saturday night.
  4. 2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    For many year's we've suffered, Crowds have dwindled through the years, Always fighting relegation, Has only brought along our fears, But now we have a leader, His Name is Stevie Clarke, You'll never take the Killie, The Boys From Rugby Park.
  5. And probably 100% correct, Ian Black was in Scotland squad playing with Rangers in League Two. Jason Cummings in the squad when wouldn’t have been if still with Forest. It’s a complete joke to be honest.
  6. I meant in general, not him personally. Their whole attitude the seasons in the lower leagues showed their attitude to the youth set-up, and it’s hardly got much better with signing the likes of Kranjcar and Senderos in favour of playing youth players.
  7. The A to Z of killie supporters

    West Bromwich Albion, friendly in early 90s I think. Or is the game matches that you were at?
  8. Following Liam Henderson’s example, quite refreshing to see rather than wasting away at Old Firm.
  9. U20's V St Mirren

    Who’s going to break it to Youssouf Mulumbu?
  10. The "What Colour is Oxford Blue" Thread

    That’s not oxford blue! Do you know what’s Oxford blue? Nah me neither. But that’s not it.
  11. Mulumbu gossip

    Is that the size of your fans or the number of fans?
  12. Steven Caulker

    Don’t believe Dundee would have knocked that back, why would they bid outwith transfer window anyway? Think McCanns been to the Rangers School of Receiving Transfers Offers
  13. Mascot

    Ooft opening a can of worms there....
  14. West Brom

    Owen Coyle the early front-runner according to the Daily Record. Mental.

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