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  1. Ayr Tickets Phone Line

    Straight through on the phone and tickets bought, easy.
  2. Hospitality box

    Does anyone know how the construction of the new box is coming along ?
  3. Season Ticket Renewal Online

    Tried on line but could not pass the bit about confirming your seats. Got 7 season tickets last year but this year its going to be 5. Even though it will be 2 free under 16 less I could not proceed to buy.
  4. Blue & Yellow Protest Scarves

    Yip need new protest scarfs, gave the last ones away to Crossgate Primrose fans who happen to play in yellow and blue. Laddie played for them at the time, now moved on to Kelty Hearts.
  5. Moffat Stand Tickets?

    Now sounds like Moffat stand to be opened with cash turnstiles. we need as many fans as possible to turn up and support the team. KTID - MJ MUST GO.
  6. Big Flag for Thursday?

    Your going to need a holiday after all this !!! Not only did you queue for hours to get tickets for me you are now decorating the stadium for us !!!
  7. Big Flag for Thursday?

    Digging any of the old flags out would be good for either game, but obviously easier to organise for the home game. Am sure MJ would help get the flags out for us and then to enhance the match atmosphere announce he is walking away from the club for good !!
  8. EGM - Shareholders needed

    I notice from the list of Share holders that my name is missing. My grandfather bought 2 shares way back in the 1930's and one was given to me and one to my brother whose name is on the list. I know it will not help with this current crisis, but how do I go about making sure my share is still OK, I have not up dated any address details with KFC for a number of years !

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