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  1. News from Club Website on Forums?

    In your own worlds Lroy, "Don't be a dick". You wrongly confuse the relationship between the club and its fans with the poor relationship Michael Johnson has with the fans. They are entirely separate. IMO you're letting your own battles get in the way of the greater opportunity here. The news is good enough to be put on the front page of this site (which is good enough of the site to do, but not unexpected). Similarly, there are articles from the here that would be benefit from being promoted.
  2. Would it be possible to get the news stories from the club website created as threads on this forum? One of the hibs fans website has it and its a great way of stimulating forum content. Also helps the club communicate which is hugely needed. Thoughts? http://www.hibs.net/forumdisplay.php?2-hibs-net-Main-Forum
  3. Youth team concern

    Money based on facilities, coaches, teams operated etc. Not so much number of players.
  4. Youth team concern

    Not much to do with Strachan. SFA have been working to put this in place for at least 6 years, Strachan's just putting a front up to push it through. As ever, real change is being held back by so many clubs own interests being different to that of the national team/country as a whole. The draft system being proposed is a significantly watered down version of what they wanted to implement. The distances travelled by kids and parents to some clubs is horrific. No child should travel from central Ayrshire to Edinburgh for coaching when they are at school. Similarly no child from Edinburgh should travel to Glasgow - regardless of the clubs involved. Putting excellent coaches in various regional centres is sensible. Parents need to look at themselves and consider the childhood they want for their kids. Good on the SFA.
  5. Sponsors Disappearing

    Not the Saturday most likely because the players have a match the following day. Add to that the staff are probably off, the suite being used may not be available, and, I'm sure, historically most sponsors are able to attend midweek.
  6. Should the Trust support calls for an EGM?

    By not going out and balloting member opinion, the trust board are effectively abstaining, akin to MJ abstaining on the Rangers Newco vote. Who do these quotes belong to? "Duty... to act in the long-term interests of Kilmarnock" "...elected to abstain in order to reflect the result of the consultation process and in recognition of a number of other factors"
  7. Alan Robertson

    A good reception today and good words spoken by both Monty and Alan. Must have met many, many 1,000s of parent, kids, supporters and players in his time at the club. A genuine 7 day a week job, no doubt thankless at times. Best wishes in your retirement.
  8. Trust in Killie

    Thanks @killiehippo. A strong commitment.
  9. Trust in Killie

    Looking at the shareholder list linked to on @Squirrelhumper's EGM thread, it looks like the trust have 90,717 shares. The Trusts aim is to get representation on the BoD, which appears to have a 'price' of 100,000 shares: Jim Mann got a shot at trying to be a figurehead for 130,000 shares. John Kiltie & Russell Smith got theirs seat on the board with 100,00 shares. And David Moran got his short term seat on the board for 50,000 shares. ....all at £1 a share. Its also fair to assume talks have gone beyond a scoping stage and there is a consensus about what the path to investment and representation is. With that in mind, is the expectation that the trust would be looking to investing a fresh £100,000 to achieve the aim of having a seat on the board? Or would it be a case of making up the balance to raise their shareholding to 100k? Or something else?
  10. Trust in Killie

    Thanks for clarifying. So two outcomes then? 1. All is well and money is (raised and) invested 2. Trust say "no thanks" and the rumour mill goes into overdrive Do the trust have timelines in mind for completing due diligence?
  11. Trust in Killie

    @Rich2003 what do you have to suggest the trust are about to do this? Is it something you can share?

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