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  1. Hibs Vs Killie Match Day Thread

    Take nothing away from hibs they are a decent side, Lennon has them very well organised. I thought we we matched them in every department, if SC can have us that organised that determined in less than 3 weeks just wait to you see how well we will be playing in 3 months. On another night Boyd would have had a hat trick, looked a handful and put a good shift in. We need to get Power in the game more, need him on the ball as he has an eye for a pass, I have high hopes for the guy. Wee frizz was great when he came on, a real handful and very positive. All in all a very good performance thought the support was excellent also, well done everyone. Still more people to turn up though.
  2. Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    Stevie Clark’s blue and white army!!!
  3. Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    I know I am I am sure I am I am killie til I die!!!
  4. Celtic Away Thread (Formerly Fred)

    I have high hopes for today. Let’s be honest no one can critise this team as this is the one we all wanted....
  5. Rangers match

    Yet another example of how bad referees are! Although it was a great way to finish.
  6. Rangers match

    Before I go to work I need to know if the ball came out the box or not!!!
  7. Rangers match

    That was great! I thought we battled hard and had a clear game plan! Tactics were spot on. Was it a pen though? I need to see it again. But broadfoot made up for it, in jacks face winding him up and he bit!!! We looked sharp and aggressive at times in that game, the last 10mins they struggled to get out there half! Power had a great game, looking forward to seeing him and dicker in there! Also it wasn’t a back pass, it came off the strikers foot that’s why McDonald picked it up!

    Every week home and away!!!

  10. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    I don’t think people realise this, but we have fans on the board already! The club is going in the right direction!

    The 3-0 game was my favourite. One of the best days ever. Still have the ticket, our bus got slightly lost and I remember having to run to get into the ground, I hardly got to my seat and Holt scoresd. Great memory.
  12. Motherwell Development Match

    Disagree with that. The youth teams play great football, all the youth teams play football with the same style and flair, never look to go long. They play some of the best football in Scotland. I think you should get out your bed and go watch our kids!!! The 17’s have players that can step up to 20’s no fuss, we have boys in the 15’s who have played for the 20’s and boys in the 14’s who play for 15’s and train with the 17’s, boys in the 13’s who play with the 14’s. So our youth system is working, we will see these kids coming through very soon. Seem really special kids in our academy. Agree the 20’s play decent football at spells, but given they play players who aren’t good enough for the first team, it’s difficult to play decent football. I personally would rather we got rid of some of them and played more 17’s and 15’s who can play football. It’s not until we get too the first team that we look to go long and that’s down to a lack of tactics from the first team coach bringing in his pals who aren’t good enough. Clarke will fix this!!! His budget is limited but there won’t be room for lack of effort and bad attitudes.
  13. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Loving these videos and the press we are getting!!! Can’t wait to see what happens over the next few years!!!! KTID!!!
  14. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    I think another well done to the board is required. These videos don’t just happen, someone has asked for these. Think this is first class and exactly what we need in order to get people back through the gates. As many have said this looks like a long term plan and judging by the interview the board have a long term plan also, so be patient as miracles don’t happen over night.
  15. Jags away fred


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