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  1. Taylor

    Has been really good for us and showed glimpses of brilliance on a regular basis in the past. He's added a real physicality and maturity to his game that's brought him consistency. Best left back we've had since Hooky and it's genuinely a coup for the club to get him tied down long term. If he doesn't get much better we have a great first team player. If he does keep improving we could have a very big asset on our hands. Lee Clark has a point about Bowie and Kiltie. They have really proven their worth since MJ's shackles were released. A real credit to our club.
  2. Aaron simpson

    I think that's exactly why Mckenzie was selected ahead of Power as he naturally sits a little wider and.wpuld have offered Simpson an out ball. He struggles with distribution in the first half and in possession whichis where the chances down that side came from. Off the ball and defensively I thought the lad actually did ok. The guy in front of me spent the whole game bawling at the lad. Even made a sarcastic comment after his pass for the goal. He's a young guy brought in as cover...he was never going to be the finished article. He strikes me as exactly the type of player who would let the east stand moaners get to him as he's not used to playing in front of a crowd and is learning how to step up a level, hope if he is needed on Saturday he starts well and keeps the crowd off his back as I reckon without the boos he will actually do ok.
  3. Hibs Tickets

    If we get a smaller allocation because they can fill it with their own fans then fair play to them. Would love us to be able to do this at Rugby Park.
  4. Findlay in The Herald

    Would hope for his and our sake he signs up here. Has improved ten-fold in recent months and looks so much more confident which is something I always felt held him back a little. Will be great for his continued development to stay here (haven't said that in many years!) and great for us to have him.
  5. Hamilton Home game

    Boyd will start. Clarke knows that as soon as he doesn't it's a long road to get him back. Wouldn't rule out Erwin and Boyd starting though.
  6. David Lilley tackle on Neil McCann

    One of the greatest tackles I've ever seen. Clean as a whistle but so aggressive it snapped him in two.
  7. Rory

    You'll notice Rory is the first name on the team sheet in games against stronger sides in the league. His pressing and harrying is vital to how we nullify those sides and he's equally effective pressing as part of the front 3 or dropping in to create a midfield 4 that protects O'Donnell while letting him get forward. Often very under rated by our own fans sadly.
  8. Loan players

    It's a real shame for him as I think there was the potential to ve a good first team player in there somewhere.
  9. Lee McCulloch

    Yeah he left at the right time and in the right way. Clearly had the club's interest at heart. Is clearly a good guy and hope he finds a job and does well in it.
  10. Manager of Month March

    For me this is the biggest difference at RP. Long gone are the days we expect to win lose or draw. We go into every game expecting a battle to earn reward and approach each game with respect. We believe we can win. As a fanbase we need to avoid expecting wins and beready to rally round if we lose. All it can take is a mistake or bad decision to cost us a result and we need to be behind the squad when it comes. This winning every week lark is bloody good while it lasts though and it's no accident. We are earning those points.
  11. Broadfoot penalty v Dons.

    Broadfoot one was a penalty to me. So was the Motherwell claim. There's only one difference between the two and we all know what it is.
  12. Is it the players, or the coaches.

    All involved deserve praise. It takes hard work, commitment, ability and a willingness to learn to make the improvements we've seen in the players as well as sound tactics, adaptable systems (my greatest love is the media myth that we have a set system when we are actually incredibly fluid), world class coaching and player development and a strong level of awareness of and respect for other sides in the league. All these things are no accident. They haven't just fallen into place by chance. It's no coincidence that the good tmes came with Dyer and Clarke. That doesn't mean these players deserve any less praise. The club will be fighting to keep most of them and that is to their merit.
  13. Neil Doncaster

    There was support from 4 clubs. We were one. BBC spinning it as Petrie trying some underhand tactics. God knows what is really going on. Seems complex from the smattering of information that we do know.
  14. Jamie Carragher

    It's a deplorable act. Spitting is disgusting and given their was a child between the aggressor and himself it comes off even worse. That said. He maybe gets that sort of treatment wherever he goes and finally snapped. There was more said than what was said on camera, something both parties have admitted. And trying to drive is not when you want berated and goaded. The other party got off lightly with a driver awareness course and should have been handed 6 points. There's no way he was concentrating on the road ahead and his behaviour was preventing Carragher from doing so too. He's apologised. Had the genuine remorse to phone the other party before the whole thing blew up fully. Has been up front and honest about it. He's went through enough. If this was the second or third incident then I could understand Sky sacking him. A written warning and monitor going forward will suffice.
  15. Next season's incoming players...

    I personally hope we pull out all the stops to sign up our influential club captain on a new deal. Where would we be without Stevie Smith?

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