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  1. Futurama

    Remember applauding the East Fife goal...we were already well up but it was some strike! Sure we were seated in the East the week after.
  2. Message for Jordon

    200k is a joke of an offer. Naisy goes nowhere until they give us the 2 million we want regardless of what his dug feels. That lad will go on to play in the premiership. Mark my words.
  3. And if they do we can give them the courtesy of a response. If they offer 350k just ignore them.
  4. I'm sure we established that there wasn't. The lack ofa limit is known as 'Clark's rule'
  5. Winterbreak Games

    We do not and frankly...we shouldn't. We have a fairly small squad who we had to really force through the busy period and a busy spell right after the break.
  6. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    I've done this for years when singing it. Appreciate the original Ayrshire meaning and its origins but always worry how it must look to those who don't know that term or worse still how we look on the likes of sky to people channel flicking.
  7. The dud Killie strikers topic

    Was a great night. I seem to remember celebrating a Combe save as if wehad won the league. Guy was clearly crippled but had been begged to play to give us some experience ahead of Bell. Was brilliant that night.
  8. Dom Thomas

    Kiltie will be a few months before he's fully up to speed. I'd imagine we will see him push fir a regular start again come end of February/March. He's had a few consecutive bad injuries.
  9. Gary Dicker

    Nothing wrong with watching some football. I'd see the concern if he was stumbling out the pub at 2am. He's not and he's entitled to use his downtime as he sees fit. He obviously just loves the game or has a mate playing in it.
  10. Jamie Macdonald

    Well it tells you that McDonald has the third best record in the league at keeping out 1v1 situations. Looks pretty self explanatory.
  11. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    Little niggles common when returning from a long-term injury like this. It's good to be ina position where telling the lad to take an extra few days of rehab work etc has no real impact on the first team.
  12. Steven Naismith

    If he does come I would assume it's because Jones has been sold on. If he chooses Sevco. Leave him to it. Very few players capable of turning that mess around, he's more than welcome to try.
  13. Youssouf Mulumbu

    It's a frighteningly sexy thought isn't it.
  14. The only games they've won comfortably are when teams show them respect. They don't deserve respect. Regardlessof their masses they are worth nothing. They have no history and very few players of any ability. We are a better side than them. Press high and hard off the ball and make sure our midfield dictate play and we can easily come away with three points.
  15. Jordan Jones

    Would take Windass off of them. Possibly Danny Wilson too as a longer term successor to Greer/Broadfoot. The rest of their team is no better than ours or anyone elsein the league.

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