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  1. Football Memories

    One of my mates has dementia it’s not a nice thing to get he is in his 50s. A great initiative. Great stuff
  2. Season tickets

    Remember him well he got dogs abuse from the killie fans or something like that !!!
  3. Will you be buying a season ticket

    Unfortunately I can’t as I work every second Saturday so it’s not worthwhile me getting one
  4. Nike Deal

    Agree that the training gear is better.
  5. Nike Deal

    Ok yes this seasons one is better .
  6. Next season's incoming players...

    Cost too much and couldn’t play on plastic pitch due to knee problems. Well out of reach
  7. Nike Deal

    It’s a special anniversary we don’t want the usual pish that Nike produce it has to be a one off . There must be better manufacturers out there . Unfortunately as has been said by Lroy the shop is run by just sport who can’t be arsed to send reply’s to any questions put them.
  8. Hippo 182

    Keep me one please mate
  9. RIP Rob Hamilton

    Never really knew him so sad to hear of another genuine killie fan passing away. RIP condolences to his family.
  10. Season tickets

    I actually agree with you
  11. New contracts

    Oh dear !!!!
  12. Wenger, Rogers and managerial merrygoround

    With his bucket and spade!!
  13. Rory McKenzie

    What a shame been playing really well recently hope his injury isn’t to serious.
  14. New contracts

    I have 7 olevels and 8 highers that make me intelligent enough for you!!!!
  15. New contracts

    A load of bulls**t!!!!!

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