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  1. Support

    Well done to all the killie fans who were there for there mate Guinea. Your a credit to him and Kilmarnock
  2. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Good luck to both of you and congratulations on the imment birth of your first child.
  3. St Johnstone midweek off

    Wouldn’t let it bother me if I had been there i would have joined you.
  4. St Johnstone midweek off

    Tut tut that’s terrible must have been a different one
  5. St Johnstone midweek off

  6. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Thanks that clears that up then
  7. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Where is the official confirmation about him leaving?
  8. The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    Was it sandy maclaughlan
  9. The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    Spot on big man
  10. Interview with Clarke and Boyd

    Absolutely brilliant don’t know the guy interviewing but great interview.
  11. Saturday

    Fullback in the early 1980s
  12. Saturday

    Yes it did mate safely of all supporters is paramount. Can’t have Ross County coming down if the roads are bad.
  13. Hippos good news

    Wait a minute mate your taking over the Howard.
  14. Green isn't a colour that suits you McCall

    Once a tosser allways a tosser.
  15. Steven Naismith

    Have allways said don’t believe everything the papers say.

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