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  1. Disco Inferno

    I know someone who got chucked out The Shack the night it burnt down but left his jacket. Walked up to get it the next morning to find the place on fire. Pretty sure he told them it was a few hundred quid and got the insurance money off it.
  2. Away Kit

    Nice, but eeeeevrry Adidas away kit is the same. Puma away kits are worse, all of them are white.
  3. On This Day

    Bastard. I'd managed to forget about that game.
  4. On This Day

    Hey, CB. Got anything for us today?
  5. 5th/6th is an amazing achievement. 4th has to be the optamistic target now. Suggesting 2nd/3rd would not automatically brand you a madman.

    See how we "won" the league in calendar year 1998(?) I think we'll win it calendar year 2018.
  7. Dreamland

    You know how when you have a cold and your nose is stuffed and you're annoyed with yourself for taking breathing for granted? Lap it up lads, we're breathing through our nose right now.
  8. Ignored Users?

    UPDATE: I can't fix it. Baz will need to look under the hood but he seems to be off the grid at the moment.
  9. "Crazy goalie kits of the 1990s"

  10. "Crazy goalie kits of the 1990s"

    Had this one. Loved it.
  11. Ignored Users?

    I just had a play about with it and it looks like you can't block people with special titles; Moderator etc. It seems "Trust Member" also falls under this. I'll see what I can do.
  12. Ignored Users?

    What's going on here. All I can see is a blank thread?
  13. David Ngog to Ross County

    Currently the mighty Southport manager. Doing quite well and I'd like to keep him thank you very much.
  14. More International Call-ups

    'Mon the Doctor Congo!
  15. Attendance tonight

    I remember doing a big tedious post about attendances being lower than they seem after the Falkirk last day game. It had photos and everything. I believe the official attendance.

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