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  1. Aaron Tshibola

  2. Aaron Tshibola

    "Coloured" really? "best of both" really? I think you mean black for the former and mixed race for the latter. Are you from the 70s? #unconsciousracism
  3. Aaron Tshibola

    Whit. Seriously? Dont think Ive ever heard that at RP. Cant even remember it from 70s although no doubt it was used.
  4. Let’s be having you

    Just pulled this off twitter from a Dundee fan lording over the Arabs. Probably reflects who youve played at home but Killie best attendance outside city teams.
  5. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    I slagged someone off for complaining about this some time ago. I was wrong. The service has massively deteriorated. The changes to the process aren't working. Not the fault of the kids working there.
  6. Strike for longer Mahrez

    Drinking on a school night tut tut.
  7. Fan-made football kits that are better than the real thing.

    This one?
  8. Fan-made football kits that are better than the real thing.

    Yellow away with blue chest band.
  9. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    Thinks he's funny but actually comes across as a total pudding
  10. Celtic thread, Fred

    Mid way through the first half started to think we could get sth out of this. Most organised, disciplined and committed performance in recent memory. Absolutely brilliant.
  11. Support.

    Time for the alnobaybacks to get their arses down to RP if they're fit and able to. If they dont they've no right to call themselves fans.
  12. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    This. Anti-football. Got what they deserved.
  13. Training facilities

    Gardrum Farm anyone?
  14. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Suspect he's 12 and past his bed time.
  15. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Dear oh dear oh dear. Its the words stupid, not the tune. Football teams dont own the tune. Perversely you seem to have the same attitude as the huns that turn up at a Tina Turner gig in Glasgow with 'rankers' scarves on. Simply the best is not a 'rankers' song is it.

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