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  1. Don't know if it has changed but to be a ballboy you had to be involved with Kilmarnock in some capacity, under 11s or 12 etc
  2. Manager of Month March

    Big jig just been on stv praising the Kilmarnock board and players for the top six Finish and touting SC for manager of the year. Jokingly he did take some credit for bringing sod and brophy to the club but on the whole he spoke well about Killie and SC. As has been said before nice guy just opportunity at Kilmarnock came to early for him.
  3. Top Six Secured

    Cup hero, legend
  4. gers away, Fred

    Brilliant when the players came to acknowledge us at the end, seems a great togetherness between players and management these days, long may it continue. Big Kirk was superb today.
  5. Who would you like relegated

  6. Rory

    Hope the reports are true, not always appreciated by all support but very rarely can you say he hasn't gave his all. Like many others he seems to have improved under SC.
  7. Ibrox on Saturday

    Feeling quite optimistic for tomorrow, players will be hurting after the loss. What better way to get back on track than by beating Rangers and almost certainly securing a top six finish. 2-1 Killie
  8. Tunes for McInnes

    Loser by beck
  9. Rossco Fred

    Squad rotation at rugby park, who would have thought this would have happened at the start of the season. Still looks a very strong team.3-0 killie
  10. KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Just been to rugby park for tickets, not to busy but you have to feel for the girls in the shop. Woman in front of me wanting her season ticket seat, it took a while to scan her ticket and assign it to card. She then wanted a ticket for the seat next to hers but it was already gone, she then cancelled her season to get two seats together. The girls in shop must have the patience of a saint.
  11. Good Desktop Wallpaper

  12. Can you think of anything to moan about?

    Bring back the score boards.
  13. Saints home, Fred

    Erwin to run riot, 3-0 Killie
  14. Support today

    Correct. Add in Boyds celebration and it's well worth the journey.
  15. Jambos, Fred

    Bit of pace upfront to rip the p1sh out of Berra then leapfrog into 5th place 1 - 3 killie

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