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  1. Best team of 2017-18

    everyone think team of kilmarnock to end of season but I know Kilmarnock not won face any team at two month (August and September) I think Kilmarnock best team face 2017/18 If McCulloch want 4-2-3-1 MacDonald Wilson Greer Findlay Waters Hawkshaw Dicker Thomas McKenzie Jones Erwin If 4-4-2 MacDonald Wilson Greer Findlay Waters Thomas Hawkshaw Dicker Jones Erwin Samizadeh What everyone of you think who players in team of best place 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2
  2. Line up face Dundee

    Samizadeh try chance play Kilmarnock at SPFL first game
  3. Line up face Dundee

    MacDonalds Higgins Greer Findlay Waters Thomas Frizzill Hawkshaw Taylor Jones Samizadeh Sub Bell Erwin Brophy O'Donnell McKenzie Broadfoot Wilson
  4. Line up face Dundee

    Kilmarnock team line up face Dundee this weekend. Who possible?
  5. Line up face Aberdeen

    I think Kilmarnock try put Waters,S.Boyd, Samizadeh, Bell and Power chance.
  6. Line up face Aberdeen

    Kilmarnock line up team face Aberdeen this weekend?
  7. If Jig quits

    If McCoist appoint new manager to Kilmarnock than he can talk Boyd and Ian Durrant to staff backroom
  8. Need Changes team

    Kilmarnock need changes team line up face Aberdeen Bell Taylor O'Donnell Findlay Waters Jones Power Wilson Samizadeh Erwin Brophy Anyone think changes to you choose player who start face Aberdeen next weekend?
  9. Before LM goes

    I think possible three shortlist of might new manager to Kilmarnock after Kilmarnock will sack McCulloch this monday or Aberdeen result (If Kilmarnock lost or draw result) Paul Hartley Gary Holt Billy Davies
  10. Line up face Motherwell

    Kilmarnock 1MacDonald 2O'Donnell 4Greer 17Findlay 12Taylor 15Thomas 20Wilson 3Smith 29Burke 25Brophy 22Erwin Substitutes 5Broadfoot 6Power 11Jones 18Waters 19Samizadeh 21Frizzell 26Bell I think Possible Kilmarnock put play formation 4-4-2 -------------------------------MacDonald------------------ O'Donnell--------------Greer------Findlay ---------Taylor Burke----------------Wilson--------Smith--------------Thomas --------------------Erwin------------Brophy-----------------------
  11. Line up face Motherwell

    Kilmarnock have 5 players doubtful for tomorrow but I didn't know who doubtful and anyone know player is doubtful tomorrow game face Motherwell?
  12. Thing Change

    Scotland try call up someone like Ramsey, Bale, Woodburn (Wales) and Rashford (Man Utd) need bring young with qualify Jack Harper (Malaga if he in first team with Malaga) Oliver Burke (WBA) Theo Archibald (duo Brentford) Jai Quitongo (Morton) Jack Aitchison (Celtic) Scott Wright (Aberdeen) Ali Coote (Brentford)
  13. Thing Change

    For me I'd like to see, in future, more faith put in youngsters or in form players rather than sticking with the same old, same old. Whereas the likes of Wales have the balls to play a teenager not yet having played (to any degree) for his club in Woodburn we soldier on with the likes of Morrison (just because he plays in the Premiership) even though he is currently unfit and out of form. Get the kids in and ones playing for less fashionable SPL clubs and lets see what they have got. After all the likes of Morrison is coming to the end of his career and on a downward spiral in pace and form. Get the likes of Henderson, Ralstan, and such-like into the squad early and bed them in - that is the way forward. Look to the future not to the past. We have seen what fresh faces can do to the side as our fortunes have changed greatly since Tierney and Armstrong have been brought in. It revitalises the side and creates competition as well. Whether Strachan remains or not it is something we really should be doing. anyone idea who younger player to any team from Championship or SPFL club like Woodburn
  14. St Mirren Park tonight

    yes senior set up full cap
  15. St Mirren Park tonight

    I hope Strachan watch to Scotland U21s players for might bring centre back, left full back, right full back and might wingers

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