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  1. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    God how mind numbingly underwhelming. The Scottish cup needs a major over haul. it's a lame duck
  2. Dundee away thread

    Hamilton beating rangers at Ibrox absolutely has something to do with us. That's 3 points that a rival in and around us has picked up that no one expected them to. could be difference come end of season. with league so tight. . it's only it's only Celtic who can say who cares
  3. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    Rangers or Celtic away. . . absolutely guaranteed
  4. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Would be a great signing if he can get fit. only worry is a bigger club come in for him . . . Like Falkirk
  5. Hearts Match Thread

    Dundee game is a great opportunity now to put the final nail in Neil McCanns coffin. We've got Pedro sacked and I'm convinced if we beat them (wait new Steve Clarke era WHEN) we beat Dundee. he'll be begging Sky to take him back
  6. Hearts Match Thread

    The Ian Cathro experiment has set them back years apparently. it was the current man in charge who appointed him hahhaha. But enough about Hearts. We are looking fitter, organised, and have a new never say die attitude
  7. Hearts Match Thread

    Agreed. Their unashamedly biased commentary made the victory all the more sweeter. It was Ian Cathros fault today apparently now hahaha. Hearts are deluded
  8. Hearts Match Thread

    Superb, buzzing, the improvement continues. Made my weekend. looking forward to watching the full game shortly in Gaelic
  9. Hearts Match Thread

    Fantastic from McDonald and it leads to us scoring the second. some people on here should be embarrassed by the stick they give that goalkeeper
  10. Hearts Match Thread

    Hanging on for dear life for a point now. This hearts team are garbage as well
  11. Hearts Match Thread

    Every pundit on Sportsound absolutely choking for a hearts equaliser
  12. Hearts Match Thread

    If it was it would be Leveins best team talk he's ever gave. up there with right no strikers being played today it's a 4-6-0 formation
  13. Hearts Match Thread

    Alan Power best player on the park
  14. Hearts Match Thread

  15. Hearts Match Thread

    Our left side being targeted again. . . McDonald making a great save. . . Jones putting in some inviting balls but no one on the end of them so far

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