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  1. Dundee thread

    To be fair to a few people on here psychologists have a name for what you're suffering from. . .
  2. NextWeek

    I think going forward I have a plan for success. . . When Lee McCulloch goes we should give Peter Leven the job on a temporary basis. Maybe he'll scrape a few decent results in the short term and then we should drag out the will he won't take the job permanently for a few weeks before appointing him on a 3 year contract. It's bulletproof. only thing I would suggest to guarantee this plan definitely works is we should ensure Leven is allowed to appoint his own assistant. This assistant shouldn't have any previous experience but should be good pals with Leven. Oh and to fully ensure success Leven should get rid of 90% of the squad next summer and sign an entire new squad of players Then in the late autumn/early winter of the 2018 season we should appoint Leven's assistant as temporary manager. . . before giving him the job permanently on a 3 year deal.
  3. Dundee thread

    This post is spot on. I speak to fans who tell me ("I said there was a player in Jackson Irvine and we just had to find his right position". . . NO YOU DIDN'T. he was tried everywhere and just like everyone else you agree he was terrible in every position he played. What he did afterwards is irrelevant. Then there's fans who say look at the pars "I knew there was a manager in Alan Johnson". . . NO YOU DIDN'T. you watched the lack of tactics, lack of gameplan and horrendous 'we was just unlucky' post match comments every week when everyone else with two eyes could see we were outplayed all over the park. If we get beat by Ross County next week then I think Lee McCulloch may well walk away. but when he goes on to win the champions league as manager of Barcelona. don't pipe up then and try and claim you said he should have stayed. . . because we'll know You didn't.
  4. NextWeek

    Next week is a must win. . . but I said that about today and Hamilton. I keep thinking about Thomas and his comments he made when he first joined us. Stephen Robinson and the Motherwell staff were trying to make him think about his role defensively as well as going forward and he didn't like this. said when I joined killie McCulloch told him just to play like he was in the playground. I watched Motherwell against Aberdeen the other night and they were incredible. I watched us today and we looked like a bunch of kids playing in the playground
  5. Dundee thread

    I have to say I thought today was a very poor performance. in fact the game was devoid of quality from two very poor sides who will be battling at the bottom this year. I honestly don't know what formation we were playing today and don't think the players knew their roles at all. we played with 4 centre midfielders (McKenzie, Hawkshaw, Frizell, waters) all hogging the centre circle and Jones drifting between being on the left and also being in the middle. We had no shape at all. McKenzie suppose to be on on right side I think but drifted in. The pitch looks horrendous and is going getting worse with every passing game. so patchy and dry. ball doesn't move on it and it bounces shockingly. Maybe we can say it played a part in the big man's miss at the end but still. . . Boyd will be having nightmares about that chance for sometime. should have buried it. Agree about the bench. we need to move those old high earners off the wage bill and INVEST EVERY penny we have to bring in a quality midfielder either on a free now or in January ( I fear however that come January we will by that point be marooned). Style of play is so so poor. no gamelan and I've said it before. We have one of the best wingers in The league and a pitch the width of a narrow five a side. Oh and lastly. . . Dundee are also honking
  6. BT Sport Preview Killie vs Dundee

    A decent result and performance last week away from home against a team much better than our up coming opponents. Fans and players talking about how that performance should kick start our season. Us against a team struggling down the bottom end of the table who have just been thumped 4-0 coming to visit Killie. . . We've all seen this script before. . . I could play a part in it
  7. Stevie Smith - whats the point?

    He's definitely our most shy captain ever. Doesn't speak at any point in the game. is he scared of people?
  8. Dons Fred

    Praised on Sportscene for our passing and bravery on the ball. Big difference from last week. on another note, what a truly terrible tv programme sportscene is. Michael Stewart and Stephen Thomson are insufferable.
  9. Dons Fred

    Could a central midfield of Waters, Hawkshaw, and Frizell be a good combination? I think it could be. all comfortable on the ball and balance each other out. . .
  10. Dons Fred

    An excellent point today and very hard fought. A bonus point if you like. Next week is massive and I hope we see Hawkshaw and Waters keep their place. Shows what we've been saying for a few weeks. it's been the older players that have been letting us down and today we didn't see Broadfoot, Burke, or Boyd. it's irrelevant that these players played for other clubs in the past. they are old and are not the players they were. time to show faith in the hungry young players trying to forge a career for themselves. they have far more to play for.
  11. Dons Fred

    I respect that. I was once that guy. Five years and 4 managers ago
  12. Dons Fred

    What made you optimistic before kick off? lol
  13. Dons Fred

    Was hoping our 5-4-1 would frustrate Aberdeen and frustrate the crowd.
  14. Line up face Aberdeen

    As we all consider our best line up, formation, formula to stop Aberdeen winning 14 IN A ROW against us today (that's unbelievable to think) I'm not now wondering how we will stop the goals going in at our end. but who will score them for us? Has anyone else been hugely disappointed and massively underwhelmed by Lee Erwin who I personally thought was a great signing and a bit of a coup to get. so far however he looks slow, overweight and uninterested. he was lightning for Motherwell and was a standout any time I watched him for them. looks a shadow of that player in the blue and white stripes
  15. King Kenny Speaks!

    This deserves a red card. This man was an absolute legend. genuinely cared. I would give ANYTHING to have him back. if we brought him in this Friday evening we would get a result against Aberdeen on the Saturday. Set us up brilliantly. the last time we seen a manager employ tactics was Kenny Shiels.

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