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  1. What was your first game?

    a hat trick of free-kicks from Ray Mckinnon early 97 was my first game in a 3-2 defeat vs Dundee Utd.
  2. Monty interview - questions neededWe

    Which player do you regret not learning more from while he was at Kilmarnock?
  3. Youssouf Mulumbu

  4. Lee Erwin/4-4-2

    Very disappointed in this signing so far, can hope for a change in fortune.
  5. Jamie MacDonald

    I don't rate him that highly, makes the saves he should make but because there's been so many chances of late ( baring the past few games) he has been kept busy. I think he guesses alot and often dives completely the wrong way. Yes, hes kept us in games, but I would still rather have Woodman if given the choice.
  6. Sound System

    Sounded great from afar, walking up towards the hotel we could clearly hear the teams getting read out with excitement. Once in the West... no idea.
  7. Birthday Mentions v Hibs

    Hi Gavin, Happy Birthday to Iain Lindsay who was 30 just the other day. Cheers
  8. Dens Away Seating

    Anytime I've been it's been behind the goals.
  9. Let's all get to Rugby Park on Tuesday.....

    6 lapsed fans from Kilwinning will be in attendance
  10. Stephen O Donnell

    Quality was never an issue with him, fitness and match sharpness was. Glad he is finding his feet again.

    no your ok.
  12. Sports Bar vs Old Firm

    Are the club doing anything to provide themselves an extra revenue stream within the Sports bar for the games coming up vs Rangers and Celtic away. I know a lot of people simply avoid these grounds - but the club taking advantage of this? Stream the game in the Sports Bar and make a tidy profit?
  13. Some buzz around the place

    I would imagine theirs a few bigger clubs than us asking the question " Why couldn't we get Steve Clarke?"
  14. Cut Price Season Tickets?

    Realistically if you get 50 more paying adults at each game then it's worth it. Only chance of the stadium being too wee is if Elton or Rod are due a concert.
  15. Free Transfers

    I'm sure the cut off for free transfer registration is 31st March is any given season.

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