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  1. Points off of last season

    Barring injuries and suspensions I don't see why the top 6 shouldn't be a realistic goal.
  2. Line up face Brora Rangers

    I'd imagine Tsibola and Scott Boyd would start. Maybe Erwin for Boyd but I don't see major changes.
  3. Team for Saturday v celtic?

    Jmc Odd KB Boyd Taylor Power Dicker Mulumbu Jones Boyd Tishbola
  4. People moaning that it's a waste of a wage.. if he's the number 2 GK... how can it be a waste?
  5. Rory Mckenzie to St johnstone

    I didn't think 6 months ago I'd be writing this .... we won't miss him. That said, thanks for your time here and all the very best.
  6. Ladbrokes Team of the Month Show

    Great watch and well deserved
  7. Gie it a by! Every hour of every day!!
  8. Alan Kerr - also Kilwinning
  9. Jim Stewart - Currently Forest and Scotland goal keeper coach Jim Fleeting - SFA director of coaching Alan Mahood - Last I heard Queens Park coach Gary McDonald - unsure. Colin Stewart - Rangers first team GK coach. Neil McGregor - Council worker I think Chris Strain - Kilwinning Rangers Manager, works in the RBS.
  10. Killie to sign Stevie Mallan on loan.
  11. Personal Dream Teams

    1. Freddie Woodman 2. Dylan Kerr 3. Peter Canero 4. Ray Montgomery 5. Freddie Dindeluex 6.Ian Durrant 7. Alexis Eremenko 8.Yousaaf Mulumbo 9.Kris Boyd 10. Steven Naismith 11. Gary Holt
  12. Birthday mentions v Rangers

    Happy Birthday to Terry McAdam, 29th next week.
  13. Loan deals.

    Would Naismith be welcomed back at Rangers?
  14. What would be your game plan for Saturday?

    Go for it and rattle em. Morales upfront is my only worry as his a good player.
  15. Home Support Saturday

    I suspect 4,000 home fans on Saturday.

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