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  1. Steven Naismith

    I used to work for that crumpet, good killie man, bad boss.
  2. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    Got a tea for the mrs and the lassie didn’t know where the milk was and eventually gave up the hunt after 5 minutes. This was after waiting in the que for 25 minutes then no getting a pie!
  3. Hibs Roll Call

    I live in Glasgow and will be going by train as well, how are you getting from Waverley to the ground?
  4. JJ

    People talking about £400k. Why would we sell him for that? Regardless of what he may get outside, his value to the club it more than that surely?
  5. Hibs Vs Killie Match Day Thread

    What was the attendance tonight?
  6. Rangers match

    What an end to a game!

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