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  1. Steven Naismith

  2. Steven Naismith

    Naismith 'unlikely' to sign for Kilmarnock after it's revealed they haven't tried to sign him. Stevie Naismith's protracted move back to Kilmarnock appears to have hit a major snag today as it's been reported they haven't attempted to sign him. Reports have been rife across the internet from various sources including Naismith's auntie's curtain maker, a guy who works in Stewarton and someone who couldn't reveal their source, that Naisy would be resigning for the stripes. However we can today exclusively reveal that a deal is now unlikely given the club haven't approached his current club Norwich or the player himself. Another source, who cannot be named but who has links to the Kilmarnock board through his ex wife's second cousin, said today "I just can't see it happening. These transfers usually only go through when the club tries to sign a player. In the modern game it's quite rare that a player will sign for a club that haven't tried to sign him. According to my sauce...It's also likely that Bob Harris, Anton Rogan and Terrence Trent D'arby, who Killie also haven't actually tried to sign, won't be putting pen to paper either." Naismith, 31, is now expected to sign on at a club who have tried to sign him.
  3. Gordon Sawers

    The guy is a poor soul. Clear to see he's at best an immature attention seeker or at worst quite mentally ill. Best solution is to let him back to watch the games and stop giving him any publicity. If his videos views, likes and comments started to dwindle he'd go back to being anonymous in no time and that is absolutely the best thing for everyone involved.
  4. is the "we are Killie" song unacceptable

    Black as in 'filthy' is a well worn word/phrase in these parts but I do think it's dying out because the world is changing and thanks to media/travel etc language is becoming more international. We all should know that singing Ayr are black bastards means they are filthy/unwashed bastards and is nothing to do with skin colour. Being from Kilmarnock I was probably introduced to the word black as in the colour first, to mean very dirty 2nd and then with reference to skin/race a distant 3rd but that was 30 year ago. My son is 9 and would never associate the world black with being dirty. He associates it with race and therefor when he's heard that particular song being sung I've had to explain it to him. He doesn't like it cause it feels wrong to him which is a sign that it's becoming outdated. It will die out of its own volition I'm sure. I've sung it and will maybe sing it again, as I know what it means, but the very fact we are having this debate means it should probably be canned. It's a s**t fitba song anyway.
  5. Pylon

    Thanks again Duncan. Good opportunity for us
  6. I've no idea where the Anya links have come from, does Clarke have previous with him at another club? Obviously the Naismith thing has some legs given his history and domestic situation. I think there is a decent chance he signs with us although I'd be less sceptical if he was a couple of years older. At 31 there's still ample opportunity to go make some big bucks, although I guess he's been doing just that for a while. Would be a very very good signing for us. Anya is just sheer pace from what I've seen of him and would trouble most defences in this league. I'd be delighted with one of them. If we get both I'd really fancy us to be pushing top 5.
  7. Craig Slater

    Far from the worst. Good luck to him.
  8. The dud Killie strikers topic

    Nish and Wales shouldn't be anywhere near this thread. Both contributed well, especially Nish. Worst I've seen is Dalglish. Hutchison, Jarvis, Stewart, Koudou, Simmonds, Carrick, Rory Boulding were all really poor and lucky to have played with us. Andy Smith pound for pound was awful too, paid a good fee for him I'm sure and he just didn't do it. Although he did ok for Dunfermline.
  9. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    Very happy with that result. An excellent run of results
  10. Personal Dream Teams

    Marshall MacPherson Pascali Dindeleux Gordon Bryson Holt Durrant Eremenko Boyd Nevin
  11. JJ

    He's a silly bastard if he signs for Rangers. Think he's a smashing player but defo needs another 12 months with us then down to England/abroad.
  12. Jamie Macdonald

    Our only poor player yesterday. A couple of very dodgy mistakes that could easily have cost us. Maybe earned a bad game given how well he's been playing though.
  13. Eammon Brophy

    Brophy runs and runs and is very strong. Add a bit of confidence to the mix and we've found a really decent player.
  14. Kirk Broadfoot

    Winning us over with some really solid showings. Seems to really care as well.
  15. Youssouf Mulumbu

    Best player on the park by miles. Streets ahead. Never seen such power, quality and effort on and off the ball. The whole package as a midfielder. Going to enjoy watching this guy whilst I can.

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