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  1. Hamilton away

    There's a Morrisons right next to the ground I usually park there
  2. Killie 2 Accies 0 31/03/18

    Power for me. Impressed by SOD and Findlay today too.
  3. Pylon

    Hi everyone just giving this a wee bump as tickets for our show in Glasgow went on sale today cheers http://tickets.glasgowconcerthalls.com/single/SYOS.aspx?p=14640
  4. Confidemus93: 1 to 11 with Paska

    Good to get souleycouley on board. The guy clearly loves the team and spends a fair bit of his free time creating Killie related stuff for us to enjoy. Content wise I like it but it could really use a bit of editing in places. Poor grammar and punctuation make some of it quite difficult to read. Well researched though and great to hear from one of my all time Killie favourites.
  5. Penalty Shoot Outs

    Seen us lose on pens to Ayr at Somerset, Airdrie and now Aberdeen at home. Missed the Albion Rovers one. Bit of a curse with teams beginning with A.
  6. Dons match fred

    Considering where both teams have come from over the past year, we've done incredibly well to hold them to a draw over 210 minutes. Aberdeen have been generally accepted as the 2nd best team in Scotland recently and we have been, in general, absolute crap until very recently. Their playing budget, fan base and resources dwarf ours. I think Aberdeen have been the best team I've seen at RP in the last few years, in terms of performances against us. So we deserve a lot of credit for last nights performance. I think we can learn a lot from last night. We matched them all the way on the bravery front. We created just as many chances even though we couldn't get our best players JJ and Mulumbu on the ball enough. We were pretty unlucky. I'd say the only area we were a clear second best on was a bit of self belief and that winning mentality. McLean, Shinnie and Woodman in particular looked ultra confident all night. Like winners. And it was that swagger that got them over the line. I think under SC we will develop that. I really hope we get a full crack at this next season. I hope Mulumbu, Jones, O'Donnell, Dicker et all look at the progress, look at the coach, look at the fan base and give us at least another season - even though I'm sure they will have other options. If we can keep moving in the same direction, if we can add that confidence and mentality to our heart and skill and organisation, if we can keep these boys together, next season could be something very special indeed.
  7. Saints home, Fred

    You know what I love most about this group of players? We finally have an identity. It's been years and years, even when we were playing well under Jefferies, Mixu and Shiels, since we've had a squad like this. We are getting effort, commitment, quality and teamwork from these boys every week. Our underrated goalie, our attacking full backs, steady old fashioned centre backs, proper pros in midfield with Mulumbu the diamond, a bit of quality and pace in the wide areas and our best goalscorer in 50 years up front. Add in a a strong bench and a lot of promising young players and we've got a brilliant balance. I feel really connected to the players for the first time in years. Greg Taylor, O'Donnell, Dicker, Power, Jones I could go on and on but these are guys to be properly proud of. Brave as lions and playing for the jersey and for us. Results are amazing but it's going way beyond that now. Feels like we are all pulling together, winning as a team and (if we ever do) losing as a team. Turning into a very special season. All goes back to that Frizzell goal at Partick. I said it at the time you could feel a change in the air. I didn't expect it to be this good mind. I'm loving every second of this.
  8. Birthday Mentions v St. Johnstone

    Nice one mate, thank you
  9. Greg Taylor.

    Greg Taylor is brilliant. Heart of a lion. He's been incredibly consistent for his age and is getting better and better.
  10. Oldest player

    Just reading something on twitter about clubs/countries oldest players. Roger Milla, Peter Shilton etc. Just wondered if anyone can think who Killie's oldest player is?
  11. The best ever?

    I think all round Mulumbu is close to the best. Eremenko had the vision and the touch but couldn't run or tackle. He was glorious but had more obvious deficiencies in his game. I loved Nevin, Cocard was a very talented guy too. Skora had a lot going for him and could have been an all time great. But the only guy that comes close to Mulumbu in terms of all round play is Durrant. Naismith, Dindeleux, Bryson, Gary Holt and Kris Boyd are standouts too but not quite at the same level as Mulumbu. Sadly I just missed Tommy Burns as a player so can't comment on him or before that. I feel we have a brilliant chance to make the top 6 and Scottish cup final this year. If we do both with Mulumbu leading the charge as he has been, I think he'll go down as the best I've seen. He's a brilliant footballer who, outwith the super elite clubs, would benefit most squads. Think he's got every chance of being at a good EPL club next year if the move to France doesn't resurface.
  12. Total faith in SSC

    Anyone levelling criticism at SC needs a serious reality check. If he'd started the season in the job I'd imagine we'd be pretty close to Aberdeen's points tally. He has more than earned a mildly disappointing result from time to time. As it stands the remit is to keep us in the league, considering the horrendous start. We'll do that with plenty to spare with a decent cup run looking highly likely. Everything is on the up. Bound to be a bump or two along the way but if we stay on the same upward trajectory we'll be a genuine force next season.
  13. Steven Naismith

  14. Steven Naismith

    Naismith 'unlikely' to sign for Kilmarnock after it's revealed they haven't tried to sign him. Stevie Naismith's protracted move back to Kilmarnock appears to have hit a major snag today as it's been reported they haven't attempted to sign him. Reports have been rife across the internet from various sources including Naismith's auntie's curtain maker, a guy who works in Stewarton and someone who couldn't reveal their source, that Naisy would be resigning for the stripes. However we can today exclusively reveal that a deal is now unlikely given the club haven't approached his current club Norwich or the player himself. Another source, who cannot be named but who has links to the Kilmarnock board through his ex wife's second cousin, said today "I just can't see it happening. These transfers usually only go through when the club tries to sign a player. In the modern game it's quite rare that a player will sign for a club that haven't tried to sign him. According to my sauce...It's also likely that Bob Harris, Anton Rogan and Terrence Trent D'arby, who Killie also haven't actually tried to sign, won't be putting pen to paper either." Naismith, 31, is now expected to sign on at a club who have tried to sign him.
  15. Gordon Sawers

    The guy is a poor soul. Clear to see he's at best an immature attention seeker or at worst quite mentally ill. Best solution is to let him back to watch the games and stop giving him any publicity. If his videos views, likes and comments started to dwindle he'd go back to being anonymous in no time and that is absolutely the best thing for everyone involved.

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