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  1. Line up face Aberdeen

    Are you trying to compare me wae boydy
  2. Oh dear...

    If they trained all day every day come Saturday they'd be cream crackered
  3. Chester

    Met him this morning he looked like Del Boy ffs
  4. Chester

    And this weekend the troops are off to Blackpool ---- and we have plenty in the tank
  5. Celtic fans

    I was mostly watching man united game so missed what happened---- radio Scotland saying a Celtic rat came on park and tried to kick a psg player ?????
  6. Man City v. Liverpool

    3 game ban --- be seeing you -- next year will be liverpools year
  7. Laddies Who Lunch

    And a lovely afternoon was had by all ---- and the ex players enjoyed participating in the usual chants --- sadly today's players only know the words to the sash and derrys walls sash
  8. A Disgrace. . .

    I love killie fc and have done for 48 years
  9. A response from Sandy Armour please

    Sandy is a legendary killie fan who has no need to explain to twats on here ----- but since MJ left we are no further forward ---- personally I could name and shame c**ts who have said they'd invest or be back ---- but haven't ---------- but I won't --- FOR NOW
  10. A response from Sandy Armour please

    No they haven't --- it's all bulls**t
  11. Ladies in stockings

    Ok got yous here ----- it's time lee mculloch was sacked --- his record is shocking ,but more importantly he's piss taking , 3 year contract for an absolute dud clubfoot and signs his pal cammy bell on probably the highest wages at the club ,and the only way bell will play if our main goalie gets injured ------ Chris Burke , maybe not the worst but couldn't get a game at Ross county , I originally didn't want him near our club --- a bigot like clubfoot --- but I thought well give him a chance -- but in my eyes he's had it
  12. Lee Mcculloch

    Yes -------- but hopefully not
  13. A Disgrace. . .

    No it's not -- are you daft ------- what we need is a miracle , our club is in decline , all the arseholes on here who said if MJ left they would be either buying season tickets or investing money have been proven to be what I call them -------we are in a bad way and I have no idea how we get out of this ----- mculloch is no use for a start but then who is ------we don't have a killie man anywhere near the core ------- maybe Dundee or Patrick might help us
  14. St Mirren Park tonight

    Under 21 a little young to be married , mind you in holland anything goes
  15. Devpt squad(A) Falkirk

    How much a week is bell on ?

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