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  1. Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    We really shouldnt have to wait till tommy is out of hospital to find out when the sponsors lunch is though. The other question is why is tommy working for st mirren. Is it because st mirren have a more organised commercial department and actually pay the going rate?
  2. Sheep home, Fred

    Cant believe some of the comments re kiltie. One of our own with huge talent coming back from serious injury. He deserves at the very least some time and patience. If we cant do that whats the point. Probably the same ones who were saying a few months back that broadfoot erwin power brophy etc etc were not good enough.
  3. Sheep home, Fred

    Who was making debut?
  4. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Think thats us matched celtics points tally since clarke came in. League winning form we have been on. Can we just scrap the first 8 games please.
  5. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Mckenzie a passenger. Worked his socks off when he came on.
  6. Thought there were a number of good performances today. Unfortunately the squad lacks depth which is shown by the limited number of subs listed. There are a few in the starting eleven who in my opinion are not at the required level. The early sending off was a bridge too far. Having said that killie created a few good chances early in the second half and on an other day they would of taken one. The second goal killed the game as a contest. Still cant understand why frizzell wasnt called back. Aberdeen had by far the more experienced team. Really dont like aberdeen at all. Youth cup needs revamped or scrapped in my opinion. 2.30 thursday afternoon is something i will never understand.
  7. Think wilson will be the only one of the first team squad involved. Big ask but hopefully the boys can pull out a performance and get through. Good luck to all the squad.
  8. Loan players

    Good stuff. Been saying this for a while. This boy has talent.
  9. Was that mulumbu's brother then?
  10. I thought they were meant to be professional footballers not little boys. Professional footballers sometimes have to play midweek night games some distance from their home ground. Ridiculous. We should of not agreed to this.
  11. Is there any reason this is a 2.30pm ko?
  12. A cunning plan, well executed.
  13. Need to play a hell of a lot better than that to have a chance on Thursday in semi final.
  14. Today's Attendance

    Queues outside frank beattie were great to see. If we could just get 5-6k for games like this then i think we would all be happy.
  15. Frizz might still play. Wilson i assume will.

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