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  1. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    He doesn’t look like one the players will mess with.
  2. Steve Clarke plan transfer window

    Think it will become evident over the next few weeks. We may see guys come in from the cold and others who were regulars until now drop out of the picture. I’d imagine midfield may still be deemed a problem but if Power comes into regular contention and Taylor is moved back there it may not be as big an issue
  3. Jimmy Nic.

    New assistant manager at Falkirk. He’ll continue in his role with Northern Ireland as well. Good appointment IMO
  4. Some buzz around the place

    A fair point but when your not used to winning trophies on a regular basis they all have an equal value
  5. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    Had a read at the article in the Sun. I’m getting the impression that he is hungry for success here. Not only have we got a manager with a great reputation he has a desire and a point to prove.
  6. Celebrity deaths 2017

    Saw this on twitter which is apparently from Sean Hughes book
  7. Trying to get an opponent wound up before a big game or taking it too far? MOTHERWELL tough guy Peter Hartley has warned Rangers hitman Alfredo Morelos: I’m going Buffalo hunting at Hampden! Well stopper Hartley insists he’s up for a semi-final showdown with Gers ace Morelos — nicknamed El Buffalo. KEITH CAMPBELL - THE SUN GLASGOW 2 Hartley insists he can’t wait for a battle with Gers hitman Morelos Morelos has revealed he’s relishing the physical battles in the Premiership, claiming that he’s become stronger and more powerful since his £1 million summer move from HJK Helsinki. Hartley, who KO’d Hamilton with a derby winner on Saturday, said: “If that’s one of his strengths, then we will see what happens. I don’t mind a physical fight — and if he wants one after the match as well, then I won’t be going anywhere!” Morelos might fancy his chances in a tear-up, but after taking on a striker dubbed The Beast in a play-off final at Wembley, Hartley believes facing the Gers star will be a stroll in the park for him. Hartley, 29, added: “Big Adebayo Akinfenwa played for Wimbledon that day at Wembley, and he’s twice as wide as me — an absolute tank. KENNY RAMSAY - THE SUN GLASGOW 2 Morelos and Hartley will square up at Hampden in semi-final clash “Akinfenwa scored for them, but I was off the pitch at the time getting treatment because he had landed right on top of me! “I had to be stretchered off because I thought I’d broken my ribs. “Akinfenwa’s about 20 stone and he came down right on top of me. “The way he landed on me, my back just totally went into spasm. It wasn’t pleasant, that’s for sure.”
  8. Kris Boyd has 112 goals...

    Listened to the BBC podcast there. I thought Boyd spoke very well about the club and with a real positivity for the future. Even for an experienced pro who has played in Europe, won leagues, cups and represented his country there seemed to be a genuine excitement about working with Clarke
  9. Motherwell Development Match

    Was Bell in with the physio. Early in the video he’s in the dressing room with Billy Thompson, Dicker and Kev the kitman. Later it’s Dicker on the treatment table. Hopefully we see the senior player get a runout so the manager can assess his squad
  10. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    I watched the behind the screens vid again on a bigger screen rather than my phone. You get a far better impression of the respect people already have for him. When he’s doing introductions and meeting the young boys blowing up the balls you can see one of them looking at him and saying to himself “that’s f**king Steve Clarke”. He must be one of the most famous assistant managers and coaches of recent times in the UK and that’s before you get to his managerial record. His interview is very good. He makes a lot of statements that perhaps hadn’t crossed a lot of people’s minds. He’s obviously put a lot of thought into the assistant managers role and what qualities he needs to have as well. Yes he’s worked with him before but it’s certainly not an old pals act
  11. Some buzz around the place

    The buzz of the last week or so has been superb. I remember Burns and this is close to replicating that. In recent years what’s been the biggest buzz? Most I can think of are players Shiels signing, Boyd’s first return, Eremenko returning but all those were met with doubters as well. This appointment appears to have everyone onside and there seems to be an excitement within Scottish football as well
  12. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    As well as the players there’s one of the clips where the media are huddled round the table to talk to him. Again all looking full of respect for the man.
  13. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    He must be wondering what he’s walked into going by this tweet from one of the bbc guys
  14. Hearts away

    Why not play it at Easter Road. As stated above I’d be accommodating to them just in case we need a favour if/when we return to grass.
  15. Meet the manager ?.

    I thought she seemed quite sensible and on the ball when she was presenting earlier in the season. After today’s interview I’ve realised it was the fact she was presenting with Boyd and Commons which made her appear clever. Still looks better than the other Scottish Football Presenters though

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