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  1. Kris Boyd has 116 goals...

    My favourite advert
  2. Kris Boyd has 116 goals...

    There’s probably a bit of healthy competition between them and Erwin as well. I think this season is the first it’s been really obvious the strikers signed were to replace Boyd. He has risen to the challenge with better overall performances and more goals. Brophy has responded as well since he got his chance. Only Erwin has been a let down.
  3. Who will be here next season?

    Being honest I don’t think a Lee Clark style clearout would do any harm as long as we brought in the right replacements. Steve Clarke will have his own ideas about the squad. There’s also a lot of football to play between now and January never mind the summer which could change things. Of That list I’d be desperate to keep Mulumbu and Kiltie. Mulumbu looks like he will be a level above we are used to and I think we are all desperate to see a fully fit Kiltie get a decent run in the team. The rest I’d let go if better was available. They could do a job but a change may be good for them and us. Dicker is a key player but his family is still down south and I’ve got a feeling 2 1/2 years may be enough for him
  4. Steve Clarke post match interview

    Scroll down a bit here and both Clarke’s and Coyles interviews are there http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/42312818
  5. Kris Boyd has 116 goals...

    If he keeps this form up we might get a few quid off Sevco for him in January
  6. Steve Clarke post match interview

    Was it Brian McLaughlin on the radio? He’s done the report on the website. Anytime he’s on Open all mics he’s hit and miss whether he’s accurate with his reporting. On more than one occasion Richard Gordon has corrected him or mentioned something he has completely missed. Its no surprise guys like Rodgers and now Clarke don’t spare these guys. We have some very good journos up here but also some absolute roasters who shouldn’t get airtime.
  7. County away Fred

    Didn’t hear him tonight but Barry Wilson does my nut in. I don’t mind people favouring teams especially if it’s outwith the OF but his is pure bias to County or ICT. Nothing else matters. I’ve listened to games where they’ve been played off the park and he’s barely acknowledged the quality of performance from their opponents. Strikes me as he’s only in a gig because BBC can get anyone else based up there
  8. Heart....

    Two defeats in nine in charge. Two defeats in ten since he was appointed. Played some tough ties and broke our home hoodoo for the season. There’s no point in getting carried away but we are night and day from where we were the last time we played County and just rolled over. We are a ninety minute team now. We’ve picked up some late points in games and have narrowly missed out on more. Plenty of positives and I’m sure the manager will have identified more to work on.
  9. County away Fred

    Will he face retrospective action for that incident? That could be a blow losing an in form striker and breaking up a now prolific partnership with a ban
  10. County away Fred

    Delighted to take a point from that after going 2-0 down. Shows there is a bit of character in the side now. It wasn’t long ago when we went 2-0 down it was quickly four. Something to build on and more to be positive about. Well done to the dedicated supporters who made the trip. Glad you’ve got something to celebrate and safe down the road
  11. Ross county

    McKenzie Certainly not flavour of the month since getting hooked at halftime vs Aberdeen. An unused sub on Saturday and bombed out completely tonight and at St Johnstone. Its hard to argue with going same again after a great victory like Saturday.
  12. West Sound

    They had an interview with Burke on West FM yesterday afternoon in the build up to tonight. The whole setup is a disgrace. I think they still have studios in Ayr but it’s all part of a network with Clyde, Forth and Northsound among others who play the same tunes at the same time and broadcast the same news and sport. Local stations should be local. I think a lot of the smaller community ones are becoming more popular because of that
  13. Bit parts for our home grown players?

    The bar has been raised in the last few months. It’s not as easy to get into the team, it’s not as easy to stay in it and it will prove harder for the youths to get there. Hopefully those youths who do make it will go on to better things.
  14. Thistle home Fred

    Google says 1.75m tall. It’s the internet it can’t be wrong

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