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  1. Crowd Tomorrow

    It’s the kind of game you wish wasn’t on the tv as it would likely have forced people out of the house to see it. Sadly at the moment the TV option is still better than going for too many. It’s good we are getting selected for TV games but it can impact momentum when your slowly improving crowds. Is it fair to say that a higher attendance than our last non OF TV game is a step in the right direction. According to the BBC we had 4198 at the game vs Aberdeen in November. We’ve got to be looking for more than that now.
  2. Full Squad

    Good to see almost everyone available. There was a worry in the last couple of weeks we’d really be struggling for bodies. With everyone available it’s difficult to pick a team especially in the midfield.
  3. Callum Waters

    Karlsson was on loan from Sunderland.
  4. Callum Waters

    Was Waters ever going to be more than backup? We already had Taylor and Smith(he was kind of fit before the Livi friendly) for the LB position. Waters was always going to be a gamble stepping up to the top flight. Higgins IMO was a development signing. He was unfortunate that given the lack of early activity he was pushed as a first team signing when he would under normal circumstances have come in to little fan fair like the other development signings did.
  5. Brendan

    Doing well tonight. 2-0 down already with only half an hour gone. The decision to stick by DeVries when Gordon got injured backfired big time for the second goal. Keeper really sold the jerseys. Similar to his reaction to Coulibaly's strike against them but not as good an initial shot
  6. Post split fixtures

    I like the split. It’s disappointing they can’t use the post split fixtures as a title decider and try to make the OF game a dead rubber. @historyman your right about the playoff being loaded in the top flight clubs favour. I’m not sure I’d go straight away for two being relegated automatically but I’d certainly be in favour of two playoff semi finals and the winners squaring off at a neutral venue. Aside from the financial hit of not getting a fourth home game against the OF I don’t think it would be a huge issue having to go to ibrox three times. I’m guessing if we are in the top six our income will already be significantly higher for league placing than we’ve budgeted for. We’ve already had three big crowds for OF Home games, two decent attendances at Home cup ties and an away tie in the next round against one of the better attended sides in the country.
  7. Callum Waters

    I tend to agree that it doesn’t bode well the fact that the lads aren’t getting much game time. I guess we won’t know the reasons until they return or there is some sort of announcement. Do they have knocks, is it a clash of personalities or do they simply not fit in with the style/systems at the loan club. Just because they’ve come from a top flight club they have no divine right to play although from our perspective we hope they would be good enough to command a place straight away. There may well be Wolves fans asking the same questions about Simpson. The unknown for them being the form of O'Donnell and his importance to the team at the moment.
  8. Callum Waters

    The fact that they are not getting much game time at a significantly lower level could well spell the end for them at Killie. Good to see Waters out on loan. He needs games and opportunities are obviously restricted with us.
  9. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    I’m not missing the point I can see some people will want a financial incentive. There’s no guarantees of the cheaper ticket though. Your relying on big increases for the payouts. Other gimmicks like a call or visit from a player, vouchers mentioned above, discounts in the shop are actual things. If your on the threshold and say Boyd phoned you up for a chat and tries to talk you into it yes it’s a gimmick but it’s good stuff. It’s proven to have worked in the past. If your season ticket allows you to get a couple of quid off a haircut in certain shops it’s money your saving. Money off a pint in certain pubs again is savings. Small sums but it adds up. 5,10,20% off in the club shop is guaranteed saving. That also helps the club. How many people wait till late in the season to buy at discount? With a decent reward scheme they may buy for cheaper earlier in the season but still at a higher price than April or May. Signing up for a £300+ season ticket when your swithering about affordability is a gamble if your hoping enough people buy so that you save money. As I said earlier. Your either signing up to this fully prepared to pay out full whack for a season ticket. If not the club have to take a deposit and decide to have an opt out. If they have that do you pay it back or do the punters lose their deposit. At this stage it’s messing with the biggest income in the clubs budget up to the last kick. If we don’t have people sign up to a pre planned deal we’ll have people wait later and later to buy tickets which scuppers plans as well If we put deadlines on it we are forcing fans to make a financial commitment before they’ve taken into account summer holidays, entertainment for kids while they’re off school etc. If the club went down the financial incentive route it would have to be full proof.
  10. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    Do we split the gates for League Cup group games?
  11. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    Others maths will be better than mine but do we not need it to be higher to be beneficial. If it stays low then could we lose out on income just with current holders renewing? I'm still not sure playing wit STs is best. Obviously we want to get as many as possible but this is our main source of income and a failing programme could be catastrophic. Would we be better targeting walk ups. Do more packages for them. A five game pass, A ten game pass. A reward system. Pay full price for four games and get free or discounted entry for the fifth. The more tickets you buy the cheaper we sell them for. One punter pays £20 a ticket. If he buys in advance for him and three pals we can sell for £15 a ticket. Once they are in we can hopefully recoup the money with pies, coffees etc.
  12. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    If people are prepared to pay but need convincing could we do this in other ways that keeps the cash with the club? The telephone campaign a few years back was great. There’s some really good characters in the squad at the moment who would be ideal for something like that. If there is a database what about a good old fashioned door chap(within cold calling laws of course)
  13. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    I think we have to be careful with ideas of free ST's or really cheap ones. Say you buy a ticket and get the voucher for a £50 as @jam1869 suggests how much damage does that do to the club. Your mate takes the option as it’s a good deal for him. It hurts the club if he’s already a paying punter though. If he goes to 10games a season he’s putting £200 through the books. Now he’s getting all home league ties for 1/4 of that. We increase season tickets but overall revenue is down. Steps forward IMO should include free entry for under 16s ST or not. Family tickets valid for all games. Some kids on these tickets will have missed out on two fantastic results this season. The games that make you fall in love with football. That’s when we get them hooked for years to come. Would there be uptake in a buy an extra ticket scheme. Not suggesting you buy an extra Season ticket but something similar to what cafes/restaurants do where you can leave a coffee or a meal for someone who can’t afford it. It’s been spoken about in the past about people not being able to afford the football so why not let fans look after fans. If you happen to have a spare £20 buy a ticket and the club give it out through the community department. Couple with free kids tickets that would increase attendances. @Bobby14 if you sign up for the cash back are you not prepared to pay the full price anyway. There’s no guarantees you will get it for cheaper. If as is suggested by the Rochdale model you are putting down a deposit do you also have to be prepared to lose that if it doesn’t come down to within your price range.
  14. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    I may only be speaking for myself but once I’ve paid my ST I’m happy with that. I’m not expecting anything back and would prefer to see the club have the money than refund me because more people bought tickets. I’d be content with a bring a friend day every quarter whether it be a reduced price or freebie. How does the original post impact budget. Does it hinder the manager or clubs plans because we have to hold cash to refund supporters. Are we left till late on in the summer to deal with things because of that. I think there are plenty of avenues they can explore to increase sales and hopefully the renewed positivity around will see an automatic increase.
  15. Kaiserslautern

    I like the idea of revisiting the past but starting another chapter appeals to me as well. A friendly is different to a competitive game of course but it would be great to play a huge club we haven’t played before.

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