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  1. St Johnstone Away 2nd Dec

    Agree that we will miss JJ, but I thought he looked a bit tired on Sunday and in view of the number of terrible tackles he has suffered this season a week off might not be a bad thing in the long run.
  2. Not just the team that didn't turn up

    Traveled all the way from Forfar and back again. Disappointed with, result, performance , attendance and that Malumbu was not on the bench to even get on for the last ten minutes. Looking forward to a short trip to Perth on Saturday. Hope we will have the same support as we did for the Dundee game.
  3. One last comment on Dens Park. How does that stand get a safety certificate? Would not have liked to get out in a hurry !
  4. Bring a couple of hundred of your mates!
  5. Scottish Cup Draw RossCo (H)

    Same here
  6. What was your first game?

    The first time I was taken to RP must have been in the late 50's. Scotland v England under 16 match. The old red brick stand was there and although we live south of Ayr, I was hooked to Killie from that day on. KTID
  7. 300+ by Monday lunch time, should be near 800 by Friday hopefully! For anyone who has not got a ticket yet, just remember the atmosphere at against the jambos.
  8. 330 when I phoned at 2.30 pm.
  9. Just had to fork out an extra £7 for the second game running to get my ticket posted to Dundee. Not happy with the way Dundee have handled this. I think that they are scared of a big Killie support and are doing everything they can to make life difficult.
  10. U20's V St Johnstone

    Anyone know the term?
  11. Days Like These

    Brought tears to my eyes! Although not van Morison standard , the chanting that went on for almost all of the second half was fantastic. Any photographs or video clips of our support that I could send to my brother in S.A. to give him a feeling of the atmosphere?
  12. Hearts Match Thread

    Give Jones a chance to recover after being almost killed off the park in the last two games. Cant believe there were just over 1200 Killie fans at the game, sounded much more! Does anyone have any photographs or video clips that I can send to my brother in S.A. to give him an idea of the atmosphere.
  13. Hearts Match Thread

    Hope we can take that atmosphere to Dens.
  14. Hearts Match Thread

    Was I just watching the game through blue and white tinted spectacles, or did Hearts just try and kick JJ off the park for most of the first half?
  15. Murrayfield - who's in?

    Sorry . Should have made it clear that it was not Killie l was having a moan at.

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