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  1. Quarter Final Tickets

    Live only 60 miles south of Aberdeen and won’t manage down for the early kick off on Saturday,so asked if it was possible to send me a ticket by normal post as the cost of special delivery is just about as much as the cost of an over 65’s ticket. Was willing to take the risk, but the answer was “no chance”. So far this season I have spent £35 + on postage. ( I know ,grippy old git)
  2. Jordan Jones

    One of these players that when he’s on his game , it’s worth the admission price, just to see him play. But do agree that he needs to improve his final ball.
  3. Hearts tickets

    Is the game all ticket?
  4. Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Got a good feeling about this one. BRING IT ON !! ps I hope they can do something about the state of their pitch before we arrive. Looked terrible on tv today. We could maybe lend them one. ha ha.
  5. Line up face Brora Rangers

    Have Brora had a game since the draw was made, so we could have them watched?
  6. The best ever?

    Would add Tommy Burns to that list.
  7. I know that it’s been answered already but remind me when does our window close?
  8. Prediction for today

    1-1 Head ruling the heart.
  9. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    Station Park for me.
  10. Where are all of the Killie fans based?

    South Ayrshire 12 years. Now Forfar 55 years.
  11. Training facilities

    PS Aberdeen almost a home game for me !!!
  12. Training facilities

    Born in south Ayrshire,but lived on the east coast for over 55 years. Still KTID
  13. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Good draw. Possibility of six Prem Dev teams playing against each other, plus Aberdeen v Dundee United.
  14. Saturday

    That’s it, not going to risk coming all the way from Forfar, if there’s a chance that the game might not be on.

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