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  1. Callum Waters

    Who was the Middlesbrough winger we had prior to Jones? Was it Karlsson?
  2. Pat Nevin on Killie resurgence

    Oddly enough, after reading that the next YouTube video I watched was preceded by an advert about the resurgence of Pat Nevin's hair. And Jimmy Nesbitt and a bunch of other celebs.
  3. The curling

    Splendid idea!
  4. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    I see where you're coming from - although there may be some data on this when it was done last time. I'm not sure if you can extrapolate that from the accounts for that year. For me though, the BOGOF deal is primarily to get numbers through the door - it's much easier to retain those punters than it is to go out and find new ones. No reason why you can't combine the idea @Squirrelhumper mentioned along with BOGOF - the more reasons to get a season ticket the better. It would be ideal if the family ticket could be structured such that it allowed OF games, but I don't think that is a simple problem to resolve, but it must contribute to the lower home attendance at these games.
  5. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    It's a very good point - I seem to remember we got a voucher book with season tickets one year, but the terms and conditions for the vouchers were bigger than the vouchers. For example, money off food in the Hotel for a meal but not money off the drink. Most were practically unusable.
  6. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    In an ideal world, yes. However, we're unlikely to have a better opportunity to capitalise on than the one we have now, so getting the bodies in whilst putting that database together gives us an up to date customer base, which can only help future marketing efforts. If we wait for it all to be perfect, then the moment will have passed.
  7. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    The caveat for the BOGOF deal was that the 'free' ticket had to be bought by someone who didn't have a season ticket the previous season.
  8. FAO SLO/TIK - Season Tickets

    The BOGOF deal was successful in terms of getting bums on seats (as I recall anyway), but I seem to remember that there was frustration that the club didn't follow it up the season after. The BOGOF one is simple, and is easier to get lapsed ticket holders back in.
  9. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Nick Walsh had a cracking game for Dundee last week.
  10. Man city

    Aye, I'm sure the Wigan fan shook his hand and said 'Unlucky Sergio'.....
  11. Away fans

    So marketing won't help. Yet on another thread........ What, you mean market them? What a revolutionary idea. Well done. Except you think that won't work. Make your mind up.
  12. Away fans

    In that case then, I assume you accept now that home crowds are up a third, or around 950 people, on this time last year?
  13. How do we keep Clarke?

    Handing out tickets for free doesn’t cost anything?!?!
  14. How do we keep Clarke?

    You do realise that word of mouth, media interviews and handing out tickets are forms of advertising don't you? A proper marketing strategy tests and analyses the different methods of promotion and selects the ones which give the best return on investment. The billboards and adverts on buses give people constant reminders about the matches. This is to get the people who aren't the diehards going to the game.
  15. Brendan Cox

    ...... you'll present your opinion anyway?

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