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  1. Accies home, Fred

    Does Broadfoot get back in after suspension or does he wait ?
  2. U21 Calls-up

    So predictable....goalie to full back, full back to centre half, centre half hoofs it, midfielders and forwards watch the ball sailing over their head. Feel free to change descriptions of team positions to modern day jargon. I just felt someone had taken us back ten years and not for the better. The coach must have crawled out the Jurassic park in the background.
  3. Saints home, Fred

    Davidson bothers me with his late runs into the box. Don't see anyone in the squad to counter this.
  4. Red sheep (cup), Fred

    Think the bobbly pitch got into their head. Didn't see much silky soccer from either side.
  5. Jambos, Fred

    No slow start this time.
  6. All corners, free kicks are now subject to blocking and general pulling pushing. The referees have gone from stopping the game and giving warnings to just letting it happen and shrugging their shoulders when anything happens. We seem to be finding it difficult to cope with these tactics. One thing I'd like to see is taking away the defender who is protecting the goalie and scuffling with the opposition and let the goalie deal with the opposition. At least the ref can see the foul on the keeper and deal with it rather than ignoring it. As it is just now, the scuffling stops the goalie getting to the ball. I know we are not lily white when it comes to these antics and don't see them being stopped anytime soon. Any other tactics we should employ in these situations. I think the second goal yesterday was a result of not coping with the blocking.
  7. Hibs (saturday 12.30)

    Need to find a way to stop Hibs midfield running through us. Don't think we have enough mobility in our midfield to be successful all the time. However, I just saw the name Effie Ambrose and think were on to a goal of a start.
  8. Kris Boyd has 128 goals...

    I don't think the highlights do justice to the goal. Most of the highlights start when Erwin is on the ball but rewind further back and there were some good one touch passing going on which contributed to a great goal.
  9. A Tactical Analysis of Killie 1-0 Celtic

    I think taking Boyd off was the best tactic. Up till then, the two makeshift centre halve were coping quite well. When there was no one to mark, they were all over the place. Putting on a midfielder gave the impression that we were trying to hang on. The exact opposite happened and the team was more attacking than usual and made a few chances.
  10. Believe

    Come on Killie fans, get to Rugby Park, the team and the manager deserve our support.
  11. Dons away 27/01 Fred

    Too much hit and hope from the defence. Boyd seldom gets off the ground for these punts. No creativity. Several of the squad beginning to rival Boyd for "rear of the year" trophy. Pressing game half hearted most of the time.
  12. Jamie Macdonald

    The "modern" method of playing doesn't allow for a keeper to dominate his area. Too many blockers. When they do come for crosses, it usually ends badly. Similarly, teams have some success with the long ball as most of the young defenders have no experience of this kind of pass.
  13. "Angus" the sheep??

    Think the other one was Ruby.
  14. AGM

    Any mention of new board members or a sign that the white knights with sackfulls of money are coming in now that MJ is away.
  15. Tom English Sportsound

    Why would SC want to go to any managerial post where he is third or fourth choice.

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