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  1. Jamie Macdonald

    The "modern" method of playing doesn't allow for a keeper to dominate his area. Too many blockers. When they do come for crosses, it usually ends badly. Similarly, teams have some success with the long ball as most of the young defenders have no experience of this kind of pass.
  2. "Angus" the sheep??

    Think the other one was Ruby.
  3. AGM

    Any mention of new board members or a sign that the white knights with sackfulls of money are coming in now that MJ is away.
  4. Tom English Sportsound

    Why would SC want to go to any managerial post where he is third or fourth choice.
  5. County away Fred

    If only we could cross JJ with Burke, we could have a speedy winger and someone who could cross a ball.
  6. Away fans make a difference..

    On BBC radio (open all mics), the programme was coming from Pittodrie although the background crowd noises appeared to be from Dundee. I heard "Killie,Killie a few times and also "Hello,Hello.
  7. Jamie MacDonald

    J Mac even came out for a high ball into the box against C*****
  8. Is it time............

    Are they coming this time? Time after time we are told that money will be ploughed into the club by AN Other if this or that happens. Are they in this time ? If not can they tell us why. I'm fed up straining my eyes looking for the cavalry coming over the hill.
  9. Hearts (h) Fred 12/08

    A decent midfield would take the pressure off the defence. A decent midfield would take the game to the opposition. Ours doesn't come close.The team that finishes bottom of the league is usually the one which makes a bad start and gets detached early on. We will be that team this season.
  10. tic (a) 08/08/17 (bet) fred

    We will never compete with a mindset that says "hang on". Once were 5 or 6 six down we will have a go.
  11. tic (a) 08/08/17 (bet) fred

    Hammered by Celtic reserves.
  12. Gordon Greer

    Greer and some others mentioned must be taking a drop in wages or our wages policy must be out the window.
  13. Matej Podstavek

    Seems to make a lot if sliding tackles. Not the thing to do on our artificial turf.
  14. Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    New season, new players...same old failings. A goalie who is a good shotstopper but doesn't dominate his area. Defenders who can't defend the simple ball through them. What happened to our attacking wingbacks. Midfield wiith no creativity ok we need a player to break things up in midfield but do we need 4 doing the same thing? One of them must get out now and again to support the strikers. Strikers who don the headless chicken routine and win nothing. Wingers who can't get the ball past the first man. Again the question must be asked ....what do they do in training. They are still looking around and pointing as if playing football is alien to them.
  15. Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    15 minutes in and our only tactic is the high ball to Boydie.

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