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  1. Rangers attempt at Xmas no 1 with their Joe garner song (we need a laughing emoji) would work for Alex dyer.
  2. When I was out in Troon on Saturday night I heard someone singing a Steve Clarke and Alex dyer song, I'd never heard it sang before....so does one already exist. Also, the amount of killie fans you bump Into these days and amount of killie songs you here in and around the pubs is night and day to last season
  3. Sky Sports News

    Just been on there
  4. Last Min Goals

    I only recently found out this was his first goal for us. Scenes after that goal was mental
  5. Brora Fred

    Findlay just needs a few weeks training using right foot only and he would be a decent player. Can't fault his effort, runs and some of the crosses he put in today. Was obviously a tactic for Jones to drift in and leave the space for him to get into. Just a shame he hasn't the natural modern day full back attacking play in him. Done well though, looked like he enjoyed it. Just needs a right foot though.
  6. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    I second that, was in shop at 2 and they were wanting correct change already and only seemed to be using one till yet 3 serving. Seems an odd set up all around the stadium...at least the football is good at the moment. God help the situation if we do get an extra few thousand back to the games
  7. Don't run out of pies in the Brora end.

    Was the same in East stand. I thought when the power went out this could be an issue. I'd never not got a pie before when the last pie thread was going but today I felt your anger. Stood with 2 kids, freezing, all they wanted was a steak pie, 2mins before half time, got served 2mins Into the second half, to find out when I got to the counter there was no hot food and had to ask what they had as no food list. It seems simple to me to speed it up. Have a food and price list that you can view from the que and you arrive at till with money ready and knowing what you want. That was nonsense today, I had thought I had lip read the guy saying no hot food and thought why are they not shouting or walking along the que to tell folk. Eventually he did but 15mins too late. As I had now reached the front. What a shambles.
  8. Aaron Tshibola

    At first looked like a classic case of English based player caught out at the standard of our game up here. After half an hour looked much better, can see he loves a tackle and he is good at ghosting into the box, got his tap in from it and should of had a tap in last week.
  9. Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Can we play for a replay?
  10. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    Tough game to watch, as previously said, were hard to score against but struggle to score. Few things I thought today Dicker had his poorest game I've seen, alot of bad luck in challenges and touches, frustrating short passes sideways that were putting us in trouble. I'll let him off since he has been great since back. Going forward we are missing any link up play, so many times a give n go or 1-2 would of put us in behind. No 3rd man runs or players taking on anyone. Even Jones was just trying to run around the team rather than through. The one 3rd man run created the penalty. I'll take a hard fought undeserved win though as we are now creating our own luck for a change. Glad Erwin grabbed the penalty and scored well. Even if I did watch through my fingers. Kiltie looked sharp and definitely offers that link up type play we miss, he should of kept going instead of trying to give Erwin a second. MacDonald I'm usually critical of and not his biggest fan but played well today, still dodgy distribution but pass marks. Was obvious county's plan at corners was to put it on top of him. Done well. All in all....on to the next round
  11. JJ

    Hodson or Naismith....... no brainer
  12. Steven Naismith

    A Norwich page tweeted he was joining us.....is this one of those cases that if we talk.about it enough and believe it enough it could actually happen....just like the old firm do on a regular basis
  13. Heard Rory is building a house near Gatehead and doesn't fancy a move to America. Also makes a long commute every morning for St Johnstone.
  14. Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    It was possibly my post about away to Dundee. Terrible game but he was totally swallowed up by the atmosphere, songs and general support for our team. His reaction to that game the next day was 100 times what a normal home game provides. Hope it has the same effect for you, I'll be there but this time with a mate (who haden't been to a game in years, this will be his 5th this season)
  15. We are 4/1 tomorrow to beat that mob!


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