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  1. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Oh he will momentarily.....and then he will smile and think of the value the Steve Clarke turnaround has added to his ill gotten gains....still makes you want to wretch when you think of what this man will eventually take out of the club...
  2. Billy Bowie Daily Record

    Far from getting angry, I revel that the well paid highly respected pundits who have been plucked from the predominately infirm ex player needing a wee financial boost pundit holding pens.....all agree with us....that Rankers missed a trick and that our man is the standout Manager of the year candidate (just a bit surprised with all their superior knowledge of the game and his CV, that they were holding their peace until he came to The Killie)....and I will revel even more when Messer's Bowie and Clarke tell them to feck off, if Rankers come calling... loving the positive vibe about the club just now, long may it continue..
  3. gers away, Fred

    Please please please lets revel in the fact that we have a good side and that we are beating good sides, this nonsense that Sevco are sh**e only demeans our success, they have beaten Aberdeen twice at home and once away this season something sadly we have not emulated...they are second in the league on merit and we are beating them on merit not because they are sh**e...we are also unbeaten to the other cheek on the arse...why because on the day we matched them or bettered them not because they were sh**e, thats the excuse their fans use...aye we were crap that day....no we were better..
  4. gers away, Fred

    BBC had to switch them off, a collection of failed Managers and assistants in shock and awe that someone with some ability can take a collection of professional footballers and turn them into a winning team....surely thats the point...Willie greeting face Miller well I'll just not bother with him...as for Billy Dodds comment that Steve came across as an unassuming and quiet man when he was an apprentice at Chelsea and he never thought he would be the type of guy to make it as a manager...beggars belief the arrogance that as an apprentice he thought he had that kind of insight...arrrrrgh....ask the Staggies fans what they think of his ability.....
  5. Cammy Bell

    Excellent keeper as proved by last nights performance, especially when you consider he came on cold having not played a competitive match for a long time.. Our loss Hibs gain...good luck to the lad....unless of course he's playing us..
  6. New song

    You listen to 20,000 Killie fans belting it out at Hamden during the Cup Final and you'll no care if it's catchy but you'll get it....
  7. New song

    As the most Famous FC from Ayrshire representing the Town where the great Bard's (I'm sure he would have been a Killie fan) first book was printed, would it not be something special to adopt the following as an anthem sang from the terraces....stirring stuff which should surely inspire any team.... Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled, Scots, wham Bruce has aften led; Welcome to your gory bed, Or to victory! Now's the day, and now's the hour; See the front o' battle lour; See approach proud Edward's power— Chains and slavery! Wha will be a traitor knave? Wha can fill a coward's grave! Wha sae base as be a slave? Let him turn and flee! Wha for Scotland's king and law Freedom's sword will strongly draw, Freeman stand, or freeman fa', Let him follow me! By oppression's woes and pains! By your sons in servile chains! We will drain our dearest veins, But they shall be free! Lay the proud usurpers low! Tyrants fall in every foe! Liberty's in every blow!— Let us do or die!
  8. Support today

    Wonderful, passionate, noisy, away support that contributed single handedly to the atmosphere and poured in at least £20,000 pounds to the tie, who were totally let down by the standard of facilities provided by Aberdeen, hope the club and KFCSA complain to AFC regarding this (and suggest to their manager to keep his council regarding RP until his own house is in order, as both pitch and stadia are a disgrace}. Only upside in their dump (apart from the result) was being able to stand throughout the game without halfwit stewards baying or should that be bah bah baaing...at you to sit down..
  9. Sheep away

    I use the car park for Transition Extreme, Links Road, AB24 5NN......bit cheeky I know but you can appease your guilt by nipping in for a coffee.. Short walk by road to the away end or over the hill adjacent to the Cemetery....but only when the weather is fine...
  10. Hibees fred

    Regarding Mr Lennon his behaviour yesterday was appalling and his interview on Hibs TV blaming the pitch and hinting at Killie skulduggery for not watering it had all the hallmarks of a spoilt brat who hadn't got his way. Also his condemnation of Referees and their poor standard (although I agree with him on this) is reminiscent to when he was at Celtic where he claimed there was a bias against Celtic and puts them under pressure on a 50/50 to give it his way. He brings the game into disrepute by losing it on TV and should address his complaints through his club to the appropriate authority. As for our pitch (note not advocating we keep it) even neutrals saying the best games they have seen on Telly this season have been at RP.....
  11. Hibs Crowd Thread

    They certainly existed as they showed up for the playoff V The Bairns and that was not that long ago.....
  12. Kaiserslautern

    Skygod thankfully opinions differ which makes the world a better place....as for prestigious opposition, I was present in August 95 when watching Blackburn Rovers the then Reigning English Champions with a very able Alan Shearer hump us 5 going on 10....possibly unique here but I did not enjoy it and on return Offshore got the proverbial ripped right out of me for supporting a Micky Mouse team from a Micky Mouse league....but I do respect your point as that is the norm...I have recovered and would not be put off attending a ManU, Real Madrid, but do think the occasion could become more about them than us..
  13. Kaiserslautern

    I personally think all the afore mentioned may be ideal for a testimonial/friendly, but for a historical land mark game hows about Notts County....wee touch of the Auld Enemy rivalry between the two countries oldest pro FC's... Marketed positively it could create interest from non KFC/NCFC supporters, but fundamentally this game should be about the Greater Kilmarnock support and the Town itself to celebrate and enjoy what the Club and Town mean to each other... Plenty options to make it a special day with kids teams dressed in the kits through the ages, Biffy Clyro playing at half/full time, Marquee Ball on the park later etc the sky's the limit, playing the likes of Man U, Real Madrid, Barcelona, we would be all but forgotten, this day should be about the team we follow The Famous Ayrshire Killie...
  14. Hun/Fenian

    Yet to meet a Celtic minded one that would be insulted by being called a Fenian, as it's one of their favourite songs, Down by the Glenside/The Bold Fenian Men, which they see as a compliment, as most support the forming of the Irish Republic, whereby a Fenian was the term used for a supporter of the cause whether they be Catholic or Protestant, as the IRA consisted off both, in fact their flag is Green to represent the Catholic community, White to symbolise Peace/Harmony and Orange (Note not Gold) to represent the Protestant community...(have a laugh pointing that out to them) Tims I could understand some resentment as your basically calling them a Gangster.... Huns take any reasons out of two, a Nomadic tribe from the East of Europe (possibly speaking Romany) or the term used for someone of Germanic origins or someone with an overenthusiastic love for them.....or a family of that root....LOL
  15. Support.

    Another depressing read where good intentioned posts turn into a oneupmanship contest........I think we can all agree that the uptake in TIK or rather the lack of it and non significant upturn in home support has made poor reading. Very much in favour of trying free tickets to schools and opening the Moffat stand to accommodate them, free tickets to unemployed or low income families, but done in a way that does not cause embarrassment to the recipients....perhaps giving them to the appropriate social service to dish out and obviously not for the Moffat....also free tickets for service personnel either on leave or stationed locally.

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