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  1. Michael Gardyne

    Agree with Duncan's comment regarding Coyle, but surprised at some of the others, thought Gardyne and Irvine got a lot of unjustified stick, particularly on this forum when members of a poorly led Killie squad.......both turned out to be standouts and first names on the RCFC team sheet shortly after leaving...with Gardyne tearing our defence a new arsehole on more than one occasion....big favourite with the Staggies fans, and would in my opinion be a welcome addittion to our squad.
  2. Saturday

    Wonderful crisp and sunny day in the Dingwall/Inverness area, no road problems up here and A9 clear......so game on from an RCFC perspective.
  3. Gary Dicker

    Cold doesn't seem to bother him as he was head and shoulders the best player on the park on his last visit to a freezing cold Dingwall....I think it commendable a professional footballer goes to watch a match....even more so if he paid to get in, but somehow think that would be stretching it....
  4. What the best you’ve ever seen us play?

    Absolutely...arguably one of the best performances from a Scottish club ever.....mind you'll have to be of a certain vintage to have witnessed it live, today was superb and will make the visit to the pub tonight all the more enjoyable surrounded by Highland Huns, who are almost as unbearable as the Ayrshire ones.
  5. Naming rights

    I'm just glad that since SC came along we can now call it a Football Park again......
  6. SC is God

    Think you might have missed the arguably most important one in a certain William Waddell.....1957 to 1965 a very special time for Killie.
  7. Is Gordon Greer Steve Clarke's agent?

    Sorry way off the beaten track with this post, Greer has stated the obvious to a reporters question, as have no doubt many Killie supporters to their hun supporting pals and colleagues (guilty as charged your honour and stated with some glee). As an aside I hope GG stays as his influence pre and post Clarke at the back has been major, his performance away to Aberdeen was outstanding, best I've seen from a Killie CB in a long time....
  8. Aberdeen Match thread (Fred)

  9. TIK Are you In?

    What a shamefully embarrassing read....first thing to note it was clearly stated in the beginning that a board with the names of the contributors would be created and placed somewhere at the stadium.... If you did not want your name on the board you could have stated such, TIK in all their requests for financial support have clearly stated only support financially if you can afford it.... Does having your name on a seat as a season ticket holder or your name on a brick make you an Uber fan and divisive and rubbing other fans faces in it? My personal opinion is that if a fan can only afford to attend RP or support, TIK but not both that they attend RP.... Surely Fans of all clubs see the benefit of them owning the majority of shares in their club..... Time for the fans to stick together and not be put off supporting TIK or forced into it by others and rather only if they believe in the concept and most importantly only if they can afford it..
  10. Monty on TB

    I still seethe at that never crossed the line goal in the semi, we were robbed in the first game as they were allowed to commit assaults with no bookings and our lads were pulled up for the slightest infringement....I remember returning home and being greeted by a hun supporting pal who stated they would hump us in the replay, raging I replied you probably will and it will be by a dodgy refereeing decision....oh and Monty's memory is playing up it was a great cross by Durrant from open play to Hateley not a corner....anyways great days, shame about the amount of old firm bias shown by referees in those times now their just incompetent...LOL PS, Great interview delivered with genuine feeling and respect for a true footballing great and friend by a true credit to KFC...
  11. Twenty's Plenty!

    Punishing the Dundee fans is not the way forward, a twenty is plenty campaign by the Supporter Associations of all SPL clubs to reduce costs in an attempt to increase support and therefor the general atmosphere at games should be pursued. Lets go farther and accept that away support have additional costs visiting RP and therefore reduce the costs for away support for clubs who do the same for us, the atmosphere from a large away support e.g. the Falkirk play off game is much better than say a home tie to ICT....which should then help to increase the home support. The Jambo's made a tidy sum of money out of us last week and i've got to say our support made it a great spectacle, not just for us but also for their fans this week if we turn up in the numbers being mentioned on other threads we will be lining DFC's bank balance adding to the atmosphere but perhaps sending out the wrong message re their pricing policy....
  12. Dundee ticket details confirmed............

    Decision made for me by an incredibly deluded DFC who think pricing like this will entice visitors to an atmospherically bereft coup........thats 4 bums that won't be on seats... Its down to each individuals choice but feel its time clubs were shown their patrons discontent at pricing and condition of stadia in Scottish football.
  13. Line up team face Celtic

    I'll have a pint too if he proves his point....LOL
  14. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    There is no doubt Clarke and Dyer will attract interest from other clubs....lets hope so, as it should mean they are doing a good job for us...as previously posted by many its now the turn of the fans to back the board by turning up in numbers to match their investment and show our new management team that they made a wise choice in coming here, it may also provide them with the confidence to provide more funds during the transfer window to improve the squad. But lets be honest if the gates and external income streams don't improve the will to invest by the board will wane....
  15. Our turn.

    It looks like the board have put their money where our hopes and aspirations are, perhaps its our turn to show the same commitment and turn up in numbers and back them. It would also show serious commitment to the Board from the fans for those who can and are COMFORTABLY able to commit to TIK to do so, as the current numbers signed up being quoted are a bit embarrassing for a club of our size and history....Come on lets get a fan on the board with some financial justification for the position.

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