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  1. Nicholas on McTominay

    Thanks Plunkit, much appreciated!
  2. Nicholas on McTominay

    Thanks, assuming its Rob Brierley and the Scottish Exiles he knows (of) him. Too young to be involved this season but hopefully next. He's currently in Newcastle Falcons junior Academy.
  3. Nicholas on McTominay

    Both my boys born in England and have an English mum and Geordie accents but are Scottish through and through. Noone who saw them dancing round the living room when Griffith's free kicks went in would have any doubt! The older one is involved in representative rugby at the minute, and the first thing he asked was whether it committed him to England because he'd pass if it did Each situation is different, (I was born in Scotland with an English dad but would never have thought of myself as English)but I've no trouble believing Scotland is where his heart is without him having the accent!
  4. Newcastle based fans

    Great idea, but can't make it. Maybe next time!
  5. Old RP

    When I was a kid it was mostly midweek games I could go to and with the lights and a decent crowd, the atmosphere always seemed great!! Random memories include Seeing Brian Clough and his new team Notts Forest (we beat them 2-1) George Best for Hibs A 3-3 game with His in the League cup. Jim Stewart saving Joe Harpers penalty and the extended 18 yard line for offsides Beating Rangers 2-1 with Joe Cairney scoring for us Bobby Street scoring early v Rangers and us winning 1-0 to stay up. 5-0 v Montrose on a snowy night, might have been Iain McCullochs last game? Best til last, Derrick McDicken's winner v Celtic in the Cup replay!
  6. Do you run any football teams?

    Can I have a round of applause too, even though its rugby I coach?
  7. Boydy's Talking About Rangers In The Papers Again!

    How funny will it be if Naismith comes back to Killie now? Spontaneous combustion will be rife round Govan!
  8. Steven Naismith

    Derek McCutcheon?
  9. Newcastle based fans

    I'm just north of Newcastle (Morpeth) so we're growing!!
  10. What was your first game?

    Guess there must have been. The lights went out around 40 min, so they took an early and longer h/t then came out and played the 2nd half with the lights back on. Think it was Jim Stewart's debut and someone else mentions Alan Robertson, who certainly played that night but not sure if it was his 1st game?
  11. What was your first game?

    Pretty sure he did Northern League adult games or similar, but that was about it I'm sure
  12. What was your first game?

    1970, it was a 0 - 0 v Wolves in the old Texaco cup. Game is best remembered for the floodlights failing and Walter McCrae coming on the tannoy to a chorus of boos to ask "is there an electrician in the house?
  13. Ryan Jack wins appeal

    To be honest, I think it just makes the whole thing funnier! If you read it something like "one nil down, pen to Rangers, Jack wrongly sent off, pen missed due to delay sending him off (wrongly), we go up the other end and score for a draw" its hilarious!!
  14. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    I wonder, with all the talk of the need for stability, if Dyer was appointed with one eye on him taking over when Clarke eventually leaves?
  15. Lions Tour 2017

    Higgs weren't though, he thew himself at Biggar with both feet off the ground and a shoulder direct to the head. Dangerous stupid and deliberate. Vunipola followed through after kick and bumped Barrett to the floor. Just as stupid and deliberate but nowhere near as dangerous due to the (lack of force in the impact. The two are miles apart. The forearm smash a few minutes later was deliberate and dangerous and he should have gone then, but the 1st one, a yellow would have been harsh.

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