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  1. Boydy's Talking About Rangers In The Papers Again!

    How funny will it be if Naismith comes back to Killie now? Spontaneous combustion will be rife round Govan!
  2. Steven Naismith

    Derek McCutcheon?
  3. Newcastle based fans

    I'm just north of Newcastle (Morpeth) so we're growing!!
  4. What was your first game?

    Guess there must have been. The lights went out around 40 min, so they took an early and longer h/t then came out and played the 2nd half with the lights back on. Think it was Jim Stewart's debut and someone else mentions Alan Robertson, who certainly played that night but not sure if it was his 1st game?
  5. What was your first game?

    Pretty sure he did Northern League adult games or similar, but that was about it I'm sure
  6. What was your first game?

    1970, it was a 0 - 0 v Wolves in the old Texaco cup. Game is best remembered for the floodlights failing and Walter McCrae coming on the tannoy to a chorus of boos to ask "is there an electrician in the house?
  7. Ryan Jack wins appeal

    To be honest, I think it just makes the whole thing funnier! If you read it something like "one nil down, pen to Rangers, Jack wrongly sent off, pen missed due to delay sending him off (wrongly), we go up the other end and score for a draw" its hilarious!!
  8. Steve Clarke and Alex Dyer confirmed

    I wonder, with all the talk of the need for stability, if Dyer was appointed with one eye on him taking over when Clarke eventually leaves?
  9. Lions Tour 2017

    Higgs weren't though, he thew himself at Biggar with both feet off the ground and a shoulder direct to the head. Dangerous stupid and deliberate. Vunipola followed through after kick and bumped Barrett to the floor. Just as stupid and deliberate but nowhere near as dangerous due to the (lack of force in the impact. The two are miles apart. The forearm smash a few minutes later was deliberate and dangerous and he should have gone then, but the 1st one, a yellow would have been harsh.
  10. Lions Tour 2017

    Sorry, but comparing this to Hoggs sending off is nonsense. Hogg hit the guy late with his shoulder in the air, an act of complete stupidity (as he's said himself). Vunipola on the late hit both players were on the ground and he made sure he bumped into him. Equally stupid but nowhere near as dangerous. The forearm / shoulder to the head of a prone player (the one he was carded for) was deliberate stupid and dangerous, and having set the tone that he would protect players Garces messed up.
  11. Lions Tour 2017

    SBW under the new laws is a red without a doubt. Only mitigation is that he put his left arm out to tackle as he should but couldn't get the right arm in the correct place due to the other AB tackler. Vunipola's late hit on Barratt was a pen but nothing more but the forearm / shoulder to the head during the clear out of a player both prone and not actually very near the ball (as Garces himself said to him) was at least as bad. O'Brien's shot that was cited was a carbon copy of one by Swinson for Glasgow last season that resulted in a ban, so little to no consistency. The final Lions penalty was ridiculous in that it was for tackling the man in the air. So if you get a man and ball pass, just hop up an inch or two and you can't be tackled. Lucky lucky Lions!
  12. McCulloch transfer target?

    Yilget Fakal, that must be a joke right? Or maybe a reply to his wage demands??
  13. McInnes Holding Talks With Sunderland

    Arrived at Sunderland 12 months ago via Maccabi Tel Aviv from memory. His first year at Sunderland has just be described by fan's site as "toe curlingly awful!" Although we live in NE, my two boys have just dumped Sunderland as their team due to the mess they are in, in order to support their second team, which fortunately is KFC!! Clouds and silver linings :-)
  14. General Election MK3

    May has little choice but to stay on for now. The last thing anyone needs or wants is a leadership contest at the moment. She'll carry on through a highly moderated (by all parties) soft Brexit then be dumped in time to give her successor a run at the next election with Con and DUP MPs doing all they can to see out the 5 years. At that point Corbyn's chance will have gone (73 at the start, 78 at the end of next elected parliament) and it will be interesting to see how much of this bounce was down to him personally. Labour will have to accept that although last night was a success of sorts, they still failed to get within 50 seats of a majority even though the offered sweeties for just about everyone who might vote for them and were up against the worst run election campaign I can remember. Interesting times!! The whole minority governemnt offer from Corbyn and McDonnell is because they know this is their only shot at it.
  15. Lions Tour 2017

    Really want to see this Lions squad and with it Gatlands "style" of rugby put in its place by NZ this tour. Good start so far!

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