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  1. Bundelsiga game

    Getting tickets varies on a club by club basis. Some it is incredibly easy, eg. Hertha Berlin, some are incredibly difficult, eg, Bayern. Almost all clubs have a decent English version on their website and most have a print at home option for printing tickets. I’d personally recommend Berlin, Hamburg or Dusseldorf as a base as all offer a decent combination of being easy to get to, good nightlife and sights and a number of clubs within easy reach. Dusseldorf especially offers a number of clubs within an hour or so on the train and is a much better place to spend a weekend that nearby Dortmund. The schedule has been confirmed up until Matchday 22 which is on the weekend of the 9th February, after that is still TBC but there is generally 1 game on a Friday night and 3 on Sunday with the rest being 15.30 on Saturday. Depending on where you are you could potentially get 2 games on the weekends, especially if you include Bundesliga 2 which, although not as high as standard, still offers a great atmosphere and experience (eg Union Berlin and St Pauli) If have a weekend in mind and aren’t that fussed where you want to go I’d suggest sticking in the dates on SkyScanner from Glasgow/Edinburgh and just putting the destination as Germany. The way it will show up the prices to each city, you can use that to then see where ties in with games on the said weekend and go from there. One thing to bear in mind, and is a common misconception is that your match ticket only allows for local (ie. within the city limits) public transport, so local buses, trams, S-Bahn trains etc. It doesn’t include going from city to city. Getting between cities in Germany is very easy and efficient though not the cheapest so worth bearing in mind if you plan on city hopping. Deutche Bahn website has an english version and is very handy, they have a UK call centre as well if you need any further info. Between all the Scotland aways and taking in a good few random European games I've been to a lot of games on the continent and Germany ranks in my mind as the highest in terms of experience so highly recommend a trip over, if you need any more info and want a hand putting a trip together send me a PM.

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