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  1. Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    What is expected is that they maximise the opportunity that has been given to them by the appointment of the new manager. McLean might bore with his repetitive posts but the sentiment is correct. There is no value in dragging a trailer round the town or parking it in Tesco car park because that in itself isn't going to make the lapsed fan return. All those other "barriers" that stopped them in the previous years will still be there, whether its cost, MJ hiding up BB's exhaust pipe or "you know where we are". The thing is we should know where they are, they've been a season ticker holder in the past or they turned up for the Aberdeen cup game and bought a ticket in advance but we forgot to ask a couple of very simple questions like what is your name, address, email? You know, something that a proper commercial manager would insist on! Then hey why not send them an email or write to them , hey you might actually have got a phone number off them and be able to call them, f**k isn't that truly revolutionary...... In fact, when you contact them why not invite them down to the club for a night, fill the park or caprington suite with similar minded fellows and f**king SELL TO THEM what they might feel, see and live next season and have every club official available to take their money or direct debit details off them right there and then before they leave. Or maybe they do know where we are and they will just simply come back because thats the deal at most clubs.
  2. Hibs away

    Up at Meadowbank Stadium usually good for a getaway back onto the city bypass
  3. Score Prediction - Aberdeen (H)

    I’m hungover and not feeling very optimistic about today, sure a Stella shortly will change my mind
  4. Hibs away

    Those were good times though
  5. 2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    Indeed, it certainly appears every season ticket sold/given away was included in the crowd today.
  6. 2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    Plenty of space in the main stand
  7. Hamilton match thread (Fred)

    Simpson's been aught a couple of times trying to be too clever. Hamilton doing what they always do, no wonder they can't get a support. Need more from Mulumbu.
  8. The A to Z of killie supporters

    UCD preseason in Dublin?
  9. Season tickets

    Does anyone know what the costs for the chairman's and executive club were for this season?
  10. post split fixtures

    Old firm game was on Sunday 29th April, so it wont be us up first against them as it will need to be a Celtic win.
  11. Everyone Do The Steve Clarke Stance

    Surely the other way round........
  12. Dear Dons, Hibees and Huns

    Old firm game will be on the 29th.
  13. Season tickets

    I'm not bothering next year, where will the excitement be winning every game. I've not spent the best part of four decades following killie to turn into some replica of one of either side of the arse cheeks. No, I'll go out on a high at the end of the season and give the beautiful game up along with the drink. It was good while it lasted. AYE f**kING RIGHT!!! #KTID
  14. Who will you choose?

    Ha ha, think I was still a 28” waist when we got them made. If only I was still drinking Miller Lite........................
  15. Thistle Away 7th April

    Wee man just said he wants to go today, first away game for him. Old man now BUZZIN!!

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