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  1. Hamilton away

    Dont they have the wee stand opposite their main? Its a temporary stand thats been a permenant fixture for a while i think.
  2. Next Scotland manager

    Its obvious McLeish' appointment isn't the most inspiring of choices. I believe it comes down to him being the best candidate who actually wanted the job. There are far better people out there to manage this country, but given how the SFA are working at the moment, no one in their right mind would touch the job. Stinks of desperation from both McLeish and the SFA. The only silver lining, hes got a decent record as Scotland manager.
  3. Aberdeen cup ko time confirmed

    Excellent. Will be a great away day!
  4. Dundee match thread

  5. Dundee match thread

  6. Dundee match thread

    Bad to worse. Down to 10 men. Dicker off
  7. Dundee match thread

    F*ck off
  8. Dundee match thread

    1-1 Since the shape change weve been struggling to take control of the game.
  9. Dundee match thread

  10. Dundee @ RP

    Mulumbu and Greer Injured. JJ suspended. Big chance for McKenzie to make an impact tonight.
  11. Dundee match thread

    Chance for McKenzie to step up tonight.
  12. Steven Naismith

    Not sure if Souleycouley93 is referring to on of off the pitch, but Naisy is a player ive always recognised as a moaning faced b*stard. Every time theres a scuffle he's in about it.
  13. Team for Saturday v celtic?

    McDonald S. Odonnell S Boyd Broadfoot Taylor Tshibola Dicker Mulumbu Brophy Jones Boyd
  14. Celtic at RP

    Id go. McDonald S. Odonnell S Boyd Broadfoot Taylor Tshibola Dicker Mulumbu Brophy Jones Boyd Need to get in about them in the middle of the park. Give Tshibola a chance to make an immediate impact.
  15. Jordan Jones

    Given their very recent history, imagine them trying to take any moral high ground!

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