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  1. This all stinks of the SFA not having a back up plan. (shock) They've put all their eggs in getting O'neil and its not happened. So naturally the next best thing is for the media to name a Scottish manager doing well and say hes the man for the job. I'd be astonished if Clarke goes. McLeish should take us through the Nations League and we will see from there.
  2. Glasgow 5's

    Okay mate! Will see if it gets anymore interest and closer to the time we can revisit.
  3. Glasgow 5's

    Again he says...
  4. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Yeah I've played Olton and going to play Robin Hood before I leave here!
  5. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Play at Shirley Golf club. Been a member for about 2 and a half years now. Will be sad to leave it. Great course during the summer months especially. Never got the chance to play Copt Heath but heard good things about it. Where do you live?
  6. Glasgow 5's

    IF we could get the numbers then we could work out a night. Ive got a few mates up for it who are open to any nights. What nights would be suitable?
  7. Glasgow 5's

    A while ago we had a group of us from the Glasgow area who played every Thursday Night in Townhead. Often numbers were made up by mates of mates. It dwindled away somewhat suddenly but I'm moving back to the area end of February and was looking to see if there was any interest to start this up again? The forum seems more popular than ever so maybe some new faces to get involved. If it generates enough interest hopefully could make it a weekly thing?
  8. Golf / Golferists / Golfing / Gowf

    Play at least twice a week usually more during summer. Moved down to Solihull 4 years ago when i started playing competitively. Handicap of 6 but hoping to get it down to under 5 this year. Done a golf tour of last year involving Gleneagles, Dornoch, Nairn, Trump International, Cruden bay and Old Moray. Sensational courses and plenty around ive yet to tick off my list. Moving back to Glasgow soon and will be on the look out for a new club.
  9. JJ

    Im meerly passing on what he said on the night. If people want to say im talking s**te then fair doos! He was on a night out with Mulumbu and two others who i didnt recognise. My mate said “we will see you in the summer” to which JJ replied “itll be sooner than that” As i said, maybe sweetening my mate up so we stopped talking to him, but all the same hes more than replaceable. Be chuffed if he stays, good luck to him if he goes.
  10. JJ

    Spoke to JJ in Glasgow after the game on Saturday. He said to my Sevco supporting may he expects to join them in January. Maybe blowing smoke up my mates arse, but we only chatted for a few mins and didnt seem like he wanted rid of us. I think hes very replaceable, but would like to see him stay.
  11. Motherwell Match

    Going into any game with confidence as a Killie fan is risky. They've had a few poor results, losing to Hearts and Partick, which in previous seasons would be a worry as we love gifting points to struggling teams. We've got a bit of momentum going, hopefully we can start the game strongly and get a positive result.
  12. Who will be here next season?

    I feel a lot depends on how we finish this season. Teams are always looking to keep in and around the top 6. I personally don't see players like Burke and Smith making that a reality. Maybe give a year if Clarke feels he would benefit the squad. Agree with the rest of Estragons list.
  13. Midfield

    Mulumbu looked different class for the 60 minutes he played. Always looking for the ball, almost desperate at times. Showed composure throughout and strolled the game.
  14. Penalty

    I was happy to see Brophy be the first man to congratulate Boydy. None of this Neymar/Cavani business. Professional as it should be.

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