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  1. Steven Naismith

    Well its a fact! Crazy i know, but its true.
  2. Steven Naismith

    The club he supports does not want him!
  3. Kirk Broadfoot

    Best defender we have! Solid and very experienced!! Knows how to play the opposition! 1 of the 1st names on the team sheet imo! (P.s. i was a hater when he signed)
  4. Annan Match Thread

    Im perfectly chilled, brother! if you read my comments you will see that! Cheers darling!
  5. Annan Match Thread

    It all boils down to the auld saying, you can only piss with!the cock you've got!! Unfortunetly we havent got the money to replace it every year, so we will haveto make do with the tried n tested 1 we have! Give it some service, and it will produce some results!!!
  6. Annan Match Thread

    Hiya tintin! What you saying? Fancy a pint?? Anyway, i stand by what im saying! Ye canny even score 2 goals nowadays n its no even good enough for the fickle fans!! Jeezo!
  7. Annan Match Thread

    Dont usually post on here but fed up reading the pish most of you talk!! If any 1 of the new signings had scored the 2 goals today they would be the next ronaldo!! So why noy give boyd the credit hes due, regardless of the opposition!!

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