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  1. Jambos, Fred

    Any link to commentary or live stream would be appreciated!
  2. Full Match Re-run

    It'll be worth the wait!
  3. Full game

    Just flicked through on the phone today but quality seems pretty good, thanks
  4. Full game

    Cheers for the uploads, perfect!
  5. Full game

    Is anyone able to upload a copy of the full bt coverage of the game? Its one I'd like to have to look back on!
  6. Jamie Macdonald

    Where's the highlights? Don't see them on YouTube?
  7. Sevco Home Dec 23rd

    I'm taking my 6 year old, will go to the main stand, what is the best way to get tickets? I live in Glasgow so would I be able to order from shop and get them posted?
  8. Stuart Findlay

    Out of interest, can anyone name a taller back four that's played for us than o'donnell, greer, broadfoot and findlay?
  9. KFCSA AGM 2017 Highlights

    Thanks for posting, great video, McCulloch speaks very positively

    How was the general atmosphere?
  11. Press Call ...Lee McCulloch & Kris Boyd

    These youtube interviews are excellent
  12. Fish

    Yip, welcome back, do your best!
  13. I subscribe to... one team in ayshire burst baw the terrace pints and penalties off the ball radio scotland sportsound soccer fm scottish football forums sfm final whistle the fitba hacks any other decent ones??

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