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  1. English Non-League

    I think a lot of the scouting is done on Wyscout now. From what I understand it's a subscription and then you can watch clips etc. But its moved now to being able to watch full games. One of the guys on the Terrace Podcast is using it to watch every single Scottish Premiership game. I'd imagine folk up here get recommendations and do a lot of watching from there.
  2. Rossco 20/01 Cup Fred

    The basic level of competence you expect with Clarke was there, but that was dreadful. Attacking plan was completely absent. Fantastic to get the win. Never a penalty from where I was sitting. Delighted to be in the hat for the next round.
  3. Saturday

    Definitely feels that way. Currently clear skies and bright in sunny Airdrie, but schools off and a message from the police saying only travel after 3 if absolutely necessary... All a bit odd
  4. Saturday

    Weather warning closing all the schools in North and south Lanarkshire. Seems a big ask for away fans to travel with all this uncertainty.
  5. Agree with the above. My only concern is that Clarke is getting more out of the players than their actual quality, and we run the risk of regressing back to the mean. I say concern because I'm not convinced either way, but there are definitely positions I'd like to see more quality in if at all possible. Bottom line is I trust Clarke.
  6. Findlay

    Good news
  7. Steven Naismith

    Don't see him coming in those wages: .@BBCSportsound has learned that Steven Naismith will def be leaving @NorwichCityFC to go on loan this month. 2 English clubs have agreed to meet the £10,000 a week of Naismith's salary Norwich are demanding. Naismith said last month a return to @RangersFC would be of interest.
  8. Far too much negativity about O'Halloran for me - a really good player who's career stalled slightly with a move to rangers and being subsequently injured then messed about. I'd be really pleased to get him.
  9. Jamie Macdonald

    I was at a Charlton v Man City game around the time he was putting in poor performances for England. Fans starting chanting "England's number 2!" and he properly lost it, shouting at the fans. Hilarious, it was a proper toddler meltdown
  10. Rodgers mentioned that a few would go out on loan in his bbc interview the other day.
  11. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    Disagree with that actually, that Hibs side are good and have been settled for a while playing that way. More quality and more time together as a squad and it showed today. We can do better, no doubt, and I think we will go on to be stronger still, but thats a good side made up of many players that would walk into our team. McGinn put our three midfielders in the shade.
  12. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    Yeah I can see the importance of Brophy. Hibs are a much better side than that Rangers team we beat, I think. Just thought Boyd was struggling to win balls in the air and find a ball today. They pressed him much better than Rangers. And Lennon had clearly told them to split the centre backs, so almost all their attacks started with a long ball across the defence that Boyd couldn't chase.
  13. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    I was interested watching Boyd today. Great work for the goal but against a slightly better side the hold up play is poorer and we lose a defensive body as he can't get about to pressure their defenders in their build up. Was wondering whether I was being too harsh just as Clarke subbed him. Will be interesting to see if he looks for a striker next month. Not suggesting dropping Boyd by any means, but I'd like his successor to be there and coming in and out of games. The mixture of a better opponent and no Brophy shows just how reliant we are on a player here and there.
  14. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    Bad performance but there is still character in that team to hold on. Chatting to Hibs fans after who felt their team was never going to score. Individual performances cost us I think. Jones was poor, Mulumbu and Power didn't do as well. Shows how important Brophy is to the team. In a way, might be a good thing to give the team a shake and show Clarke where we need improving. Atmosphere and noise in the away end was fantastic.
  15. Hibs Match Thread (Fred)

    Burke has been champing at the bit in the last few games, I think he thinks he should be starting. Great to have competition for places and hope he makes an impression

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