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  1. Sheep home, Fred

    That felt like everything all at once. Harder without Mulumbu and Jones. Some inexperience from Fasan. Referee was shocking for both teams and killed the momentum of the game. Clarke really got it wrong for me. The long ball, percentage stuff works against a team like Thistle. Against Aberdeen we are going to come out second best. The chances we did get were from balls in behind. Doubling down on the big men with the subs didn't help and Burke came on too late. Frustrating all round. Fair of Mcinnes to say there wasn't much in it on the radio.
  2. Sheep home, Fred

    Not a huge amount in it. Its the one nagging complaint with Clarke - we are so easy to defend in games like this. Dead obvious that it's long ball and you just ne down to stop Boyd knocking it on. And where we are getting joy is from the wing backs getting I'm behind. Can get a result here but need something different..
  3. Sheep home, Fred

    Massive game for Aberdeen now. Looking forward to this.
  4. Aberdeen game

    I hope they were watching Motherwell closely last week - definite blueprint to get at them. Will be harder against a full strength team but we can do this. Great day, big crowd, team full of confidence. Have at them
  5. Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Good luck to him. Never a manager. But good luck to him and great to hear so much positivity from him about the club.
  6. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    I absolutely think this is the case. Everything they did looked deliberate in the second half. It's bold from the manager but he's rarely wrong.
  7. Thistle match thread (Fred)

    Not our best performance but brilliant support and a deserved win. Thought Clarke's tactics were odd today. It was clear that we didn't have enough width or pace and took a long time to fix. For the last 15 minutes we seemed to deliberately sit incredibly deep and defend which I though made us vulnerable too. That said, if Clarke took the view that all we needed to do was sit back and soak up pressure and win, then fair enough. Lacking a bit of composure today and a very rusty Mulumbu. Great 3 points to take from there.
  8. Thistle Away 7th April

    I'd go with Brophy from the start to allow the switch of Boyd for Erwin when Boyd tires.
  9. Prize Money

    The budget plans for 10th might explain all the contract extensions then? Excellent use of the extra cash to keep the spine of the team.
  10. Tonight's matches and how they affect us

    Thistle massively need a result on Saturday now. Really looking forward to going there, should be a great atmosphere
  11. Strongest ever subs bench?

    Thought yesterday that it would make a hell of a five a side team
  12. Accies home, Fred

    Winning is good. Being this superior is good. A Jamie MacDonald Cruyff turn that left Imrie on his arse cannot be beat
  13. Accies home, Fred

    Interested to see how we approach this. Accies are a horrible team to play. They looks like a side setup to do a very particular job. And with plenty impact from the bench
  14. Jordan Jones

    If JJ decides to run down his contract I think we still do OK by that - what's worth more, money in the bank or a great player for another season? He deserves a big move, just hopefully one that suits all parties.
  15. Boyd

    Very good on Sportsound tonight. Interesting wee comment from Kenny McIntyre about them wanting Boyd to be 'let back on' on a Monday. I still think Steve had a wee chat somewhere along the line. But Boyd spoke so well about the club tonight. Good man.

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